All things change, as change is the dynamic of life due to the first and second law. As an application of the first law, one exists and has a reason to exist, and that reason is to keep a balance of energies of matter and antimatter. However, as a result of one’s awareness of The Self, as an individual that differs from others, one seeks to accommodate oneself in the world and in relationship with others as best as one could. This leads to the cause-effect of things that will follow thereafter, as a result of the second law, the Law of destiny.

So, we can say that change is the effect of destiny, because destiny is the first and last effect of the first reason why everything was created and came to their existences.

Hence, if the progress is set to occur by starting with the change at lower levels of antimatter energy that seek to attach to matter particles and form different forms of material things, then this progress will continue to be reflected into higher levels of antimatter energy, which in combination with matter and with the previous levels  of antimatter energy will create newer things, which come to their existence with one purpose and for one reason, to increase knowledge and awareness.

Therefore, destiny is a force that cannot be stopped,  because it was a reason for why it was initiated in the first place.  As a result of destiny then, the knowledge that we pass on from one generation to another will always increase. It is this change in knowledge that creates a new momentum, and as a result of it we feel uncomfortable with how things are at that point and we seek to find answers, we become curious to explore and learn more. This curiosity and the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing something but willing to understand it by exploring it, is the force that pushes us toward learning more and discovering more, and that is the force of destiny. However, because of our ability to think, which is made possible from our level-four-antimatter, we like to question any information given to us first hand, because we want to satisfy our curiosity by thinking about a solution in our heads first, by combining new discoveries with the facts from our previous knowledge. Hence, it is in our human nature to be curious, but also skeptical at the same time, and question what we learn. In other words, it is because of our level-four-antimatter that we believe and disbelieve at the same time, before accepting new information and theories as true.

When we start questioning the information we receive we apply resistance toward the new knowledge, by using our reasoning and the old facts and knowledge. This resistance occurs naturally because new knowledge always challenges the previous knowledge or beliefs. This makes the Law of Resistance one of the universal laws of nature. In material world the law of resistance is represented by the law of Ohm. Ohm’s law states that intensity (I) of an electrical current that flows through any material is in direct proportion with the difference of voltage (V) and in the inverse relation with the resistance (R) of the material. Ohm’s Law is expressed with the formula:   . In other words, this formula indicates that the higher the difference of voltages at the extreme ends of a wire, the higher the intensity of electrical current that will flow inside the wire. On the other hand, the higher the resistance of the material of which the wire is made, the smaller the intensity of the electrical current that flows through the wire will be.

We can use the same formula to explain our resistance  towards new discoveries or new theories, when these are presented to us and require us to change our previous knowledge and beliefs.

The difference between the old knowledge and the new information presented at this time, is like the difference of voltages V at two ends of the wire. Our resistance toward accepting this new knowledge as true, is like the resistance R. And the intensity I represents the pace at which this change in our knowledge occurs in our brain and level-four-antimatter. Just like electrons are forced to move all in the same direction inside the wires because of the change in voltage that is applied at the opposite ends of a wire, in the same way we humans move from lower levels of knowledge and awareness to higher levels of knowledge and awareness, in a very predetermined course of actions, known as destiny.

If we would use Ohm’s Law to explain human behavior due to our resistance and skepticism toward the validity of the new knowledge, we can say that the higher our resistance to accepting new knowledge, the hotter this matter will become for us. As matters become hotter, they turn into subjects of hot arguments between parties who accept the new knowledge as true and those who refuse to change their previous beliefs and knowledge for the discomfort it brings, which would require change, and change would bring new balance. On the other hand, if we do not resist the knowledge at all, but accept it as true, then this knowledge is hard to become part of level-four-antimatter as it does not leave any impression on us. In fact we would forget this knowledge with the speed of light if it is not for the repetitive exposure to it, and for the constant reminders. We can see this in the behavior of little children that accept what they parents tell them to do as true, and withal their might they want to please their parents by following these rules and orders, but because children are not able to comprehend this knowledge, they will forget it, and they will do the wrong thing next time, if the parent is not around to remind them of that. Hence, children need repetitive reminders until they understand the new knowledge and that knowledge becomes part of their level-four-antimatter. In the same way, religion and media apply their influence on the masses, by constant repetition of information that makes no sense to the masses but masses hardly resist, as there is either no means on how to get their question answered, or there is a figure of authority that does not allow the student to ask question or doubt their faith.

So, in any case, for the new information to become part of our knowledge, one must resist accepting it at first. One must ask questions and conduct research, and then must compare the new facts with the previous knowledge. After all this is done, there will be gaps left in the knowledge, which human individual tries to fill in with their own possible reasons. For example after some sort of resistance was applied, new facts were accepted as true then at this point the individual aligns in his mind the new knowledge and the old knowledge and finds out that there are some small gaps as he gets from point A to point C. The missing point B is an information that is not discovered yet, and for that reason the individual will use his own reasoning to explain what the knowledge in point B must be for the information to flow from point A to point C. However, if there are many gaps after one tries to make sense of the new knowledge by aligning it with the previous facts, then one must question the source of that knowledge or the truthfulness of that new information.

To distinguish between truthful information and deceiving information one must always resist accepting it as true first hand without asking some. Therefore some resistance in accepting new knowledge is always necessary. However, we cannot resist new information for too long. At some point we must make a decision to accept it as true or to discard it, because if we continue to resist true information without valid reasons, or if others continue to pressure us into accepting untruthful information then the longer this disagreement and resistance goes on the hotter the matter becomes. This resistance we apply will become painful at some point. This will be manifested in many forms, like conflicts, arguments, disappointments, or even as unfortunate events. These not so favorable situations will occur and will constantly repeat in our lives, in order to remind us that somewhere in our current knowledge and beliefs  we hold in regards to life, ourselves and others, we are missing a valid information or we are resisting to accept change that comes with the new knowing. For as long as we avoid facing the lack of knowledge and work toward finding the missing piece, or avoid accepting the missing information as true when found, our problems will continue to exist. Problems will persist and repeat until the knowledge and awareness is increased.

The good news about the law of resistance is that once we question new knowledge and as we do our own research and find that information true, or acceptable for our reasoning since it fits with other facts and knowledge we carry in ourselves then this new piece of information becomes part of our level-four-antimatter. This means that the total energy of our antimatter attached to our individual physical bodies will also increase once the energy in the dimension of knowledge is increased. This increased energy of our level-four-antimatter will be manifested in our new ways of thinking and understanding our reality, matters, facts, ourselves, other people’s behavior and motivations. The increase of antimatter energy will be demonstrated through our actions and behavior.

We can see the application of this law throughout our human history. Every new discovery no matter how pleasurable and beneficial for humans it proved to be later on, at first this new knowledge was denied. Conflicts arrived when some accepted the new knowledge and demanded the change, others did not. Conflicts resulted into hot discussions to the point that these disagreements turned into arguments and that process of learning new things became a painful process. We now know that some resistance prior to accepting the new knowledge is necessary to create the imprints of the new knowledge, by leaving some impression. However, we must not let our resistance go out of control and turn it into destructive force that causes unnecessary pain. If we allow this to happen, we automatically go against the first and second laws of antimatter, the laws of existence and law of destiny.

Copyright (c) Ardiana Bani All rights reserved

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