For things to exist matter and antimatter energies must be at certain proportion to one another. I explained this in my hypothesis of antimatter in my book “The Truth” and also mentioned it before in some of my posts that cover antimatter subject. Therefore the reader that has previously followed my posts must be familiar with the formula I use to express how matter and antimatter interact with one another. But for other readers that are joining now and reading this post for the first time I want to explain that the formula below is what makes the core of my antimatter’s hypothesis.  It basically explains that matter and antimatter energies are always kept at a certain proportion, specific for each group of creations. But the total of all the matter and antimatter energies in the universe are equal. So then, for the group of humans matter and antimatter are kept at the same proportion rate expressed by the constant k in the following formula.

Energy of matter = -k∙ Energy of antimatter

Since each group of living organisms has a unique value for their constant k, which must always fall between zero and one, we can now say that humans must have  their own specific value for the constant k. We can conclude then that the value of k in humans must be kept constant at all times for any human individual, whether this individual is asleep or awake, or is engaged in any kind of activity. No matter what the human individual is doing at certain point in time, the value of k, as the representation of the ratio of matter and antimatter energies in humans, must never change for as long as the human individual is alive. This assumption that the value of k must not change for an individual to belong to a certain group, can help us understand now how or why humans fall asleep every night, and why our body rhythm of being awake and asleep follows this rhythm known as circadian rhythm.

So, what exactly happens at the moment we begin falling asleep, and we start feeling weaker as our consciousness becomes hazy? It is known that during sleep brain activity is very low, however, our brain does not stop its activity completely. As the brain activity slows down so does the rest of the human body. And again, the rest of our body does not completely stop its activity during the sleep either. We can start noticing now that the brain activity and the energy of our body seem to always match one another whether we are awake or asleep.

Scientific researches in this field indicate that serotonin is the hormone responsible for causing our nervous system and our muscles to relax to the point that we start falling asleep. However, we need to ask here about the factor that dictates to our body that it’s time to produce the serotonin, and why this process repeats every 24 hours, following what we call circadian rhythm? Perhaps, to understand this process we should start by examining the very first moment we start falling asleep, also known as stage one of sleep.

When we start falling asleep we lose our ability to think rationally, therefore we can argue that it is the energy of level-four-antimatter that undergoes this nightly change, following the circadian rhythm which causes the activity of our brain to slow down as a result of this. At the moment the brain slows down our whole body slows down its activity too.

Following each other’s rhythm, (where brain activity slows down and the rest of the body follows the same pattern, and vice versa, when the body’s energy slows down and the brain activity follows the same rhythm), this activity matching process could occur in order to insure that the proportion energy rate k of matter and antimatter, specific for human individuals only, is kept the same at all times, even during the sleep.

Energy of matter = -k for a human x Energy of antimatter

Indeed, if the brain activity and the energy of the rest of our body do not match one another all the time, then we can see from the formula above that if the level-four-antimatter energy, responsible for the thinking and reasoning activity of our brain, would decrease, but the value of the matter energy, that represents the energy of our physical body, does not change, then the value of this fraction will increase. But the value of the coefficient k is by definition to be the same and have a specific value assigned for different groups of living being and species. Therefore, if the value of k had to change, that will no longer be a human that this ratio of energies would represent. In fact we would be dealing with shape-shifting species if the k is not kept constant.  But, this doesn’t happen to humans. We continue to be ourselves, even when we sleep, because once the antimatter energy is lowered at level-four-antimatter, the matter energy also slows down at the same rate. Hence the process of sleep is a way to keep these two energies of matter and antimatter at the same proportion at all times.

Copyright (c) Ardiana Bani All rights reserved

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