If you have followed and read my previous posts in this blog then you would have understood that in my hypothesis of antimatter I accept that human soul is nothing more than seven monopole magnetic fields, which must be centered in seven points of our bodies. These dimensions, or spheres of energy are responsible for the way we think, for our knowledge that we carry in the form of talents, for our intuition, the intensity of our feelings, for our creativity and for our free will that we express it as a way of acknowledging our own individual selves. When these monopole magnetic fields overlap with one another we can expect them to act more or less like dipolar magnetic fields instead of monopole. This means that if some free electrically charged particles happened to be inside such magnetic fields, like positive or negative ions and electrons always found inside each neuron of our body, then these particles would be forced to move in a certain direction, obeying the rule of right hand, as taught in physics. This can help us explain now how our thinking affects the intensity of emotions, or motivate us to take certain actions, and do all other body activities that seem to be directly related with the way we think, but they take place outside the brain.

It’s been a long debate about what comes first, the emotion and then understanding, comprehending it in our brain, or realizing the thought first and then feeling the emotion associated with it. If we would consider these spheres of magnetic field now it is not hard to see that it could work either way. Sometimes the emotion is felt first, which leads to body sensations, like heart pounding faster and/or sweating, and then brain would perceive these sensations as emotions by labeling them for example, fear, or feeling excited, or in love, and so on. This is known as James-Lange theory of emotions. On the other hand, if a thought is produced first, inside the brain, and we also accept that these seven magnetic field somehow overlap over our body, then we can see how our thoughts can affect the production of adrenaline which takes place at the lower part of the body. In this case, the emotion of fear for example, and the sensation associated with it, like faster heart pounding seem as if they happen simultaneously. This is known as Cannon-Bard theory of emotions. We can see now that both theories make perfect sense, if we accept these seven magnetic spheres and the effect they can cause to the charged free particles inside our body.

Using antimatter hypothesis, and therefore, accepting the existence of monopole magnetic spheres connected to certain points of our physical body, I came up with what seems the most logical explanation for now on how these energy fields can affects our thinking, feelings, attitudes, free will, and anything that has to do with our non-material world, but that it can affect our reality made of matter, through our actions fueled by our own attitudes. In the following is what I think is the most possible scenario of how this process takes place.

If we imagine the dimension of Thinking as a monopole magnetic sphere with its center located somewhere at the center of the brain, then we can say that since pineal gland is located at the center of the brain, then this would be the center of Thinking Dimension. We can imagine now that the intensity of each thought that we produce affects the speed at which this magnetic field spins around its center and vice versa, the spinning of this magnetic field may affect the type of thought we produce. As the spinning magnetic fields are known to cause movement of charged particles and since magnetic field of antimatter we accepted to be a monopole magnetic field rather than dipolar, then the movement of charged particles inside this magnetic sphere would not be directed from one pole to another, but either toward the center of the sphere or away from it. Since the center of this sphere is at the pineal gland we can now say that it is the spinning of magnetic sphere of the Thinking dimension that makes it possible for the extra free charged particles (positive or negative that would depend) to rush toward the center where the pineal gland is located. If the pineal gland would be bombarded with free electrical charges (positive or negative, depends) then this can be the cause for the start of chemical reaction inside the pineal gland that lead to the production of melatonin, one of the hormones responsible for regulating our sleeping patterns.

Not only pineal gland seems to be strategically placed in the middle of the brain, which would be the center of the Thinking dimension, but what is known about the functions of pineal gland makes it even more important if we would accept the existence of such monopole magnetic field around it. And here is why. It is known that pineal gland senses the light or darkness, and this sensitivity is believed to be the reason for producing the melatonin, that signals to the body and the brain that it is time to go to sleep. However, light on itself does not seem to be the only reason for producing the melatonin. For example, we often break our patterns of regular sleeping hours, like when we fall asleep in the middle of the day or stay awake at night. Also, changing the time zones when traveling indicates that even though may be enough sunlight outside when in a new time zone our body still follows the rhythm of the previous time zone, which has nothing to do with the fact that it is morning or night, and that the sun is going up or setting down. Our little pineal gland does not seem to obey to that fact, and does not respond as usual to the light or darkness in such particular cases. All these exceptions made me believe that pineal gland indeed responds to spinning of monopole magnetic of the thinking dimension rather than to the arrival of morning light or darkness at night. If our Thinking dimension does not seem to depended on the brightness or darkness of our surroundings, then what could be affecting it? What could be the cause of this biological rhythm in us, known as circadian rhythm?

We cannot say that the 24 hour cycle of sunrise and sunset is the reason for this pattern, since the pineal gland does not seem to follow this pattern. The fact that pineal gland is more sensitive to the time zones than it is to the sunlight, may simply indicate that pineal gland follows the same rhythm as earth’s spinning around its axes, and the sunrise or sun setting can just be a coincidence. Therefore, if pineal gland indeed is more sensitive to the increase or decrease of the magnetic energy around it, which could be caused by the way earth spins around its center, or earth’s magnetic field spins around earth’s center, then this lead us to the conclusion that pineal gland would follow the same pattern of waking up and sleeping even if the sun did not exist at all. But this would another topic which I intend to discuss it in my next book, “In Search of Antimatter.”

We can say at this point that not only how fast the magnetic sphere is spinning around its center (of level-four-antimatter in the Thinking dimension), but also the radius of this magnetic field, and how strong its energy is, as well as the direction of the spinning, all these factors can affect the amount of free charged particles that would rush toward the center of this sphere where the pineal gland is located. These factors would also indicate whether these charges would be positive or negative, or whether they would be moving toward the center (pineal gland) or away from it, and the speed of their movement. This wide variety of all the possible combinations of all the factors will lead to a wide variety of end results. Hence the amount of hormones produced in the pineal gland would depend on the way the Thinking dimension spins, which on the other hand depends on the type and quality of thoughts.

Thalamus is another part of the brain, also located at the center, just a little bit above the pineal gland. Thalamus is that part of the brain responsible for transmitting the sensation arrived to the brain from outside of our bodies, as well as from any other areas inside of the body, to the proper parts of the brain that analyze this information. It makes sense to accept that thalamus too can be affected by the spinning of a magnetic field, and that the amount of free charges colliding with thalamus can bring different results in regards to how thalamus perceives these signals and then transmits them to the proper parts of the brain. Hence, any distortion or disruption of this magnetic field of the Thinking dimension can lead to the wrong perceptions of our reality, and it could even lead to visual or auditory hallucinations, as well as hypnotic and trance states.

Just like the pineal gland and thalamus are effected by the movement and the amount of charged particles,  as the result of magnetic field in the Thinking dimension spinning around its center, in the same way we can say that our ability to make the proper decisions about daily activities, a function that is carried and executed in the frontal lobe of our brain, will also be affected by the spinning of this monopole magnetic field in the Thinking dimension. Hence, the more antimatter is accumulated in this dimension, the stronger its magnetic field would be, and the stronger its effect of spinning in our brain would be.

The only obstacle that stands in our way of figuring out the direction of spinning of this monopole magnetic field, is the fact that a sphere can spin in whichever direction around its own center. Hence, it will be hard but not impossible to test as which kind of spinning creates certain thoughts, or vice versa what kind of thought produces certain kind of spinning. However, for the sake of argument let’s suppose that we are able at some point, to distinguish between the different directions of spinning of this magnetic field. So let’s say positive thoughts can cause the magnetic field of the Thinking Dimension to spin counterclockwise (if seen from above our heads), while a negative thought would cause this sphere to spin clockwise. In the same way, let’s imagine for the sake of argument that all the other dimensions spin around their own centers, located somewhere in our body. As these magnetic fields spin around their centers then the energy carried by them and the speed at which they spin can also affect how fast the charged particles would collide with their centers.

Therefore, we can conclude that the end results of the seven spinning magnetic spheres can create different effects in the different parts of the body. The combination of all these factors can lead to different attitudes based on the reactions caused by the amount of free charged particles targeting the centers and the areas around these centers of the seven magnetic spheres. All the glands located at different parts of our body, responsible for producing different kinds of hormones, would therefore be subjects to the intensity of these magnetic fields and to the velocity of their spinning. Hormones on the other hand can affect the way we feel or react to certain events at certain times. Hence, the amount of these hormones affects our behavior. Behavior is known to affect attitude as attitude also affects behavior. Hence all these seven spheres in combination with one another regulate and effect the human behavior and attitude, also known in psychology as personality.

Then we can conclude that our individual personalities are the end result of the seven spinning monopole magnetic spheres. However, these seven monopole magnetic fields are not the only factors that affect our personalities, attitudes, and behavior. The amount of free charged particles available in our physical body at the right time when needed, is also another crucial factor that determines our behaviors and attitudes.

Imagine the seven magnetic spheres spinning at the right speed, the right direction, with the right amount of energy, but not enough free charged particles to  cause the right effect. Or other times, there may be too many charged particles available in one area of the body, which may cause an unnecessary over production of certain hormones  that may later cause an individual to overreact to things that he would normally would not and should not. Therefore, not only the quality of our thoughts and the knowledge we carry at some point in time, but also our physical body that provides the right amount of free charged particles, no more no less,  are the main factors that can determine and affect our individual attitudes and personalities.

But can the energy of other people around us affect our energy? This could be true but there is no evidence that this is true, and above all, there is another perfect explanation as why we feel certain way around some people, which makes us feel as if our energy is drained away, or in contrary, we feel more energized when these people are around. So, do we exchange energy with one another and if so how does that happen?

My explanation to this common belief is that the way other people speak to us, their tone of voice, their mimics, facial expressions, and the entire body language can trigger certain thoughts in us like positive, negative, sad, angry, happy, joy, love, or sorry. Once we perceive other people’s body language, we immediately create a thought inside the head, in order to make sense of other people attitudes and body language. Therefore, we can say now that other people do not drain our energy out, and they do not “take” our energy from us to use it for themselves. In fact it is our own thinking that causes our energy to be drained from us. Just as others do not really take our energy away, in the same way we can argue that others do not give us their own energy. But their words, in the form of criticism or encouragement can trigger certain thoughts in us that can make us feel energized and motivated.

Copyright (c) Ardiana Bani All rights reserved

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