Just watched the latest tragic-comedy “Wonder Woman.” Naivety of the main character Diana, makes you wonder. I wondered how come her so-called sisters let her go on a mission for which she was totally unprepared, that she had no idea who the God of War was, his methods, and how to properly fight him, which obviously was not by using the sword they gave her. It was as if they wanted her killed, just not by their own hands. And as Diana was uneducated about the real life matters this mission was a suicide and destined to fail right from the start. But yet, her Amazon sisters let her go and waved goodbye at her with the excuse that what else could they have done to stop her? Diana had made up her mind, right? All this reminds me of how Pontius Pilate washed his hands before ordering Jesus’s crucifixion. What else could he had done? He gave Jesus the opportunity to defend himself, but Jesus did not speak up. So, he deserved to die. So there, in the same category I align the sisterhood of Amazons, that of killers in cold blood.

Diana in this movie, even though depicted as a hero saving the world, in fact is just another victim of psychopaths. She is just a victim like you and me and everyone else who’s still searching for their lost love and trying in every step of the way to make this place a better place, by adding some moments of innocence and silliness, some moments of love and truthfulness. But, it is hard indeed to keep up like that, when the rest of the world is bitter and hateful, and when the rest of the world believes that aggressiveness is the only way to solve problems and to survive. It’s hard to save the world and bring peace in a place where humans are forced to make certain choices, clearly indicating that there is no free will for them; there is only pretend-free will. Free will is only in the hands of those who control our resources, or make us believe that they control our resources. They have free will, because they have built this system in a way that we would have to pay for every little thing in order to enjoy using such resources. We even pay for water and land, which are provided by mother earth, and to such no one has or should declare ownership over, because no one owns earth. Earth owns us. If we continue this way, soon we would have to pay for the air that we breathe too. How sad is that, how sad!

This is the tragedy my friends, because we are still in a slumber state where we believe that in order to live a decent life one has to pay for everything. And after one has secured enough resources for oneself and his/her family, then one has to protect these. Hence, becoming aggressive and paranoiac, and living no better than animals in the jungle. When human race is denigrated to this point where humans can no longer use reasoning to make their decisions then there is nothing left to do to save them. And this is the tragedy, and this is very sad because it is not the humans who are the problem. The master minds who orchestrated and created such system where earth’s free natural resources must be controlled and paid for are the problem and they need to be held responsible for the mess that they created for human life, generation after generation.

So as I watched Wonder Woman the other day, I laughed and I cried at the same time. I laughed with the funny and silly situations she created, but I cried because it reminded me of all the betrayers and betrayals I had to deal in my life, and that unfortunately I still continue to deal with in daily basis. I cried and could not get a grip of myself because I feel that we are a lost cause if we still create such movies that fill people’s minds with garbage like this that a hero or a group of heroes can save us or our world. We are a lost cause if we still think that fighting the war of all wars will end all the wars. I cried because I remembered my mother’s words when she slapped me each time I made a mistake, reminding me that when reasoning ends the violence starts. I cried because worshiping power and violence means we have lost our reason.

I cried while watching Wonder Woman, and I felt so embarrassed for doing so in public, but I learned to swallow my pride. All these years I was put in countless embarrassing positions where I could do nothing to hide myself from curious eyes of public, and of those that judge every single movement I make and breath I take. I learned to swallow my pride and hide my sincere smile when meeting men so that men would not take it as a flirt on my side. My first partner told me to be ashamed of myself for being such a happy going, and care free person. He accused me for being too naive or too provocative, and because of my naivety people would one day take advantage of me and they would convince me to leave him. So it was his job to protect me from such curious eyes, but I had to do my part and hide my innocent smile. I felt denigrated and hurt deep into my bones, because I was not naive, or stupid or evil, as he constantly made the remark on my behavior and character saying, “You are either the most naive person in the world, or the most evil one. But one day, I will find out and I will destroy you.” Now how can anyone continue to stay in such abusive relationship?

Unfortunately I wanted to stay and prove to him that I was neither; I was not naive, or evil. I was uneducated on matters which he held hidden from me, uneducated of matters that others held hidden from me for years, uneducated on matters that the whole human society is kept in darkness, ignorant, and uninformed. I wanted to prove to him that lacking knowledge does not mean one is naive; does not mean one is not wise. However, it was useless trying to make him reason, and my father who had way more years of experience than I had, saved me from such criminal mind of a psychopath. Indeed I warned my fiancé to not speak to my dad about his fears and the jealousy derived by the stories that he imagined in his mind that one day I would leave him. He constantly feared that one day another boy will arrive and this other boy would be more handsome, richer, and younger than him and that day I would leave him for this other guy. All these fantasies were played in his mind over and over and over, and I had no way of defending myself against such fantasies, because these were all in his head, and I had no control over them. But I tried my best; I tried really hard to make him see the reality instead of living in his imagination, but it was impossible. I tried hard to make him see me as me, not as what he imagined me to be. I made it clear to him that if one day I was going to leave him, that would be because I did not feel love or loved, not because of someone younger, stronger, richer, and more handsome. But my fiance just could not get this, because to him all a man is valued is about his age, his looks, his social status, and money, all the things that I had never appreciated or admired in my life. He and I were from two different worlds and I did not know it, but my dad intuitively knew.

My dad wanted to know what were we debating about, for hours and hours, locked in my room, while I tried to convince my future husband not to fear his imaginations that he himself created about me. I warned him not to tell my dad about such made up stories because I wanted to help him to see the reality. I wanted to give him another chance hoping to help him use his reasoning and relieve himself from his imaginary hell, but he did not want my help. He thought my dad would be on his side, and so, as a stupid, evil, and naive that he was, he went straight ahead begging for his execution. When my dad heard about his stories and his fears, he asked him to go home that night, calm down and then come back again three days later when he would feel better. And so he did. Happily like a stupid, with hoppity hop hop, he did that, proving that naivety is not lack of knowledge about others’ affairs, or about matters of the world. Naivety is the lack of knowledge about your own abilities and flaws, therefore, not being able to predict the end results and the consequences of your own actions. Nativity is the lack of reasoning.

A child is naive, not because a child does not know much about this world but because a child does not know how much indeed the child knows. A child is naive, because a child cannot predict the consequence of their actions; a child is naive because the child cannot make the right decisions and conclusions because lacks making connections between the facts. A child lacks the ability to distinguish between imagination and reality. That is naivety. And because of these failures that one faces for being unable to distinguish between the two, one can easily turn evil; very evil indeed, because one still does not know that others are not causing his problems. It is his naivety and the unfortunate fact of possessing more knowledge that one can handle, knowledge that renders useless or dangerous in the brain of a child unable to reach the right conclusions, that is the main problem.

I did not have much knowledge about matters of life or how evil the world could be, but I was not naive, because I did not lack reasoning or common sense. I lacked knowledge. Yes I did, and I still do, but I am not naive to pretend that I know everything. I lacked knowledge and I learned this very early in life when my friends, those “amazon sisters”, laughed at me when they told me how babies are born and I did not believe them. I told them that my mother had told me a different story, and that there was no way a 10 year old would have known more than what my mother knew, a woman who actually gave birth to a child. I used reasoning to prove my point, they used knowledge; the knowledge that they stole by snooping into matters they were not allowed to know or discuss. They called me naive; I called them idiots for not making use of their reasoning. I learned the truth later that night, where the babies come from. My mom’s confession made me hate myself for being born that way, which I rendered to be the most disgusting way ever, but nevertheless, that experience taught me something. It taught me not to trust what others may tell you, even when these people hold higher positions than you. I learned to not assume that one tells the truth just because one is connected to you, like my mother for example, or that one tells the truth because one knows more than you do, or that one tells the truth because one swears on a certain holly book, or that one tells the truth simply because one knows the truth, or that one tells the truth because one is chosen to do so, or that one tells the truth simply because one is supposed to tell the truth. Well then, I learned my lesson that day, and I learned that my friends were not idiots, they were something else.

I always learned from my experiences and made conclusions rather than dwelling in pain and blaming myself or others for such failures. This is the reason why I do not hold grudges because I categorize people that hurt me in two categories. One is the category of idiots that you can do nothing about, no matter how much you try to smarten them up and make them reason on their own. They cannot reason because they lack exactly that, the reason. And the second category is that of evils, hence there is no point in trying fixing them because their own consciousness hurts them more for every wound you try to heal them from. Their consciousness is full of regrets and guilt. It is impossible to heal such souls and minds, so deeply damaged right from the start, because they do not lack knowledge or reasoning. They possess both knowledge and reasoning, but they decide to use them for evil. This is the reason why I do not get mad very often, and do not hold grudges. What’s the point of that? I take each experience, good or bad and I derive my conclusions from them instead of blaming others about why they acted the way they did and choose to hurt me.

It is because of the way I am that makes me reason before I judge others, and does not allow me to hold grudges. Because of my reasoning I do not take things personally. Since I know myself, I know that any accusation done toward me as a person does not stand any ground. Hence, I do not feel the need to be aggressive to prove myself right or protect myself. I use reasoning. And if my opponent still finds ways to disprove me, or wishes to prove me wrong then I know for sure that this person falls into one of the two categories, that of idiots or of evils. I learned to walk away from such cases, because I know now that there is no point on trying to help them, like I wanted to do with first partner. I now know that I would be wasting my energy and time in trying to make them reason, which they clearly either lack it or deliberately misuse it.

I also learned at an early age that imagination and reality are two different things. I was only 8 or 9 year old when I believed that I was physically fit and very strong, and that I could use my strength to defeat a whole army, if I wanted to. I had a big imagination like all kids that age, but one day, this lady, our neighbor, whose name was Dituria (very common name in Albania, which translates Knowledge in English), taught me that what I imagine in my mind is not necessarily true or real. The way she taught me that lesson was interesting too. Dituria or Knowledge, was very disrespectful to my mom that day. I did not know what they were arguing about but all I understood was that she made my mother very unhappy. As Dituria was about to leave our home, I got up and kicked her and punched her with all my might. Dituria was in her 40’s and she had a body build like one of those strong, big ladies you could picture an amazon to be. So as I was kicking and punching her to teach her a lesson to never be rude and disrespectful of my mom ever again, she effortlessly pinned me down on the floor and looked at me straight in the eye saying, “You really think you can take me down? You are as stupid as your mother.” And then she left. I got up but I just could not shake it out of my head that she defeated me. Knowledge defeated me. How ironic. I thought I had it all figured out in my head of how to punch her and teach her a lesson, but in reality she taught me the most important lesson of my entire life. She taught me that imagination and reality are two different things, and I also learned that my strength is inside my brain, not in my body. Yes, Knowledge taught me a valuable lesson that day, but not because she wanted me to, but because she wanted to prove that she was stronger than an 8 year old child. Without knowing, and without any intention of doing so, Knowledge in fact helped me grow. But, I grew out of this experience and others like this one, not because I gained knowledge, but because I used that knowledge that I gained to derive the right conclusions and predict the consequences of my actions in the future. I grew and continue to grow because I use my natural gift that I have, and we all have, the Reasoning.

So, as I watched the Wonder Woman last night I cried and cried, and my daughter asked me why was I so sad and affected by this movie. I had so much to tell to her but she is just a child and I feared she would not quite understand, so I told her that it was sad that Diana lost…. And my daughter, as expected from a child with a naive mind, completed my sentence saying, “Because she lost her way and could not return back home. So sad, her home was hidden and she could not find it anymore.” I was shocked, because I thought my daughter would be uneducated in the matters of life like I was at her age, but not so naive. But, again I learned something new. I learned that my children will not necessarily inherit the same gift as myself, but I can however teach them to reason the right way, by making them aware of hidden context, because I know they can use their reasoning.

Our children are worth fighting for and worth spending time and energy, teaching them the right way of reasoning and using knowledge. So at that moment I decided to tell my daughter the true reason why I was crying, which was not the obvious reason others may think of when watching this movie. I believe my daughter deserves to know the truth because she can make good use of knowledge. I told her that, the truth is not that Diana could not find her way home, but Diana did not want to return home, because she had lost something more precious than what home had offered her for many years. Home was filled with lies and illusions, while this world was filled with pain and anger. In between these two worlds Diana lost her love, the one precious thing that she found to be worth living for (not worth dying for). She quickly lost that love because of the war between these two ugly worlds. That is why I was crying. It’s not that Diana could not find her way back home because her island was hidden, but because she also chose not to return in the land where the lies and betrays dwells. She chose to stay in between the two worlds, shedding some light in the world of darkness, because where there is darkness light is needed. From that world of darkness there is a great chance that her love may find his way out. The love that she lost may still be in the world of darkness but not in the world of lies, because in the world of darkness, despite the pain, things were real.

The conclusion me and my daughter made? Wonder Woman believes that in between these two worlds there is a possibility to create a new life. Here, in between the two worlds she knows the opportunity exist to find love and use that energy that comes from two people truly and sincerely loving one another to heal those who are worth saving from these two worlds. Here, in this place, slowly slowly, Diana can create her own world, but she can do so only if she finds her love, the one and only love that she once had, for a short period of time but that survived in her heart for so many many years after. She needs that love of that brave man that found her world and rocked it upside down, by showing Diana how a real man really loves, and what she had been missing out. Well, she needs that love, not just the memory of it, because that love gave her the motivation to continue to exist, to love and appreciate life. It was that short lived but intense love of that young man, despite who he was or how he looked like, that gave her the inspiration to write about her experiences, so that others would follow her example and find their true love by making use of reasoning instead of weapons. But, only those who can make use of this gift, the gift of reasoning, can understand Diana and her cause. Those who can use reason, they would know for what to fight, when to fight, and how to fight. For these souls, worth teaching, and the chance to find that love again, Diana stayed, and did not want to return home, I explained to my daughter. And I know that my 9 year daughter understood me.

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