“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Friedrich Nietzsche

In the last two years or so, as I was working on my research on my Master’s theses I came across Nietzsche’s work and I am amazed with all his philosophical arguments I have read so far. Quite in contrary to the popular belief about him and his philosophy I find him not a Nihilist. I find him not a Realism enthusiast, I find him not an Idealist either. I find him right. I started to realize that he was misunderstood. In fact, I wonder if he was misunderstood or purposely misinterpreted, because I kind of felt like him too for a while.

In the last 10 years or so I have started noticing that there is some kind of special music playing within me that makes me dance in a particular way, but which caused others to wonder about my sanity. I wondered why they wondered. I always minded my own business; I always respected others’ privacy and respected their boundaries. Nevertheless, others had no problem invading my boundaries. They entitled themselves into expressing their opinions about what I should do or not, how I should dance or not. They had no problems barging themselves into my private life and private matters as if these were the whole world’s matters. I always wondered about this, and tried to defend myself, to prove it to them that I am sane and decent. And now, I’m wondering why I even bothered.

Well, I understand a lot more now about myself and my special music, and I can see that they were jealous, and still are, because they want to hear the same music I hear and dance like I do, but they can’t. They want to know the source of my happiness and where the power for my resilience comes from, but they can’t. They want to figure out how come I have so much fun when I should be terrorized and afraid of what might happen to me. They wonder how come I am not afraid of death, for example. Hmmm….

That I’m not afraid of death, this was never a secret. I used to be, but not anymore. That’s because I know death is a new beginning. But, I do not see death as a new beginning in heaven, or as a new beginning like religions try to explain it to you. I do not see death from a philosophical point of view only, but I see it from the scientific point of view and philosophical view at the same time. In science and specifically in math, we have positives and negatives, we have adding and subtracting, and basically we use these opposites to create, to do something with them. Either we add or subtract the result will always be something new. Hence death too is never the end of anything, is just an opportunity for beginning to create new things. But most of all, I am not afraid of death because I believe in destiny. Yes destiny. And again, I do not believe in destiny from a religious or spiritual point of view, but from a philosophical and scientific point of view, from physical and metaphysical points of views at the same time. But this is not duality my friend. Metaphysics does not mean the opposite of physical reality. It only means beyond this physical reality.

So how can I believe in destiny and not consider it as something mystical, wearing the veil of spirituality and mystery? I don’t see destiny that way, I see destiny as application of physics and laws of nature, because think about it, a rock falling from the sky has no other option but to fall on earth. This is pure physics, and so is the force of destiny. Therefore, no one can stop the rock from falling, however, you can delay its destiny, its fall. You can invent some devices or take all the precaution that you need to put something between earth and the rock to prevent the rock from falling on the surface of earth, like a tent for example. But you see, you have to put lots of efforts in preventing something that is supposed to occur naturally. That tent is not a permanent or natural structure. Hence, it is destined to fall and be destroyed too at some point.  Anything can happen to the tent at any time, and once the tent is knocked off, the rock will continue its journey as it is supposed to, toward earth. And even if you decide to guard the tent, day and night, that would not be wise because that will require you to spend more money, more time and energy, including man power, to keep that tent up, and make sure nothing happens to the tent when you are not watching, right? You must then ask yourself this question, Is it worthy to spend so much time and energy to prevent things from following their natural course of actions? It seems like a stupid strategy to spend so much energy, just to prevent things from following their nature, knowing that one day this will be inevitable, unless…. Unless, one has some dark secrets and want to hide them behind stupid ideas, like religious ideas for example. Only if the revealing of the dark secret brings heavier consequences than being called, stupid, idiot, ignorant, arrogant, one would  gladly accept all these names and labels.

But enough with what others may be hiding, and let’s go back to the previous argument that death does not scare me because I use both philosophy and science to understand matters of life, and here is how I do it. First of all I try not to make the same mistake as other philosophers in the past, which then led to the misuse of their marvelous, genius work, where some forces intentionally misinterpreted such work and created many religion sects, making their work this way, useless to the masses of people. I know science, so I know better. I know not to use philosophy to explain things I do not know, because philosophy cannot explain things that are unknown to us. If we do so, we would end up in thousands dead end paths, as we did in the past. Instead, Science should be used to explain things that are unknown to us, and it can help us discover more about the unknown, until the unknown becomes known. Philosophy nevertheless is not useless, because philosophy serves as the initial point, by asking a question and making an assumption about it. It is then the job of science to prove or disapprove the hypothesis. Philosophy’s task therefore is limited to set a beginning point and to assume an end point, but not to determine that end point.

So from what I discovered, when I formulated my antimatter’s hypothesis, is that death and life, in contrary to what we may believe, are not opposites. If you think in terms of opposites all the time, you think that people should take sides: with you or against you. You would see things as black or white only. But things are never black or white. Things come in many shades of gray ( and not just 50 shades of gray, hahaha). So, if things are not black or white, they are not the opposites, then how can I explain life and death without using the opposites? Here is how.

When we add or subtract numbers in math we increase or decrease the value of a number. We may explain it sometimes as if we are adding two numbers or subtracting two numbers but in fact all we are doing is increasing the previous value of that number by a certain amount or decrease the value of the previous number by a certain amount. Hence, we simply increase or decrease. And even when we use a series of mathematical operations, we always increase or decrease the previous values of the original numbers in a series of steps and series of different amounts. In the same way we can argue that when we awake up in the morning and become alert and aware of our surroundings, our previous body energy is increased with a certain amount. Our brain activity is also increased and we can prove this by simply measuring the brain waves when we are awake and compare them when we are asleep. And when we sleep the body energy reduces and so is the brain activity. But all this, is a natural phenomenon. And how do I know that? Well, ask yourself this question, have you ever felt uncomfortable going to sleep when you felt sleepy and plunged into the nearest bed? I don’t think so. Falling asleep and losing your alertness, your consciousness, as you become less and less conscious is a normal and natural process in our existence. It is a process that is expected to happen and it feels good to allowing it to occur when it is not forced but it occurs naturally.  We need sleep and we are actually happy to go to sleep every night, so why would it be differently with death, unless death is forced and it is not naturally occurring?

But why is it so much confusion with opposites and duality of nature? Should we accept duality? I am afraid that would be a big mistake. Duality is not natural, because when we say duality we mean tow things occurring at the same time, but in some cases one shows more than the other. I am afraid we have made a big mistake in the past when we interpreted things as dual. If we accept opposites as a necessity in life, then we accept duality, and if we accept duality then we accept that evil is good and good is evil. And that is not true. One will always be good in their soul no matter how hard their life may be, and one who is pure evil, not because of mistakes he/she made in life that could be easily fixed once one is educated, but they are evil because of their structure, because of how they were built in the first place, then do not expect any good thing coming from such structures, Only bad things will occur from them, only destruction, they cannot turn into anything good, or used for any good purposes. So stop wasting your time hoping that some monsters can turn good at some point.

From philosophical point of view and scientific point of view opposites are always opposites. Therefore evil is the opposite of good and good is the opposite of evil and upon coming into contact with one another they will eliminate one another, and there is no doubt about that. That is why evil is afraid of good and never goes near the good because it knows the risk. In the same way negatively charged particles upon contact with positively charged particles, they will eliminate one another at no time. So, when we say duality is a characteristic of nature we are wrong. Duality is not the characteristic of nature, rhythm is characteristic of nature. So in nature we have days and nights that seem like opposites, but they do not occur at the same time do they? When light arrives, it arrives slowly and it increases until we say it is a new day, while darkness slowly decreases, and goes away. It is a rhythm that nature respects and anything out of this rhythm is wrong. So, when I dance a dance no one can understand do not assume I am insane. You must now know I follow an inner music and my own rhythm. When you see me angry at some point when people try to push my limits this does not make me evil, as I will never turn evil at some point, because duality does not exist in me. I am angry at those people and tell them what I think of them, and tell them that they are wrong without being afraid of their opinions or judgments, but I do not dwell on my anger. And when you see me laugh and smile and sing on the next minute or so, that is not because some other alter ego surfaces in me because of my duality. I dance, and sing, and laugh because I reason that it is not worth keeping myself angry at people who do me injustice. In fact, if I want to heal myself I should do the opposite of what they expect me to do after they deliberately put me in situation where I would deplete my energy if I would stay worried or angry all the time. Knowing so much more than others do, and using reasoning, I heal myself. So no, I am not stupid for dancing to my own music that you cannot hear. I am not two-face person or a mix of two personalities, my nature is not duality either. My nature is reason, and my reason tells me to have fun rather than dwell in negativity, because I am not negative or made of negatives. I am and always remain positive, I will always remain in the light side not in the darkness. I may be blind and not be able to see everything that goes on around me and that is just fine, because there are other means by which I can see and feel the energy. So dear observer that wonder why I dance, and how sane I am, I am much more than you think and I know it, that’s why I dance.

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