So far this antimatter hypothesis supports the idea that level-four-antimatter is somehow attached to a human body and it is this level of antimatter energy that makes each one of us unique. This level of antimatter carries on not just the memories of previous lives in the form of electrical impulses of the feelings and emotions experienced during those events, but also the previous knowledge the individual was carrying in his/her consciousness, as well as skills he had previously learned, beliefs and ideas that were developed during his previous lives. This knowledge carried by the level-four-antimatter is unique for each individual because of the way we think, perceive, and arrive our logical conclusions are all occurring inside our individual minds and are obviously affected by the emotions or flashes of memories we carry in the form of codes or impulses in our level-four-antimatter.

This level four of antimatter is what we often call as human soul. Curious about this, I decided to analyze this possibility by theoretically looking for any reasonable explanations that could clarify the possible patterns in our human behavior based on how an extra layer of magnetic field can possibly affect this behavior. To do this I started by asking this question: What are some of the most common characteristics that make us humans all the same, yet it distinguishes us from animals by putting us above them in regards to intelligence, and still make us different from one another. For this I argued the following:

We often talk about thoughts, feelings and ego as unique characteristics of an individual. Grouping these characteristics together I called them dimensions, and so far I concluded that human soul can have seven distinguished dimensions. Could our soul have more dimensions, or could there only be seven? I cannot tell this for sure at this point, but we can at least start by exploring these seven big characteristics of a human soul that I came to realize as I looked through possible common patterns of human behavior.

In this process I had to decide first how this grouping of characteristics must take place. What could be the criteria one must use to categorize the human behavior into groups or tasks performed specifically by this level-four-antimatter. To decide on the criteria I looked at what we call a dimension in the material world. Our physical world for example has three dimensions as we know, length, width and height. In our physical world each of these dimensions is something that is in common for all the material things that exist. These dimensions also come at different sizes in different things that exist. These dimensions can change under the right circumstances. I argued that in the same way to categorize the dimensions of our soul (level-four-antimatter to be exact) we must look for reasons to group human characteristics that fulfill three conditions: 1) these characteristics are common for all human individuals, 2) they can be manifested at different levels in different individuals and 3) these characteristics must change, grow in size (energy they carry), when new lessons or skills are learned, and new knowledge is obtained. So what could be some of the characteristics that we are born with (first condition), and that are different in each one of us (second condition), and above all they can be improved under the right circumstances (third condition)?

The first characteristic that distinguishes us from one another is our rational thinking. This characteristic fulfills all three conditions of a dimension, and here is how. Rational thinking is recognizable in every normally developed human child, which means that all humans are born with it. By making some simple observations we can also conclude that humans as adults or even as children demonstrate different levels of rational thinking. Some individuals’ rational thinking is sharper and quicker than others. Therefore, the first two conditions, that we are all born with this ability of rational thinking, and that different people possess it at different levels, are both fulfilled. Since during our life we can become smarter and faster at comprehending new knowledge then this means that rational thinking can be changed, improved or increased. This indicates that the third condition of classifying rational thinking as the dimension of our human soul (or the task performed by level-four-antimatter)  is also fulfilled.

Another dimension of human soul would be the intuition. Intuition is a characteristic that all humans are born with and we all have it at different levels of enhancement. It is known that some people are highly intuitive while others are not so much. Intuition is also something that we can improve and enhance during our lifetime. In fact, meditation and other techniques can help us sharpen our intuition. Therefore, intuition fulfills all three conditions: We are born with it, different people have intuition at different levels and intuition can be enhanced, therefore change. It is safe to say that intuition is also one of the dimensions of the human soul.

It is worth discussing here that we all have intuition and we are born with this ability, even if we try to ignore its presence. Some people are in fact very sceptic about it and do not accept that humans have the ability to intuitively know things and even use intuition to make decisions. So how can we prove it that humans have and can use intuition? Let’s start by mentioning here that we all make intuitive decisions in life even when we think that all our decisions are based on logical conclusions. In order to reach a logical conclusion, an individual has to imagine all the end results of all the possible decisions that he or she can make. Then the individual has to decide among all these possible outcomes the one that one believes to be the most satisfactory decision. The problem with this logic is that all the possible case scenarios that one can try to imagine are almost unlimited and unpredictable and if we would consider every factor that can possibly influence the outcomes of our decisions then this process of selecting and sorting the best decision is endless. Since an individual is forced to make a decision at some point, then his decision is not based on logic but on intuition. Hence, he or she has to guess the best outcome of his decision based on what may feel right to him (her) at that moment. We all make decisions on what feels right to us and therefore all decisions that we make are not a logical but intuitive, since they are based on gut feeling of right or wrong based on our personal views, personal perceptions, where facts are not all clear, and not all facts about whatever matter can be known at certain point and time.

The third dimension of our soul will be the ability to communicate with others and exchange information. We are all able to communicate. Even babies, that don’t know how to speak, even they are able to express their needs in different ways. Babies communicate their needs to others by crying to show their discomfort, or by babbling to show their content. Therefore the first condition, that we are born with it, is fulfilled. Our ability to communicate our thoughts and express ourselves is different in different individuals. Some people are more diplomatic than others while some are very rude, and the rest of us may fall in between these extremes. This indicates that the second condition is also fulfilled. The ability to communicate can be improved during a lifetime and this fulfills the third condition of classifying this ability as one of dimensions of our human soul.

Another dimension of our soul is the ability to feel emotions and to share these feelings with others. We are all born with this ability, despite the circumstances or the environment we grow up. This fulfills the first condition of a dimension. The second condition is also fulfilled because we all express our feelings in different ways. Some of us are very open at sharing these feelings, while others may have a hard time expressing them. It’s amazing how some children begin to show their unique personalities very early in life. We can easily see that some children feel naturally more jealous than others, while others don’t mind sharing and even insist on sharing some of their toys with others. Some children are more anxious, while others are very calm. Two children may be born and raised in the same family, and yet they can express their feelings differently. As we mature, the way we share our feelings and show our emotions changes too. This means that the third condition is also fulfilled.

The fifth characteristic that could classify as one of the dimensions is the human perceptions of self: the ability to recognize our individualism and appreciate ourselves for who we are. I believe it is a misconception between Ego and Self as two concepts that are often used interchangeably. If we look deeper into these two concepts, we may realize that these two are two different concepts and cannot substitute, assume or perform each other’s functions. In fact during my research for my Master Theses in Psychology about Narcissism and the Personality as a concept, I came to know that Freud and Jung had a long debate about what could be called the Self and what could be called the Ego. Something interesting that I found during this research is the fact that what translates as ego or as self from German language to English may have caused such confusion. I decided to cover this topic as the end note of this book. Therefore, living aside the misconceptions about ego and the Self, I would say that this dimension can be called a dimension because we are all born with it, the sense of self and of our existence, and how we think about ourselves, how we perceive this self, would shape our personalities from the very first stages of our life. We can easily noticed how some children have lots of self-confidence but others do not. We are born with this ability to create a self-perception about ourselves. Based on this self-perception we position ourselves in the world. We all have different perceptions about our own selves. Some people are too introverted and others are too extraverted. Finally, the self-perception for our Self can be improved during lifetime; therefore, the third condition of a dimension is also fulfilled.

The sixth dimension will be the ability to create. We are all born with this ability. The way we show creativity is also different from one individual to another. Some are very creative and manifest their creativity in many different ways, while others are not very creative. Therefore, the second condition is also fulfilled. Creativity is an ability that we can improve during a lifetime. Any new skill that we learn it helps our creativity grow. This fulfills the third condition of a dimension. Therefore, creativity is also one of our soul’s dimensions.

The seventh dimension of our soul is the ability of knowing. The ability of knowing can be classified as the ability to recognize or remember knowledge from our previous lives in the form of ideas, skills or talents, and using that knowledge whenever needed. This dimension makes sense only if we first accept that our souls are reincarnated, which basically means that level-four-antimatter is recycled from one human to another. We are therefore born with this ability of somehow knowing certain things or having certain skills before being taught. Most of the time we perform above average, on certain things we feel passionate about by using these unique abilities which we call talents. All makes sense if we accept this theory of antimatter and its levels of energy.

To recognize the fact that we are all born with some knowledge we can start by asking ourselves this simple question “Where did I get my talents from?” If you say that you got them from your parents, then where did your parents get their talents from? And if we say that such knowledge has been in our human DNA from the beginning of our existence, of human race, then why don’t we all have the same talents, but we differ from one another, and on the amount of such specific skills?

So, the conclusion as you can see, is that talents are not in the human DNA, as if DNA is tape recorder of pervious knowledge, instead, this knowledge is in our level-four-antimatter energy. Hence part of our human soul if one would like to call it so. And this level-four-antimatter is not unique for us humans on earth only. Instead, we can argue that this level-four-antimatter has no reason to be restricted just as part of earth’s collective consciousness. Instead, antimatter with different levels of energy is available all over the universe, as we accepted this right from the beginning of this hypothesis. Hence, we are not that unique, but what makes us unique is how we use this energy and perform our daily tasks with it.

It doesn’t take much to realize that we all have different talents, therefore we differ in our awareness of knowing how things work or how to do certain things. We can notice this for example when we observe how some children love math and as soon as they start learning the basics rules in mathematics they perform faster than others as if they find themselves in very familiar territory, in a territory of rules and formulas that they feel they already know, or they can comprehend these formulas and remember to use them faster than other children. Some other children start sketching portraits or drawing amazing pictures without taking any special courses in drawing, while other have hard time drawing a straight line, like myself for example. So, talent is the ability of knowing how to do certain things without necessarily being taught, and performing better than average or what it is expected from a normal human being when you are taught certain skills. Since we all have different talents then the second condition, for this ability of knowing to be called a dimension, is also fulfilled. The third condition is fulfilled too because we all know that we can increase our knowledge and we can improve our talents during our lifetime. We continue to learn new skills which afterwards will be carried on in our future lives with our level-four-antimatter and this new individual that will be carrying on our previous level-four-antimatter will perform these skills again with ease calling them talents. If we would have a way of knowing or recording our unique and authentic souls, level-four-antimatter, for all humans that exist at one point in time, then for sure we would be able to track down each of these individuals in their new lives, and expect them to perform or act exactly as expected based on their talents and skills previously learned. We would expect them to run into the same problems and the same situations as before in their previous lives, if they have not yet found the better solution to such problems. We would expect all these to occur, not because religion teaches us, but because of the Universal Law of Energy, known as law number one that states that energy is never disappeared to nothing or created from nothing, but it only transforms from one type of energy to another.

We need to ask now of how can these seven dimensions of the level-four-antimatter attach to our physical bodies? Are these seven distinguish spheres of magnetic field, and if so, on which parts of the human body can we expect them to be centered to? We may begin to see now that it may not be such a coincidence the fact that humans came up with the notion of seven chakras in our body as points of energy.

Using antimatter hypothesis we can say that this energy concentrated in each of the chakras in our body could be generated by this monopole magnetic field. The seven chakras, generally known to us through some spiritual teachings are: the crown chakra, the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the navel and the base chakra. It is believed that each of these chakras relates to certain characteristics of human beings, which they do match the categorization I used for the seven dimensions of our human souls. I wished to stay away from spirituality and especially religion, because I did not want to base my hypothesis on faith or blind trust. I wanted it to be as scientific and logical as possible, yet all the logical explanations led me right to this point where I could not avoid accepting that such ancient knowledge is indeed at some levels, true and valuable.

Based on the similarities between chakras, and what I defined as dimensions of our soul, we can now conclude that the seven chakras that we know could be the seven centers where these seven dimensions of level-four-antimatter are concentrated. However I am not quite sure if what we know from these spiritual teachings and ancient texts in regards to the locations of these chakras is 100% true. I have my reasons for these doubts and slightly I may mention them in this book. For example, crown chakra could be the center of our thinking dimension, or as we often know it as Ego, awareness and valuation of oneself in relation to others. But our thinking occurs inside our brain and not in just one part of the brain or even outside of our brain where the crown chakra is located. Reasoning that the whole brain area is involved in our thinking and decision making therefore, I concluded that the center of our Thinking dimension must be located somewhere in the middle of our brain where the pineal gland is located.

We can now imagine a spherical monopole magnetic field surrounding the Pinal Gland. But then, the third eye chakra, which is also located to Pineal Gland as these spiritual teachings insist, cannot be the center of our intuition’s dimension, because it does not make sense. Nevertheless, I want to say that the definitions of these chakras and what their energy can do to our body could be correct at some levels.

In conclusion, our level four antimatter, the one we call soul, and which distinguishes us from animals and other humans has seven dimensions. The strength of their energy and how big these seven spheres of level-four-antimatter are in sizes, would decide the individual’s attitude toward life, himself (herself) and in relationship with others. Having said that I am also doubting at this point whether there is a time limit set for any human individual, or for humans as a race even, during which we are supposed to learn and obtain certain amount of knowledge by increasing this way the energy in our level-four-antimatter. And could it be that if we do not, then death will occur? Or is it vice versa, that knowledge determines the time of one’s existence, and whether or not we as a race would evolve into something better or should we recycle back to being humans until we learn our lessons and increase the level of our knowledge? This will be something I discuss further in my next book, “In Search of Antimatter.”

Copyright (c) Ardiana Bani All rights reserved

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