Dear Christians fellows,

I have a word of caution for you today. Do not wish “Happy Easter!” to everyone you meet today. It is rude to assume that everyone is celebrating Easter. I know, I know. That was not your intention. Your intention was to tell people that you are a good person because you celebrate Easter, and those who celebrate Easter are Christians, and Christians believe in God, and so Christians are good people. I can read through you, and your intentions and it doesn’t make it right. In fact this one makes you look even worse than when you assume that everyone celebrates Easter.

I remember as if it was yesterday, Easter, April 2011. I went to Jordan with my son Jon, to stay away from some drama created in my life and to contemplate what I was going to do about it. Because I was white tourist, speaking English, people assumed I was Christian and everywhere I went they friendly wished me “Happy Easter!” With a smile I replied that I did not celebrate Easter, I was not a Christian.  Indeed that was the last thing I needed to hear those days, since that was the  reason why I needed a vacation away from everything that would have reminded me of Easter celebrations. I needed to stay away, just for a bit, to clear my mind and  make a decision whether I could handle the drama or walk away from it. All the drama was created because I decided to give up on my Christian belief. I decided to do so after being very close to all that bullshit and realized that those people bragging about going to church on Sundays were all fake. I wasn’t going to align myself with false people, so I walked away. My ex-husband was tremendously shocked by this. Come to think of it, he may have had a good reason to feel that way. It must have been like an ancient call of awaking his soul. Probably my decision to walk away from my Christian faith unconsciously reminded him of something that may have caused him to feel shame, because it was like a slap on his face that he was Jewish by his family origin, but had decided to abandon his religion and convert to Baptism instead. I met him at that time of my life when I was convinced that I had made the right choice when I became a Christian back in April 2000, and was baptized Roman Catholic on Easter eve.

Well, my baptism is another interesting story on its own, because to this day I don’t know what happened during my baptism, but what I remember was that everyone remained silent and in shock for a couple of seconds. I was the first on the line of people who were about to be baptized that evening. This young priest came with this special oil to anoint us, and as he anoint me he figured out he used the wrong type of oil and alarmed he went to ask the older priest what to do. Whispers, whispers, commotion, people going back and forth, phones on the background ringing (they probably called the Pope LOL), and finally, Hmmmm (throat clearing), let’s proceeded as usual. hahaha

Anyhow, I often try to forgive people if I understand their motives, and in the case of my ex, I believe his guilt feelings must have been very strong, beyond human imagination, to have forced him to the point that he used about anything, possible and impossible, to make me reconsider my choices of leaving Christian faith and resigning from teaching in a Catholic High School despite the good pay. From all the methods he used to stop me from making that decision the nastiest was when he took me out for a nice lunch and then we set at our favorite bench and he had the guts to hand me the court paper where the judge was ordering me for an appearance to court because he had accused me for being insane. In that court paper he was threatening me to take away everything that was mine, my house, my bank account, my clothes and furniture I had worked so hard to earn them with my own sweat, as when he came to my house the only thing he brought with him was an old IKEA futon and debts. In that court order the judge was even threatening to give him the full custody of my three children, even for the two I had from my previous marriage, which I had full custody for. But, I did not budge. I looked him straight in the eye and in a quiet voice but determined I said, “I cannot deal with you, but I will leave higher forces deal with you now. Just drive me home please, so I can get some clothes and get out of your intoxicating air.” This threatened him even more, and of course very quickly I won everything back, and I am very proud of my actions. Not only I got my children back, the most important part of my existence, but I also remained true to myself and my belief, that no religion is needed to make you a good person.

So dear friends who is reading this post today, if indeed you are one of those people who uses religion time after time, as a badge of honor, if you, here and there, slip a sentence or two intentionally telling people that you go to church on Sundays (like my ex did), or volunteer on a local temple, or any other gathering of your religion, you my friend need to re-scan your consciousness. I suggest that you ask yourself some questions tonight before falling asleep. Start by asking simple questions like this, “Why do I need to tell people that I follow my religion, or that I believe in God? Who do I serve when I tell others that I am a religious person?” You already know the answer my friend; I trust you do. You do not tell people that you believe in God just so that God hears you, No! Because if you truly believe in God then you don’t need to say it to anyone, but only to yourself. So, if you are saying it to other people, then you do so that other people’s ears will hear the magic phrase of your intention, “Trust me, I am a good person, because I am religious.” But, why do you have to confess to others that you are a good person? Is there something in your consciousness that’s bugging you? Is there something you’re hiding? It’s a very simple matter my friend, think about it: A white person doesn’t go outside telling people, “I am white”; a smart person doesn’t tell others, “Hey I’m smart, what’s your name?”; a singer does not go out there telling people, “Hey you guys, I sing for living, do you recognize me?” So things that are obvious do not need to be announced right? So go ahead then, Christian or not, tonight you can ask yourself this question, “Why do I feel the need to prove it to others that I am a good person, that I follow this or that religion?”

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