In part one of this book, in a series of insights starting from one simple assumption that antimatter has not disappeared like the “Big Bang Theory” popularized in its assumptions, but this antimatter is in fact the realm of knowledge, of thoughts and ideas, we then concluded that our human body is simply a mechanism that holds matter and antimatter together in certain proportion rate. We also concluded that this proportion rate of energies is different for different organisms, therefore humans have their own specific proportion k, that must be kept the same whether we are asleep or wake, conscious or unconscious. Therefore, if in any case this proportion rate is not maintained then death will occur. Maintaining the same proportion rate of energies is an ongoing, uninterrupted process, from birth to death. If one of these energies (matter or antimatter) gets lower at some point, the other one follows the change by getting lower too in order to keep the same proportion rate. In the same way, if one of the energies increases the other one will also increases with the same proportion rate.

If we look carefully we can observe the same tendency of nature trying to keep the same rhythm of events repeating all the time. We can easily notice this in repeating patterns of season, day and night, repetitive sounds like rain drops, waves splashing on the seashore, birds singing at certain times of the day with certain intensity, or other repeating patterns demonstrated by the repetitive geometrical shapes, which clearly indicates that the nature of the universe is to preserve certain proportion rates for certain things, and to keep repeating those. Basically universe seems to be working like a clock mechanism,  preserving the same specific proportion rates, assigned to specific things and places, almost everywhere in nature.

Everything that follows a pattern and repeats in cycles, like for example, the total number of day-hours balances the number of total night-hours in the same year. Even though there are longer nights and shorter days, somehow the rhythm changes to give us the same amount of shorter nights and longer days so in the end everything will be balanced. While in the wilderness, we have prays and predators, and if humans and pollution would not interfere with the wildlife, then the population of animals would balance itself out; not too many predators and not too many prays. Indeed, some species may go extinct, as it always happened in the past too, when nature decides about what to keep and let them evolve and what has served its purpose already and needs to go. But the problem is that we interfere and that is why humans need to worry about how our decisions can affect the wild life and nature, which in return will affect our environment, our lives and our own existence, eventually.

Therefore, if everything tends to be aiming for a certain repetitive pattern that’s because nature likes to keep the balance of energies as it is supposed to be at certain time and space, for certain organisms and species. And all this rhythmic repetition of events occurs as a result of the fact that energy as well as matter and antimatter are never created from nothing and they will never disappear to nothingness. Hence, the same amount of matter and antimatter, just like their energies, will be recycled over and over and so the totals of matter and antimatter in the entire universe must always be the same.

The conclusion can be made that everything that exists and every organism big or small, has come to their existence with one purpose above all else, to act as a  mechanisms that serves conserving the balance of energies between matter and antimatter. Hence, plants have a specific ratio that keeps these two energies at a certain rate that is a different rate from that of one-cellular organisms, and different from all different types of animals and humans. Just like plants and animals,  humans too exist first and foremost to maintain this balance of energies between matter and antimatter, as part of the entire universe. We exist, we are born, live and die and will be born again, to carry on the knowledge in our level four antimatter, from one generation to another, as this knowledge and energy once it exists it cannot disappear to nothingness.

We as humans may feel powerless sometimes since we cannot control when to be born or in what fetus our soul will be attached to, after we die. Some spiritual teachings may inspire people to believe that we are still conscious of our existence after we die, and we can even choose our own family and parents before our souls attach to a fetus in mother’s womb. It sounds nice to belief in such thing but there is absolutely no proof that such thing is true. And if the reader really believes in these popular spiritual teachings, then the least that the reader can do is to ask questions as how can this happen and how it fulfills the first universal law of energy. How can one be conscious of his/her own existence without a device such as human brain to detect the magnetic energy and interpret the signals from this magnetic field, when we can’t even maintain our awareness about our existence every night we fall asleep?  Hence, to exist or not to exist is not in our hands, but once we exist we must become aware of our number one duty to preserve our species in order to continue to exist for the sake of the balance between matter and antimatter energies.

Understanding that our existence is indeed very important for the entire existence of the universe due to our purpose to maintain the balance of energies, then we should finally come to our senses and understand that just like we must not interfere with the wildlife of our planet by killing animals for mere pleasure, in the same way, we must not interfere with this universal law of nature by killing other humans either through wars or through capital punishment. Every time life cycles of living beings (humans, animals or plants) are terminated, as a result of human errors or man’s arbitrary interventions, and capital punishment, humans with their decisions upset the balance of energies between matter and antimatter of their own planet and of the entire universe. The same goes when we artificially delay the natural occurrence of death by preventing the nature to complete its cycle. In those cases we also upset the balance of these energies.

This conclusion above can open the door for many other sensitive questions and delicate matters, but if we understand this law very well, then we would be able to answer all these questions. Like for example a question that immediately comes to my mind is, “How do we know when to stop desperately trying to save the lives of our loved ones by extending their medical treatments because this may be upsetting the balance of energies, and when we should keep trying our best to save the lives of loved ones, because them too exist to  keep the balance of energies?” The answer to such a complicated matter is indeed very simple: One knows it in the heart. One who is ready to change life has no fear of death. When someone is fully aware of natural rhythm of life, and wishes to die, we then should respect their wishes. On the other hand, no matter how big of a crime one has committed at some point, other humans have no right to decide to end his (her) life. Unless death and killing occurs due to self-defense or is accidental, any other predetermined form of killing and ending a life, like Capital punishment for example is a huge mistake, and it will upset the balance of energies.

In conclusion, realizing the delicate nature of this law we must be very careful as how we interact with one another, and how we affect one another in psychological and physical levels, because any argument can go out of hand if not controlled and we may end up making such mistakes that we would regret a minute too late. It is because of this law of nature, that we exist for the simple fact that we are needed to keep the right proportion of energies in this part of the universe that this golden rule, to treat others the way you would like to be treated, takes a totally different meaning, which has less to do with spirituality, and lots to do with science and energy.


Copyright (c) Ardiana Bani All rights reserved

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