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Ardiana Bani is a college instructor specializing in mathematics, science and psychology, a life coach, a public speaker and author. She enjoys a variety of interests including philosophy, psychology, spirituality, astrology and astronomy. Residing in Toronto, the author enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and continuing to strengthen her relationship with God.

What inspired Ardiana to write her books?

Is life predetermined by destiny or are we in charge of our own destiny? Should we give up at some point or should we continuously push against obstacles in hope to fulfilling our goals and dreams? These questions have preoccupied Ardiana since at a young age, and soon she realized that these answers would hold the key to the important decisions in her life.

As Ardiana was searching for the answers she was able to obtain her inner peace about the course of life and then she  started helped others to do just the same.  As she was able to find the answers to the questions above, she tries to share these key points with others through her books, public speaking and life coaching, making others aware that embracing these key points would sign the beginning of a peaceful consciousness. If everyone knew the answers to the questions above then everyone would adjust their plans to minimize the waste of time and energy. If people knew when to let go and when to strive for success, they can spare themselves from false hopes and frustration. Unfortunately, life is not only busy but it is also very complicated. In her book Twelve Laws that Define a Human, Ardiana Bani introduces these twelve laws that can help people identify specific patterns of behaviors and events in their individual lives, which then can help the person to predict the end results of their actions and decisions. Ardiana Bani invites you to discover these Twelve Laws that subconsciously, in hidden but persistent ways direct our lives.

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways”   ̴ Buddha

Twelve Laws that Define a Human, now on Amazon 

  the 12 laws-the cover

Ardiana’s book Secret Beyond the Secret is packed with valuable tips on how to apply the Law of Attraction in a correct way. In fact, this book is a common ground for those who believe in destiny designed by a divine creator and of those who believe that we ourselves are in charge of our own destinies.

Ardiana Bani explains in this book that the common ground can be found when the reader follows these four steps introduced in the Secret Beyond the Secret.

Secret Beyond the Secret Revised, now on Amazon

secret beyond S


What is different about Ardiana’s books?

Ardiana offers honest advice based on contemporary psychology of human behavior and laws of electromagnetism that we all follow without being aware of.

Ardiana’s books will self-coach you to see the reality as it is, not as you wish to be. These books will bring you to the awareness that lying to yourself will set you up for big delusions. Only by accepting the truth, you can change the situation for better. Through these books you will learn to deliberate yourselves from the fear of people’s opinions, as well as the fear of accepting yourselves for who you truly are. Most importantly, you will learn to forgive yourselves for your past mistakes, and to free yourselves from the guilt, not by making excuses for those errors but by learning the true meaning of these life lessons.

Last but not least, as we are becoming more and more aware that what society trumpets as the right norms to follow sometimes are plain wrong, these books will guide on how to feel comfortable on valuing your own opinion instead of following the crowds. By learning to listen to the true voice of your consciousness  (a.k.a. soul)  you may become aware that people who are pushing you to be someone else that you are not, are in fact damaging you personality, not helping you. Only when you learn to love your true self, and accept yourself with all your flaws and talents, when you realize that your flaws are in fact blessings in disguise, only then you will be, truly, a free person. At those moments you will feel ready to embark your journey toward your absolute success, no matter how much others may doubt on your abilities and no matter how hard or how long this journey may seem.

Content copyright (c)  Ardiana Bani 2016. All rights reserved.

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