One good friend once said to me, “Don’t get involved into every discussion, because not every situation needs your reaction.” This is true and wise advice indeed, but when these discussions affected you all of your life, and you are the victim of these “situations” you got to say something on this matter. Not only you as a victim the least that you could do to get over the hurt is to talk about them, but also being at the one end receiver of these situations you know better than anyone else what worked and what didn’t work on your end. You may all wonder, what kind of “situations” I am talking about. I am talking about the most sensitive matter ever, the Privacy of an individual. My question to you is: How much privacy do you think you have in days of such advancement in technology?

No need to answer that question to me, because I am not up for any useless discussions. As I always hated the conspiracy theories and those who spread unnecessary panic to the public, I do not want to be lined up or categorized as one of those guys. I am different from the usual whistle blowers you’ve seen on internet nowadays, and also different from those whistle blowers who knocked on the right doors but unfortunately, for matters that were kept private otherwise those in leading positions could have been hurt, the whistle blowers were the one who suffered the consequences instead, for telling the truth. They were shut off and called crazy. Their lives and careers were ruined, they faced death threats. Their families and children were at risk too, and they were the ones who ended up under mental care, just because they thought they were knocking on the right door to report some injustice, as any honest citizen would do, and is obligated to do so. Yeah, I don’t want to be like any of those guys, and even though I was in the same situations where I was also called crazy when I made some bold statements before, or when I took a stand for what I think it matters. However, I realized quicker than any of these other guys that knocking on one door only, even if that is the right door is not a smart strategy because it really depends what person is behind that door, and that person can be the wrong one, sometimes. So you’ll end up risking your life and the lives of these who matter to you, if you keep things too discrete, to save some “secret knowledge,” therefore choosing to knock on one single door only. What I think gave me advantage over others who suffered such horrible fates in attempts of sharing what they found out, of sharing the truths of things that were hidden to the public, is that I recognized the difference between facts and opinions, and I also recognized the difference between information and knowledge.

Information is something that must be kept private, knowledge on the other hand must not be kept private. These two are totally two different things, not a substitute for one another. What we are doing nowadays is quite the opposite, by sharing the information publicly while keeping the knowledge secret and out of the reach of public.

What’s the danger on sharing information publicly? Danger is in the fact that you are dealing with uneducated masses of people that do not have the right knowledge and don’t know what to do with that information they are given. These uneducated masses will be easily manipulated, with just the right amount of fear to do the things the manipulator wants them to do, because indeed they are uneducated in these matters, therefore they will believe anything that will be shared with them. Sharing information instead of sharing knowledge is the worst and the most dangerous strategy ever, but it is done with one evil purpose in mind, to create confusion and hide the true facts. This also creates too much chaos and people can risk their own lives trying to resolve matters by using violence and raising their voices. Nothing can be resolved by raising the voice. Above all, masses should know that their opinions do not matter to those who are in leading position and that deliberately put those rules and laws over masses as a perfect mechanism to keep them under control. The only thing that matters is their vote.

Politicians always want your vote and make you seem so important when it comes to election time. They all of a sudden value your opinion, and you are so precious to them. But only during the election time. And if you are stupid to buy that, then you deserve the treatment after you elect these people to govern over you. I do not vote and I am always going to say it publicly that I do not vote because I do not know the person I am voting for. They all lie or have the potential to lie to the masses. Hence, I am not the right person to judge whether I should vote for that person to rule over me or not. I told this to my ex-husband when he pressured me to go voting one year. It was a big deal for him apparently to make me vote. He begged me and said that even if I do not like to vote for any of the candidates because I do not know them very well, I can at least go with him at the voting center and chose to abstain in my vote. I did not see the point of it, but I went with him when he was honest enough as to convince me to go and do so. He said that it would look bad on him who teaches political science and public administration to not be able to convince his wife to vote. Well, now you know the truth. He did not convince me to vote, but I did, I went with him, because as a partner for life, I had to work with him not against him and ruing his reputation, like he did with me, as I found out later on.

Voting can work for small groups. For example, you have a group of experts in a room and want one of them to be the leader. They can vote because they all know one another. In every school, in a class election for example, all students know the person they’re voting for. They have seen this student helping around the class, doing this or that, perfectly capable of doing what the class thinks this particular student should be voted for. Hence, in such small group elections voting is the right strategy. But when it comes to masses that are completely ignorant of what is going on behind the doors, I would be not just ignorant but also stupid to believe that I know so much in the matter that I have the right to make a decision on who would be the best candidate to govern over me. Masses should not be involved in such matters because masses are completely unaware and uneducated of matters they are asked to judge for. It’s the same strategy that Pontious Pilate used to condemn Jesus. He came out on a balcony to face the masses, like our candidates do when they want our votes, and he asked the crowd of people whether they wanted Pilate to crucify Jesus or Barabbas. And what did the crowd answer? Jesus of course. So why do we still continue using the same strategy, knowing that this strategy did not work in favor of masses in the past?

Haven’t we seen enough already of these ignorant masses, what they are capable of, and how easy they can be manipulated? We see these devoted religious people of any kind, everywhere in the world, ready to kill in the name of love, ready to sin to prevent others from sinning. What more do we want? This is the proof that masses are sheep and real leaders do not count on masses. Masses are only used as a number, because there is power in numbers. But, if we want things to change and quality of life to improve for us, then this is not done through ignorant masses or the use of power. The change comes through the thinking minds. The change comes by empowering people with knowledge.

No, anger, violence, revolts, riots, or even the so called “peaceful demonstrations”, which have the potential to turn violent, will not bring the change. In fact these movements prove once more that power and strong government is needed to rule over such masses who believe that problems can be solved by raising their voices down in the streets, where no one really cares. What’s the point of it? It is only waste of time, of hopes, and energy. Voice does not need to be raised but arguments need to be raised in the right circles, with those who can do something about our situation as citizens. I hope people do not feel discouraged by learning the truth that their voices do not matter, because the truth is bitter, but better than a lie. And even if we all raise our voices together, all at once, nothing will come out of it, but a roar that will scare none of those in power. Our roar will only scare the masses, when we hear our own echo. Sometimes a whisper matters more and can accomplish more than a loud voice, if that whisper is heard by the right ear. I hope people will start finally recognizing the deed of the same Archetype, that has been manipulating us for generations after generations into believing that our voices and opinions matter. No they do not.

Our voices do not matter to those who govern over us, because it will be counteractive to the way they govern, and how they earned that position in the first place. From the beginning they used these methods to manipulate you into believing that your votes count. Then they used you as a number, a simple number, when you voted. So why do you expect them to listen to you when you raise your voice to point to them? They don’t even care about your brain and about your opinion, so what makes you think they would care about your voice now? You voted by choosing one candidate over the other based on the stories that they told you, this is how stupid you already proved yourself to be in their eyes. They even gave you a prepared ballot form with limited options to vote for, and you followed their instructions, before even choosing any of them to govern over you, you did as you were told by them to do, you put a check mark on that ballot. Hence, they already showed you that they do not value your opinion, your voice, or your argument; they do not value your brain either. They only count on you as a number for the check-mark that you put on the paper. No my friends your voices do not count for as long as you do not use your brains.

Some of my students in one of my classes in the last semester were trying to challenge the rules of our college by assuming that due dates for handing in their assignments could be postponed and that I would not take marks off for the entire group, if all their assignments were late. They were in for a big surprise. I had to teach them the bitter lesson that rules are rules and must be followed. I had to remind my students that rules were put there in the first place by people who knew what they were doing, based on their skills and expertise. I had to remind my students that I, as their teacher, was obligated to enforce these rules and not to break them, or allow my students to break them. I have to enforce these rules in such a way that I would not allow any favoritism among my students, so that everyone will be treated equally and fair. I had to teach my students that rules are made to be followed, not to be broken, as we wrongly hear people say it. However, rules can be changed and will always change, but not broken, no. By allowing this kind of mentality that rules can be broken, we are allowing anarchy and chaos, which will be used by those who think that masses are sheep and do not matter. As a result, when during such turbulence lives are lost, this proves to you that not only our voices, our opinions and our brains do not matter to those who use us simply as Muppet, but also our lives do not matter to them either, because we only matter to them as numbers. We as numbers then will be used to fill up statistical facts, like, “These many people protested against this law,” “These many people were killed in riots and demonstrations,” or “Government did not care about this or that amount of people, by letting them suffer, or die.” Hence if you are smart enough, you would know that rules should not be broken, because rules are not meant to be broken, especially not meant to be broken by people like you and I, who hold no real powers or authority to change these rules.

So, I told to my students, You want to change the rules? Fare enough. First you must follow them, and follow them rigorously, so you will learn them by heart and you will be able to tell what is working and what is not working for you and other fellow students and why. Then you need to write a report explaining how these rules affected you and how they could be better and why. And last but not least, you report these requests not only through the surveys anonymously done on every semester, but you may also want to be known for what you stand for, which means you may have to knock on a few other doors too, to express such opinions. You want to change rules and laws because they are not at your best interest? Then you follow them first, then after you seek to change them, by using your arguments that makes your logic and opinion count, not by raising your voice which makes you simply a number, and makes your logic and opinions worthless.

And so dear reader, now that you know how I feel about causing doubts or raising awareness, by touching sensitive matters publicly, you will understand why I did not want to be like any of these guys above; the whistle blowers that were shut down because unfortunately they knocked on the wrong door, or like the other guys either, who publicly share so often what they come to know without first weighing the consequences of their actions. Instead, I decided to raise questions on sensitive topic, and make public aware of such matters but only if one of the following conditions is fulfilled: 1) Either I have a solution, based on the expertise I am qualified on, or I may not have a solution but I have thought of a strategy that may work and it does not hurt to try it out, or 2) I raise these delicate matters for those people who can actually do something about these matters, but with which I cannot get into contact, for the simple fact that I do not know who they are, but I am quite sure that they see and read everything I share publicly on my blog. I want them to see and hear what is going on at my end, and how I perceive the situation I am living in. This time, I have both reasons and that is why I decided to touch the topic of privacy, publicly.

So what do I know about privacy that it matters to raise awareness? Didn’t this guy Snowden do that already? I am not going to repeat any of the things he had shared with the public, because indeed I have no idea what he was able to access. I do not go around snooping into other people’s accounts. I would feel perfectly safe if I knew that the government has put competent people in charge of checking on how I am doing as an average citizen by keeping me safe and away from crime. But, Snnowden raised questions whether these people behind cameras are competent, and are they following rules and ethics, as they are supposed to? I know enough about this topic of privacy, because I have been directly effected by it; because I am the victim, not the hacker who knows what is going inside the system of networks.

I became aware of the lack of privacy in my life in the last two years. I found out that others knew about my personal matters, more than I would have allowed them to; they knew even about matters that I had decided to forget about. I felt ashamed, completely naked and vulnerable in public eyes, learning that everything I would have loved to keep private was not. Others were watching me. I got that. At first this was shocking and embarrassing, but once I got over the initial shock, I started to notice that facts that were publicly shared about my private life, were not even accurate. Situations, stories, things were changed and twisted in sinister ways, painting a totally different image of me for the public; an image that was not me, but made me look like some kind of feminist activist, or having political views as democratic or liberal, or even painting a picture of me as some religious freak, and so on, while in reality I am totally against all these views. It was then when I decided to go fully public and transparent, and share publicly on Facebook, every picture of me and my children, and every activity we did. I realized my children would be safer if everyone knows them and their faces, so the public would track down my children’s movements, as they did with me too. I felt embarrassed for doing so, but also I felt safer, because it was the best strategy to being so publicly exposed, because in case someone would wanted to harm me or my children in order to make me shut up, or suffer the consequences for speaking the truth on such delicate matters, now they could not, because I was under everyone’s watch, and everything was being recorded. That is why, I decided to share here in my blog and Facebook account every thought I had on matters that mattered to me the most. I started sharing the truth about my own story, my own private life, and did this publicly, so that people who were interested to knowing me, would finally see the real me. I would have preferred to keep some matters privately, hidden from public ears and eyes, but I realized that it would be better if people hear the truth as I share even the smallest details, rather than hearing the twisted versions of my stories, as they were previously told through someone else’s mouth, who changed many facts and told many lies about me, and did so deliberately.

But, it is not easy to go transparent, and tell the public everything, even if you do not want to, because my situation got even worse when I realized that not just my ideas, thoughts, opinion, and knowledge were targets of the public eye, but also my private life became the object of interest for many bloggers and Facebook accounts. I started to notice this in the poems and statements that they posted right after certain private moments in my own bedroom took place, and their posts described exactly what was happening right then and there, live in my own bedroom, at that precise moment. In such cases, I reacted like every other average person and every other victim would have reacted. In shock and raged with anger for being invaded in my privacy so brutally, I engaged in useless conversations and debates, by writing comments, writing statuses on my own profile as a way to answer back to those people’s insults and suggestions they made on their own statuses, and on their own profiles that I had been following as a fan of theirs. As I dealt with such debates for quite sometime, I got the clue that these accounts were probably fake accounts, more like computer generated. This was too weird to handle indeed, but I got over it, simply by deciding to use this situation to my own advantage. I recalled that when I tried knocking on the right doors, like other whistle blowers did before me, these doors did not open; I was ignored. Now, I am aware that I am being watched, observed, and followed by public eyes as well as by robotic/electronic eyes or as we call it AI, but somehow I am still ignored since my work on antimatter’s theory and the 12 laws has not been publicly recognized yet. However, I concluded that it would be better for me to keep living my life unaffected by such awareness, that I am being watched and yet ignored, and decided to mirror their behavior instead, by ignoring their presence in my life, and keep sharing my private life, ideas and thoughts, sharing even things that do not matter and should not matter to the public eyes and ears, but at least this way I can avoid any deliberate misinterpretation, like it did in the past, of my ideas and thoughts transmitted through my writings and my books. Ignoring the fact that I am being watched, and using it to share my ideas publicly, it can also present an opportunity for my messages and theories to lend on the right ears of the right person. I realized soon that I was not alone, or the only victim of invasion of privacy. Other normal and average individuals like me are being watched too; in many cases by some hackers, or AI, but in some other cases by those in higher positions as they call themselves The Elite. Creepy indeed, but slowly, slowly, this fact did not bother me anymore, especially when I realized that we humans were never alone in our private moments, as we thought. For thousands and thousands of years, humans have been watched by “others.”

I read a lot of books, articles, and did my own research on this matter until I started to connect the dots, and realized that even the Greek gods were shocked to learn that they too were being watched. But by whom? What did the spider woman share with Athena that shocked Athena and made her realize that data and information about Greek gods’ private lives was leaking out to the public? In this intensive research I started to notice the same false keys, in all the mythical stories recorded so far in many different parts of the world. What were these false keys? What are these fabricated facts that repeat and repeat but never fit? I will share these false keys and fabricated facts on another post, but before I go and let you contemplate the facts of how exposed you are living your private life under the public eye, I wanted to remind you that you are not alone. Above all, at this point there is nothing you can do by getting angry or flooding yourself with negative feelings and emotions. I suggest that you stop worrying or obsessing over your privacy. We are on this together. We are all on the same boat and our aim is to keep calm, because we do not need panic, we need a plan; we do not need to be counted as numbers, we need to be counted for our logical opinions and arguments. Keep in mind, our goal is to survive and sail our boat safely to the shore, not to kill or judge or chase after an invisible enemy. Let those who have the right tools and expertise to do so. As for you and me and any other average individuals, our duty is to use logic, and if you would like to share your own experiences with others then do so gently, without causing any panic or taking any actions that you may regret later. To be smart, that is our plan.

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