Synchronicity of events never stops surprising you even when you know what it is going and when. Even though you have been dealing with synchronized events all your life, you still cannot get used to it, and so your mind may doubt whether it is real or it is just a coincidence. I believe this is to protect us and prevents us from super inflated ego. But if Ego’s job is to protect us from harm, hence the self-defense mechanisms that Freud discovered and that happens unconsciously, then who protects ego from its own malfunctioning? Well, nothing to worry about, because the whole mechanism of the whole universe and reality and its own existence is made to function in ways that different parts of it fit into each other as a glove, and they keep working this way without being aware of their great contribution. Just by doing their job, by taking care of the task they are signed to do, based on the abilities and characteristic they have, all these little mechanisms like plants, animals, humans, planets, stars, oceans, rocks, birds and so on, all play important parts in the existence of the whole physical reality. Hence, I do not question the fact that synchronicity runs my life like a clock, but I do not take it as a given and entitle myself to privileges.

Those who have experienced synchronicity before in their lives, understand what I am talking about, understand the weird feeling where you think someone is making this happen, because no way these are just random events, all aligned to help you get whatever you wished for. And this is how the idea of God was born, this is also how an impostor took advantage of our vulnerability to emphasize the idea of a super being up in heaven maneuvering events and arranging them to your favor. However, these people did not stop asking, “But why am I his favorite, what have I done to deserve this?” They believed that they were special. Some others constantly asked, “Why is this happening? Who is playing with my mind or life? I am not special, why are these things working for me?” These people did not believe they were special, while in fact they were. Instead they were fed with ideas that such events in your life are an indication of a crazy mind, of a super active imagination and so on. Someone truly decided to divide humans into favorites and non-favorites. Those who can indeed make use of precognition and use the proper judgment to make a decision based on signals or data received through communication of their magnetic fields with other magnetic fields in the surrounding area, became this entity’s prisoners. Others who were not capable of receiving such data or interpreting them correctly, were this entity’s favorites.

For those who have not read my previous posts in my blog, may start feeling or jumping into conclusion that I am writing about devil, or Satan, therefore, I must be a religious person, and they are probably trying to figure out what religion do belong to? I belong to no religion my dear friends, I believe in science, I believe in knowledge, and when things cannot be explained with the knowledge and data we have available at this point, I do not attribute solutions or the glory to an invisible entity. Instead, I say there is not enough information to make a conclusion, as simple as that. I remain neutral to such occurrences until I have found enough clues and scientific data that by putting them together things will start to make sense and can be explained by the laws of Physics and Psychology. However, I don’t just use reason when I make decisions, I use my inner feelings too. For example, writing about this topic in this post today may seem like out of the blue, as if I woke up this morning and felt the urge to write about synchronicity and precognition. In fact that is not true. I had been pressuring myself to not say anything about this stuff for a long time now. Data and facts keep dancing in my mind or in my consciousness better say, for a year or so, but more intensely since I reached a certain point in the book I was reading lately “Not in His Image.” Nevertheless, the pressure was not so strong as to put all the data to use, so I decided to wait. I often let myself cool off from ideas that lurk in my mind and become a priority, by picking up another book of a totally different genre and topic. Yet, the book spoke of the same thing. This other book, which I also started a month ago, is a vintage book and is called St.Mawr and the Man who Died. I did not expect any topic such as this of the precognition to come up in this book too, but there it was on page 54, when the character [Cartwright said,] “Pan once was a Great God, before the anthropomorphic Greeks turned him into half man.”
“But what was Pan before he was a man with goat legs?” asked Lou.
“…I should say he was the God that is hidden in everything. In those days you saw the thing, you never saw the God in it: I mean in the tree or the fountain or the animal. If you ever saw the God instead of the thing you died. If you saw it with the naked eye, that is. But in the night you might see the God. And you knew it was there.”
“But if they never saw the God in the thing, the old ones, how did they know he was there? How did they have any Pan at all?” said Lou.
“Pan was the hidden mystery- the hidden cause. That’s how it was….Pan wasn’t he at all: not even a Great God, He was Pan,” [Said Cartwright]

I was indeed puzzled at this point because I did not expect a book that talks about romance, horses, and relationship between men and women to talk about God and Pan and how things are made, especially not at the same time as I was reading about the same topic on my other book I mentioned earlier “Not in His Image.” Yet it did happen again. Synchronicity did happen, while I tried to avoid it at any cost, so I would live a normal life, full of random events that occur by chance to a non-significant piece of universe, me. And as I was reading page 32 of the book Non in His Image, “The Great God Pan and Apollo represent diametrically different views of the world, prefiguring the conflict between nature and culture, instinct and intellection,” I realized, I cannot escape Synchronicity. I am born with it, I live in it, I enjoy it, and above all, I do not need to change it. I realized that as much as I wanted random stuff to occur to me, and wanted to live a life full of surprises, like a random and non-significant piece of the universe, yet I do not want such events to get out of control at the point that they will turn against me. I do not want to be so clueless as to not be able to control my life or what it is done to me. I don’t want that and I do not think anyone would ever want such thing, despite of the catchy song, “Sweet dreams are made of this….everybody is looking for something… some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused????” Anyhow, as I went on and accepted my destiny, which is to flow on my own waters and not resist the wave that takes me surfing, I learned to become an observant and learn more before jumping into conclusions. This state of being is indeed beautiful and scary, predictable and surprising at the same time. Hence, I have achieved what I wanted and I am living it, despite the intrusions in my life, which I would like to discuss further and deeper at another post. I always promise to talk about certain topics on later posts, and I do not think I have failed to do so. I keep talking about things I had promised on my earlier posts to talk about them in the future. I do so all the time, but the topic I am covering is indeed deep and wide. Therefore, to make it understandable and memorable for the reader of this blog I must go slowly and dissect the topic into smaller parts. So, I will definitely cover these two extreme gods Pan and Apollo, in the future posts, but for now I want to mention some simple facts that not just I but you too have the chance to discover the synchronicity in your life. It is called destiny. No one is exempted from destiny.

If some entity or entities self-entitled themselves to god-like position, trying to convince us that it is because of this or that entity that our wishes are fulfilled and good things are granted to us, they fail to provide enough proof of their powers. Hence, they created religion, and when one religion becomes too questionable, they keep creating a new one, Like they changed their forms from Pagan gods, to Christian gods, from Jews to Muslim, from Buddhism to Hinduism, from Agnostic to Illuminati, and so on, by becoming more and more extreme as the time passes by. They use Media, Music industry, Internet and anything possible to poison our minds into thinking that there is no such thing as Synchronicity, because if they allow you to think this way, then sooner or later you will discover that Synchronicity equals Destiny. And the moment you start believing in destiny as the wave of energy that takes you surfing, and the moment you start believing that it is because of you, of your free will and the skills you have accumulated during your life, due to your hard work, passion, and many hours of practice without giving up that made you such a good surfer, able to fulfill and own your destiny, then such god-like creatures would no longer be needed and will no longer be worshiped, by ignorant masses. We may have been ignorant in the past, we may still be ignorant because knowledge is immense, not easy to be obtained all at once, and thank goodness for that, otherwise life will be boring, but despite all that, we are not idiots. In contrary, we are smarter than we give ourselves credits for, and we are blessed to be chosen to thrive inside this energy field that creates such synchronized events that all we have to do is pay attention and learn how to surf on it.

And so, I was again surprised by synchronicity even though I expect it to happen to me, and that was when last night I decided to watch a movie that I bought 2 or 3 months ago. It is called Minority Report, and it talks about the power of precognition. Indeed in this movie, as I expected, some true facts were emphasized and some lies were added, just enough to make the story or the idea believable for those watching it and do not have enough knowledge to question what they are seeing or what was suggested to believe as true. Then this morning, just when I decided to leave these topics, that seem more like fantasy from science fiction movies, aside for a day at least, I picked up another book which I also started a month ago and I stopped reading it on page 136. This book is titled The Conscious Universe, The scientific truth of psychic phenomena, by Dean Radian, Ph.D. This book is indeed a scientific meta-analysis of all (or some) of psychic phenomena and how these are studied in many different ways, including the experiments designed by scientists at MIT. I started back on that page where I left it a month ago, as the topic was becoming too boring for me at that time. I followed my feelings because I have learned how to surf by now, and sure enough, right at the same time I decided to watch The Minority Reports I also decided to pick up this book and read about experiments designed to measure whether precognitive behavior is random or is true, hence things can be predictable. And if this god-like is now watching me write on my blog would want to take the credits for these choices of course and would induce an idea or a thought in me, “What if someone else or something else forced me to think that I needed to read that book, or watch that movie or make this or that choice?” Yes, this is his favorite game, making you doubt on your abilities, and making it seem as if it is him who is doing you a favor. But I know his methods so well that it makes me laugh that this entity still tries to confuse me with these arguments. Hence, I want to let the reader of this post know that it is not possible for a god-like or self-entitle god creature to arrange events all at the same time. I could have picked up the same book yes, if I am forced to think so, through subliminal messages that could and are possible to be delivered to masses, but I do not make my choices based on my mind’s fixations or repeated thoughts, as I know exactly that these are forced thoughts. I make my decisions based on feelings. Above all, a month ago I could have stopped before page 136 or after page 136 but not exactly on page 136 that talks about experiments on Precognition in the same way that the movie Minority Reports talks about Precognitive experiments. That was me listening to my feelings, as the wave of destiny was going down and I felt I needed to take a break from that book and start reading something else.

And if anyone wants to argue saying, “but that’s what God is, He is everywhere and causes all the things to occur for you in your favor, and blah, blah, blah….” To this argument I would answer: Either this God is a psychopath that concentrates only on my life while letting millions die of hunger, sickness, wars, and injustice, or he is not a god. Hence he cannot do such things all at once and for everyone. He picks some special people, makes them stars, and makes others doubt, and all he does is mix-matching and misplacing evidence, and using tricks like an illusionist does to make you think he is doing magic. And if you truly believe that magic is real, then you are too little and need to grow up, and learn more, and read more, expend your knowledge and your horizon, before you decide to have an argument with me on this matter.

Synchronicity exists because Destiny is a law of nature, and Precognition is an ability we all have and must use to our advantage, we often call it Intuition.

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