Before I start analyzing reincarnation from the perspective of energies of matter and antimatter, I would like to summarize some of the main concepts from my hypothesis of antimatter, for the reader who may have not have the chance yet to read my previous posts on this matter. So here is what hypothesis of antimatter covers so far: 1) Antimatter is all around us and is not made of matter particles, but it possesses monopole magnetic field. 2) Antimatter penetrates the whole matter in the whole universe and could be categorized into levels depending on the energy level and the task it performs as it attaches to matter. 3) Level-one-antimatter is responsible for the subatomic particles to stick together in an atom and even form different states of matter; Level-two-antimatter is responsible for the DNA duplication as it acts like a mirror, and also responsible for triggering the chemical reactions that lead to the production of ATP, a protein energy vital for every living organism; It is the magnetic field of level-three-antimatter that causes induction, which enables the electrical impulse to travel through the nervous system, from one neuron to another until it reaches the brain in order to make conclusions about that new sensation and vice versa, from the brain to the necessary parts of the body in order to react toward the stimulus that caused the sensation; Level-four-antimatter is the one responsible for making human conscious of themselves and our environment. It is through this level of energy that we are able to reason, think, make plans ahead of time and follow these plans. It is this level that enables us to imagine the end results of our goals, plans, dreams or actions. This level is also responsible for causing death when the proportion rate k for humans can no longer be maintained. In such cases the matter energy in the human body may drop lower than the minimum required to keep level-four-antimatter attached to this body.

In my previous post I spoke about death as a form of separation between matter and antimatter when the energies of the two no longer maintain the right proportion they had when the human individual was alert and alive. I did that by comparing the states of unconsciousness during the nightly sleep and during total anesthesia, and it was then that I realized that the longer one stays in the deep sleep state, where brain activity is at its minimum, the stronger the disorientation, and this loss-of-time feeling becomes. Therefore, if some sort of detachment of the level-four-antimatter from the human body occurs during the sleep or surgery, which is responsible for making us lose track of time, then the same sensation must accompany us if we have to die and come back to life, wouldn’t it?

If death occurs we are well aware of its consequences: The body dies, and starts decaying after a while, which means the consciousness and the memories that this human individual had accumulated during his life are no longer part of that material body. But where could such energy go? Can the energy of level-four-antimatter just disappear, become null after death occur? Science tells us that this is not possible, because Law number one of energy, which is also a universal law tells us that energy of any form or type does not disappear ever, does not become null, and it is never created by nothingness either. According to this law, energy only transforms from one type to another.

For example, the energy from the chemical reactions in our body transforms into the energy inside the special protein ATP, which enables us to perform physical activities and stay alive. Therefore the energy from the chemical reactions is transformed into mechanical energy as we move around and perform physical activities with our physical body. In the same way the electrical energy moving inside the brining plates on our stoves turns from electrical energy into heat energy. Or the electrical energy going through the filament of a light bulb transforms into light energy, enabling us to see the surroundings, and so on. In the same way, this energy of level-four-antimatter which as the carrier of lots of memories, thoughts, ideas and emotions that the person was carrying in his consciousness while alive, cannot possible become zero after one dies, simply because it is the universal law that energy will never disappear.

So, if this energy of level-four-antimatter does not have enough time to transform into another time of energy, according to this universal law, then what can we expect? The most logical explanation would be that this level of energy must be attracted to another human body which is functioning and alive. That means this new body this consciousness will attach must have all the three previous levels of antimatter all attached to the right proportions in this new body, for the fourth level of antimatter to be ready to join this body. Could this process occur naturally here on earth? And the answer would be, Why Not? The other levels of energy seem to know what to do when they have to recycle from one organism after its death to another living organism. Level-two-antimatter never stops performing its duty of helping DNA to multiply, while initiating the chemical reactions for the production of ATP, and level-three-antimatter never stops wrapping around neurons to enable the electrical impulses to travel through the nervous system inside the physical body of any species that uses nervous system. Hence, the same pattern must extend when it comes to level-four antimatter. This level of energy must be searching for a new body ready to accept this energy level and make this new human individual aware of himself, and of all the feelings and attitudes toward life matters that the previous person who dies was carrying on.

At this point it is easy to see that reincarnation is not such a far fetch concept. In fact it makes so much sense now when using the universal law of energy, which is actually called Law One of energy, and not like the Law of One that some spiritual charlatans try to brainwash people with.

Hence, it is because of the universal law of energy, that energy never creates from nothing or becomes nothing that we can consciously say now that one a person dies, his/her memories, feelings, attitudes toward life and people, an everything else that his consciousness was carrying until the moment he died, do not disappear after death. These feelings and flashes of memory, these attitudes, and philosophical ideas of life will be carried on into the new person born. The question we may have at this point is why we do not remember existing prior to our birth? I think this question is not hard to answer. This could be because this new brain in the body of a new baby born, cannot comprehend all the memories for the previous person, but it only feels these memories as feelings and emotions, not as actual images. In fact this will be the topic of my doctoral studies, because I want to prove that what we save in our permanent memory in our brain is not an actual image or words. It is an electrical impulse that matches the emotions that were produced during the event that we experience. Hence, in these basics, the new baby cannot possibly make sense of such feelings unless it goes through new experiences in life that will remind him or her of something very familiar, and will recreate and reproduce the same feelings as in the previous life. This person will react toward these feelings and situations in the same way as the previous individual did. But, maybe this time around this individual would have accumulated more knowledge toward life and matters of life like love and hate and what it means being a human and so on, and hopefully this new knowledge will help this person to choose a different alternative when approaching these new conflicts of old grudges and memories of the past lives.

At this point we can summarize the following: There is no doubt that death occurs for all different reasons like illnesses, old age, accidents, or murders, but the bottom line is that while dying the proportion rate k between the matter and antimatter energies (for humans) is not maintained for a long period, and since this connection between level four antimatter and the human body could not be restored then death occurred. Since both matter and antimatter possess energy and since energy never disappears to nothingness or become zero (First Universal Law of Energy), then we can conclude that after the separation of matter and antimatter at death, they both will continue to exist separately for a certain period of time, the human physical body as a corps, while the level-four-antimatter as an entity we often call it a ghost or the human soul. However, since their energies can no longer satisfy the equation Matter Energy = -k∙ Antimatter Energy in the proportion rate k which is unique for humans, it is impossible to stay in that state for too long. During this time the physical body starts decaying, and matter energy of that body transforms into other energies like heat or energy of chemical reaction that starts occurring during the decay, while the antimatter levels to maintain their energy level must require new bodies to be attached as new and start a new life all over again.

As the levels of antimatter one by one separate from the physical body of the previous individual who is now no longer alive, in the same way they must join into a new body, one by one and step by step. Hence, when the new fetus is created, levels one and two would be the first one to join the human fetus, but later on, levels three and four of antimatter must also join this new human fetus in order for this new human to start functioning again and play the old consciousness of the pervious individual into new circumstances that this new life will bring.


Copyright (c) Ardiana Bani All rights reserved

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