There always is a cause–effect chain of events in nature and this is not so hard to notice it everywhere. For example when it rains, we get wet. When we become wet we feel cold. When we feel cold we need to warm up. When we feel that we need to warm up, we take actions to fulfill this need. Our actions are driven by an effect which is previously forced by a cause. That previous cause was also at some point an effect of another cause before that, and so on. Just like in the example above, we can observe and analyze events that occur more in the realm of antimatter, like thoughts, feelings, and motivation, than in the physical reality. For example when someone wants to learn more about something that strikes his/her interest, then he/she feels the need to take actions to satisfy his(her) curiosity. This need to take actions to satisfy one’s curiosity is the effect caused by the psychological drive of being curious. Hence, just like in the physical world, in the metaphysical world too there are forces that apply to our level-four-antimatter, which become then the cause for our specific ways of thinking, feeling, making decisions, and so on. But if there is a driving force that causes us to think and feel in certain ways, then there must also be a cause for this force too. Each cause must be the effect of another cause that previously caused it. This process of reasoning and searching for the cause that caused each cause can go on endlessly, but our human mind is restricted to thinking in terms of limited amounts of things. Our time and space are limited, and so, only when things are limited or viewed as limited our mind is capable of comprehending them. Therefore, we always search for the beginning and we always except an ending too.

To give our mind some peace of mind we must limit the chain of cause and effect. For this reason let’s accept that somewhere in the past there was a beginning of everything, a first cause for all the other causes and effects that followed afterwards. I would like to call this very first cause The Reason.

Now we can say that the very first impulse that pushed a human individual to become curious of learning more new stuff and gaining more knowledge, to think and make conclusions as a means of making sense of life, is The Reason. This reason initiated the cause-effect chain of events that continues to occur even today without any interruption. When we say that there is/was a first reason for everything that occurred and continues to occur, we understand that there is a destination where this chain of cause-effect is aiming to. We can call this direction/destination at which the chain of cause-effect is heading to as destiny.

Hence, destiny is the end result of a momentum, of a first impulse that caused a force or motivation that pushes us to learn more and to increase our knowledge about ourselves and our reality, in other words, it pushes is to increase the level of awareness.

If destiny is the end-result of the first impulse (the reason) then destiny is the first cause of the first effect. Then, since every effect becomes the cause of another effect afterwards then destiny is the cause for every effect. Hence, destiny is the reason for change, and is a law that applies everywhere in nature and universe. While the previous law, the law of existence, is the reason for balance, the Law of destiny is the reason for imbalance. In other words, the law of existence kicks in to keep things in balance, the way they are, unmoved, unchanged, in a static state, while the law of destiny kicks in when things need to be changed and there is a reason for that.

Let’s see now how the law of destiny applies to create atoms, plants, animals and humans, as it allows the different levels of antimatter energy to interact with matter and perform different tasks at different levels.

Level-one-antimatter when wrapped around subatomic particles causes them to attract with one another and to form different types of atoms. This physical reality is made possible as the result of different combinations of different atoms. Therefore, the destiny, the reason for level-one-antimatter was and still is to create the physical reality and everything else in it that is made of atoms. Level-two-antimatter is the cause for creation of ATP and it helps DNA to duplicate. The combination of level one and level two antimatter with the matter, creates different varieties of plants.

In the same way we can now argue that all four levels of antimatter in combination with matter gave us different human beings with different types of personalities, different outlooks in life, different motivations and different talents to use to fulfilling their goals and dreams. Therefore, as a result of the very first reason for our existence, which was/is to maintain the balance of energies between matter and antimatter at a given proportion rate, a momentum was created to drive us into loving life and loving our own existence, so that we would strive for a better life in fulfilling our personal needs first of all. The force of destiny then, created as a result, as the effect of the very first reason for our existence, is the force that keeps pushing each individual to increase their knowledge, to become curious about certain things in life, to ask questions, think, research, analyze and draw conclusions, to follow goals and pursue dreams. All because of the chain of cause-effect events initiated by the need to exist, which was the first reason dictated by the very first law of existence, “To Be.” Destiny therefore is a law that will always apply because it is the very reason for the first impulse which affected and continues to affect all antimatter. We like it or not we are pushed in the direction of increasing our knowledge day by day, because we must continue to keep the balance of energies, and as we do so, we must accommodate ourselves into this reality, and to accommodate ourselves to this reality we must strive for a more comfortable, fulfilling and satisfying life. In order to do that we must look for other resources and use them to our advantage. As we search for other resources we enter into relationships with others. As we enter into relationships with others, problems will arrive as a result of the different ways different individuals comprehend the reality, as a result of different levels of awareness individuals are at, and so on. As problems arise during these interactions with others, some of these problems may push us into cooperating with one another, while others may push us into competing with one another. In whatever situation, we are always driven by the force of destiny, which is the cause of all these events, and is pushing us to search for better accommodations for ourselves by making use of the knowledge we possess at certain time, of talents and skills, and of possible connections we have with other people.

When specific unfortunate events repeat in our lives, when these negative situations keep reoccurring to us even if we change houses, jobs, places, relationships, then this must be considered a clear sign that destiny is pushing us to learn certain lessons, certain knowledge that we keep missing  or keep overlooking in our lives by the way  we stubbornly resist to acknowledge or avoid dealing with certain things or situations. It is as the result of this persistency of the law of destiny that sets the general tendency of human race to move forward to higher levels of knowledge and awareness, despite of the temporary regressions that may occur once in a while (or maybe too often). We can summarize the law of destiny as follows:

  1. Matter and antimatter coexist in us so that we can drive human society to a place where energies of both matter and antimatter will no longer be wasted and there will be balance. This is the first reason for all the changes afterwards.


  1. Until this balance is reached, each individual will undergo cycles of different lives where the individual will be given the opportunity to increase the knowledge and eventually increase the energy of level-four-antimatter (soul) by learning new skills and new lessons through new experiences in life and through interactions with other people. This brings as a result a chain of cause-effect.


If destiny is the effect of the first reason for our existence, to maintain a balance of energies, then why do we possess free will? We cannot deny the fact that we do have free will; this is easy to notice. We feel free to think and draw our own conclusions, which will lead us to make our own choices and take actions. This process is the application of our free will. But feeling free to choose between some options, and deciding about certain actions we need to take to fulfilling our goals, gives us the wrong impression as if destiny does not exist. This is wrong because we judge reality for the wrong perspective because having some degree of free will does not mean we do not follow a destiny. For example, a dog on a leash is given some freedom to walk in the park as if he is independent from the owner. When the dog sees another dog walking by the dog feels the urge to bark at the other dog and even attack the other dog for the fear that his territory is being invaded, not knowing that it is not his territory, and not knowing that he is on the leash and his owner will not allow him to attack the other dog. Yet, dog’s knowledge and awareness of how much free will he has is limited. The way this dog acts by insisting into barking louder and louder, and even try attacking the other dog, even though his efforts lead to nowhere, is a clear indication that this dog is convinced that he too (like we humans think) has all the free will in this world to make his own decisions, and therefore make his own destiny.

Our free will is in fact limited for us humans, as our judgement is also limited due to the limited capacity of comprehending the reality. We possess free will up to a point, but we do not and cannot go against our own destiny, or create our own destiny. However, we have some degree of co-creating our destiny but only if energy at level-four-antimatter is high enough to allow that. Therefore, the increase of knowledge that can lead to the increase of energy at level-four-antimatter is necessary, if we really wish to become masters of our own destinies.


Copyright (c) Ardiana Bani All rights reserved


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