Another disappointment with the movie Bella and the Beast, last night. I went to see this movie with my daughter and her friend, with hope that this story might be revealing something different this time. I truly wished to see a change of some sort in all the fairy tale stories that seem as if they’re teaching something good, and seem so entertaining, but deep down they all share some dark, dirty secrets. I really wished this time Bella did not end up with the beast, or with the foolish, arrogant boy. I wished that a third, handsome, inside and out, character would have joined to save her from the ill fate of having to choose between two disgraceful options. She basically never had a choice, she had only two options: The beautiful, idiot, ignorant, arrogant boy, or the manipulative, controlling, ugly beast. Think about how horrible her fate was. But nothing had changed in the story and I ended up disappointed one more time, and hating that story one more time, and even wondering, how come others do not see what I see?

This story is one of the most obvious ones that points exactly where the core problem is in humans’ lives: The mass manipulation of human consciousness through fairy tales enthusiastically displayed in all Disney’s movies. So, why is that? What’s their purpose? Their purpose is to make us believe that there is good in the evil and there is evil in the good. Their purpose is to confuse us about the duality of nature, just like I already mentioned in my previous post. I must confess, I wanted to write about something else yesterday but as I started to express my ideas on the paper, I noticed that the subject I wanted to target was too big and would have been very confusing for the reader if I just poured out all that I know, which I am boiling from inside, for I want to share it with others and warn others about the great deception they face day after day. When I realized that, I decided to break the task into smaller ones, and let my intuition guide me on how to break it and where to start. Intuitive feelings made me focus on the duality of nature, how the duality is not part of our nature, because in fact looking from a different perspective rhythm is the nature of all the forces in the universe not the duality. If you would say duality is the nature of universe then you must accept that sometime, somewhere, one force randomly would turn into disastrous and other times, just as randomly will turn into a constructive force. But if we accept that rhythm is the nature of universe, order is the nature of universe then we would know that light is always meant to shine and darkness is always meant to hide things. The good is always the good and the bad is always the bad. When one shows more the other one retrieves, and vice versa. And this is the movement of forces and energies in the universe, and it’s not done randomly. It is done through rhythmic and precise movement, like the sinusoidal functions that we see in mathematics. This is the true nature of forces in the universe and how they play out, but, someone is trying to twist it into making the masses believe that crime had a motive and that motive had another motive, and another motive. Perhaps the way this boy was raised was the reason for his evil actions. Perhaps the beast was not a beast, if one would decide to look at him from a different angel, through the eyes of an empathetic individual. That’s why the movie Bella and the Beast focuses on how the beast looks like, very scary indeed, and makes it as if that was the only reason why people were afraid of him. But is this the truth?

Well, let me refresh your memories. The story started with the Beast being a beautiful charming prince who throws the most lavish ball parties just to impress his guests with his richness, power and beauty. One got to stop and think, why does he feel the need to show that? Hmmm… It’s simple psychology, one wants to show he is beautiful when one does not think he or she is beautiful, and there are only two reasons for that: Either because one is using tricks to fool others into believing of how beautiful one is, or because one, deep down has not accepted oneself for who he/she is. But, this old lady interrupts the party one night and offers the prince a rose from his own garden. Foolish indeed, because if the castle was prince’s castle, then the garden too was prince’s garden, and so was the rose. So what was this foolish old lady thinking when she offered him a rose from his own garden as an exchange to allowing her to stay inside the castle in that freezing winter night? And when he boastfully refused the offer reminding the old lady that this was a rose from his own garden, then why was he terrified when she revealed her true nature, her true face, to all the ball attendees? Who was she? How could someone be so terribly punished for pointing out that the old lady stole a rose from a garden that was not hers, and then presented as if it was hers to offer?

Can someone see the line of logic this fairy tale tries to cover by making it seem as if all was about the beauty, and the beast, and the looks? The story is deeper and has to do with the rightful ownership of the castle. Hence, the Prince may have built a castle and all the luxury and dazzling sparkles may have been his, but he was a guest on the old lady’s soil. The rose belonged to her, and he wrongfully boasted about that ownership. Hence, the old lady did not reveal the scary face of the beast. She revealed the scary soul and scary intentions of the beast. She revealed his true nature. Therefore, I’m going to repeat the same conclusion I drew on my previous post: Evil remains evil and the good remains the good. When one occupies the spotlight the other one has to leave, and they switch places on the spotlight of our lives for us to see and distinguish between the two. It is then through free will that we decide which forces we want to join, the dark forces or the enlighten ones. But poor Bella, what choices did she have?

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