I am reading about Sophia’s myth and the theories related to this myth or derived as a result of it, and I cannot help it but wonder how come no one ever saw the connection and similarities between the terminology used in such myths with Albanian language? Is it because no one noticed it, or is it because someone or something did not want us to find the truth behind such myths? How come just above Greece there is this small country with a population that claims to have derived from one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth called Pellazgian, yet their culture is not even considered for any form of verification when it comes to these ancient myths? How come everyone who studied such ancient myths and texts tried to explain them using Greek language, even though these texts makes no sense when explained in Greek, but no one ever bothered looking just a bit North of Greece to see if by using Albanian language as the base for these texts would make sense instead? It is such a straight forward process, such common sense that if what you looking for is not found in one region then the first thing that comes in mind is to look around that region for answers. Yet, no one turned their eyes to Albania for answers, or is it quite the opposite? Could it be that someone or some groups knew very well where the answers could be found for such texts and myths and deliberately changed the focus of studies and civilizations further South of Albania? Could it be that deliberately Albania became a target of every neighbor and was torn apart and left in obscurity and isolated from the rest of the world so the truth about such myths will never come out?
I am starting to see clear and I am more convinced than ever that this was the reason for all the sufferings inflicted upon Albania and Albanians. Believe me Albanians are no better than any other nationality or race on earth but being isolated for so long due to communism for 50 years and before that due to the separation and division of its regions among its neighbors, created a mentality in Albanians that makes me feel ashamed accepting it publicly but the truth is the truth, and among Albanians you can find both extremes. Among Albanians you will find the most honest, loyal, loving and noblest people you can rarely find anywhere in the world, but also the most manipulative, two face people who kill you during the night and cry for you during the day, people that can change their flag every time the wind changes, people that take corruption to a whole new level. I dedicate all these shameful traits to the need to survive the oppression implemented upon Albanians and Albanian culture.
If indeed Albania and Albanians would have been given the opportunity to flourish economically instead of fighting for survival, then such ancient civilization like that of Pellazgians, inherited by Albanians would have flourished too. Translation of such ancient texts and myths would have been much easier for our scholars. They would have been able to explain and understand these ancient texts using Albanian and perhaps would have saved us from the hassle of making any sense of them through mysticism or religion. Yes, if one would have looked a bit North of Greece they would have found the answers they were looking for, and would have saved human civilizations from useless religious wars, and lives lost due to inquisition of Catholic Church. If we would have used Albanian language to explain what Pleroma, adrista, Kenoma, dema, Andros gene and many more terms, that even a little child in the streets would be able to explain what these terms means in Albanian, then we would have known better and would not have used mysticism into explaining ancient texts and life itself. We would not have called the term chrism a product of anointing as if that was the sweat of gods as a result of ecstasy while dancing, if we would have used Albanian to translate it. Such stupid explanations that make no sense and that opened the doors for even more foolish assumptions which formed the bases of different schools of mysticism and religions, would have been prevented long ago. Chrism in Albanian means two different things based on the context. It could mean a loud noise like thunder or the noise from the shot of a gun, or it could mean something that is broken krisur (Christ). Adrista does not mean residue but it means lightning, something that illuminates drista-drita-light. Hence depending on the context adrista and chrism could have been explaining a physical process that naturally occurs in nature like thunder storm and lightening, or it could have explained an artificial process but which again has nothing to do with Christ dying on the cross, and the Eucharist representing his body that would be given up for our sins, and adrista or any kind of lightening would not be considered evil and labeled as Satan the falling star. All is possible to explain in terms of physics if Albanian language would have been used instead of Greek language.
So why then, why would someone or some groups of individuals would be interested to deny the truth and manipulate us to believe otherwise? I found out why. That’s because as you read these texts in Albanian you will find out that the words andros and gyne do not mean male and female as in Greek, but it would mean “Repairing of genes” if Albanian language would be used instead. Hence Andros-gyne is not a template for creating male and females but a template for altering, and repairing the damaged genes. Pleroma means planting, seeding, or fertilizing the field, and Zoe which is translated as force that gives life is in fact the Albanian word Zoje which means a Lady. Sophia and Thelete are probably two titles for two tasks, one that makes the plan or script, or even the diagnose for how the genes would be repaired that is Sophia, and the other one is in charge of transmitting such plans (messages), The-lete (Let’s say it). And what about the word Demiurge? Demi= bull in Albanian. And what about the words telos, and telestes or telestai? No they do not mean aim and goal or this and that, if we use Albanian to explain them. Telos, Tele, Tele-stes, all mean wires, some sort of wires being set, like links between two locations, and the one in charge of wires is called telestai= “ustai i telave” = The master of the wires, the one who fixes or set up the wires. But wait there is more. The word paligenesis does not mean regeneration but it means “Without genes.” Aha! You getting it now? Someone has set us for failure long long ago, and they were Primitive, archaic and what’s more interesting they did not have the Genes that the next generation obtained through the alteration of damaged genes (andro-gene).
Does this make sense to you now that we were dealing with an advanced technology and telecommunication either through wires or wireless since the ancient times? But of course, some individuals didn’t want us to know about such technology, otherwise their worth and power they imposed on humans will be lost, and they would not be regarded as gods. These could be the so called Archons, but what Archons really means? Archons come from the word archaic or archaia which scholars tried very hard to explain using the Greek language, translating it as “primal,” “first,” “from the beginning.” In fact Nefillim means In the beginning (ne- fillim= in-the beginning). The word Archaic means primitive more than it means primal. Yes, being first but primitive, not sophisticated as when Sophia and Thelete intervene to repair the genes. Pagan, what does this mean? Pa-gan, pa=without the genes? Hence Paganism and worshiping of Pan as their god was the religion of those who had not their genes repaired yet. They were Pa-gan, without that specific gene. They were the Archons, the primitives. Of course they would want to keep such knowledge secret, and move all the attention to Greece instead of Albania, because once we know what these texts means then we know who these groups are, their intentions and how they work.
And of course there is more and more that I discovered when I learned about these ancient texts through the interpretations of scholars trying to make sense using Greek instead of Albanian, and I sit here pulling my hair, thinking, how is it possible such scholars did not search a bit North of Greece for answers? Why are these scholars so stubborn to believe that everything can be explained in Greek. I must admit that the problem could have derived as a result of the fact that Albanian was not a written language until the beginning of 20’ century when Albanians fought hard to create their own alphabet and have the right to teach their own children the language of their ancestors. But Albanians were fought and persecuted in every step of the way by their neighbors and other superpowers. To have the right to use their own written and documented language like every other nation in the world Albanians had to win it with their blood; so much blood and sacrifices to win a simple right like that. Our knowledge and letters of Albanian alphabet are written and flourished in that blood. This is why Archons were able to manipulated scholars into believing that civilization came from Greece instead of Pellazgians which are the ancestors of Albanians. And there is more, yes there is more. The word Siddha which in Sanskrit means “accomplished person”, if translated from Albanian it means Si-di-dha “gave what he knew.” This means that Siddha was someone transmitting something that he came to learn, to know, like the task of a journalist or someone else, like a spy for example, but not someone that is accomplished as a person. Adept on the other hand in Albanian means someone who is specialized on something and is the expert in his/her field. The word indigeneous comes from combination of two words indi and gene which in Albanian stand for tissues like cell tissues and gene stands for genes. Hence, humans are not indigeneous as in a spark trapped into material world, but as a spark, knowledge transmitted through DNA and genes on each cell tissue (indi).
With all said and done, and the correct translation and interpretation using Albanian instead of Greek, we start understanding that it is not true that Sophia becomes an organic planet like earth (or Gaia) by mistake. Sophia consciously decides to become part of Earth and create a conscious life with knowledge as a primal source that corrects the damaged genes, but not mechanically manipulated to bring perfection. Through knowledge will this sophisticated race of intelligent beings is created and such knowledge is then transmitted from generations to generations in their DNA. Hence it is knowledge, or antimatter that changes the DNA by repairing the damaged genes, not a mechanical intervention as someone wants us to believe. However, there is this Demiurge which is not her creation, despite from what someone wants us to believe. Sophia would have never accepted to create a being of perfection in charge of other beings, because Sophia brings such perfection through knowledge and such knowledge is obtained individualy through our own specific journeys, hence, our own destinies. But, it could be that Sophia was caught by such entity and kept her in a state of dreaming, unconscious. Even so, her intelligence surpasses all the expectations, but to do her job she needs a helper, someone who would say-transmit what she would be thinking, and that would be Thelete, which seems quite the same as the word Athena, as A-Thena also means “should we say it?” or “Let’s say it,” if translated from Albanian.
And if we would accept all the new translations this will lead us to the point where we can see that all we knew before was a lie. That gods in Pleroma did not sent the Aeon Christos to bring order to the biological diversity of Sophia’s world, and then return to Pleroma. Hence, the myths of Christ and rapture wrongly derived. Indeed something may have happened to Sophia or Gaia but that was not needed to bring order. Instead it destroyed what was in order, therefore, this Christos supposedly sent by gods of Pleroma to fix things on Earth was not the savior but the intruder who brought disorder. Christos relates to Christ of course, and Christ relates to Krishna the god of death, and Krishna is similar to Krisma in Albanian which is same as Krisht and they all mean the same thing “the crack,” or “the break” caused by Christ. And I have the right to wonder now, are we living in a round spherical planet or is our planet a semi-sphere, due to such crack? Could we be living on top surface of this semi-sphere of our planet, that is a flat surface somehow? What else is there kept hidden from us?
Well, if Sophia did not need Christ to fix her, instead it was Christ that caused the crack, and if Sophia had already intervened transmitting the right knowledge that would correct the damaged genes using antimatter (Pleroma) as holder of such knowledge then it makes sense to accept that the first models of humans who would carry the andro-gene among which were Athena as her Thelete person, could have been the Olympians, the Greek gods, or the Albanian gods, since one has to question now everything that was thought to be Greek before. Her plan would have been to populate the entire world with the andro-gene people using the first twelve chosen ones as templates for the future generations, more or less like Archetypes would be used to heal the collective consciousness from the original shock experienced due to Christ’s intervention that created the crack. But, something happened, and such plan was not carried on because the Olympians were infiltrated, betrayed and destroyed. Since then the Archones not the original Archetypes have been leading the world using the Telos, the wires, the invisible wires and ways of communications, somehow unknown to humans for generations, the internet and the holographic system.
Once one reaches to this conclusions one can dig even further and question any previous theory about all kinds of religions and mysticism known. At this point one can question the god of afterlife Osiris that parallels Krishna’s or Krishti in Albanian, or Christ in English. One can see now why the obsession of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten with worshiping the Sun Ra is opposed by his spouse Nefertiti, and why Nefertiti somehow mysteriously disappears from the pages of history. And well, as expected Ra in Albanian means Fell, hence Sun-Ra, the star who fell. And it is now easy to see that Christ is the one who fell and not the savior. But what about Jesus, was Jesus same as Christ? I don’t think so. Christ was added into the story of Jesus to cover something. Was Jesus a human? Yes of course. Was Jesus one of the Archetypes perhaps? Yes, why not, yet human. Was Jesus killed? Yes, or at least was executed that for sure. These all make sense now, but why adding the tale of Christ? Jesus-Christ? Was this a strategy to turn Jesus’ teachings, the knowledge spread through Theleto into something mystical, unreachable and impossible to comprehend like the tale of Christ? From that moment, Jesus was substituted by Christ, as Christ was transformed into savior instead of the persecutor, the one who caused the crack… Evil genius, or evil idiot?
I believe is an evil idiot but what can you say when masses of people start believing such tale of Christ as the son of God instead of the valuable lessons of Jesus as Athena, the spoke person of Sophia who was smart enough to integrate knowledge into storytelling and parables? What can you do when these lessons are taken out of context and transformed into religious dogmas, quite absurd to follow, making Jesus seem like a lunatic, while adding Christ into the picture will seem quite right, because he was the son of God? Well, we did nothing so far, because we were deceived, and we accepted everything others told us, but today we know the truth. Knowing the truth, that’s all it takes for Archons to lose their grip on us as we realize their lies and intentions behind these lies. The god of afterlife can go out of business now because no one needs to be saved by him. What can save us is wisdom, the one that never dies.

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