Everything that exists, exists as a result of imbalance in the energies of matter and antimatter. When energies of matter and antimatter are combined at different proportions then subatomic particles, then atoms and molecules come to their existence. Therefore, not only matter and antimatter must be present inside each atom but their energies must not be equal. In the following diagram I illustrate the interaction between matter and antimatter in two atoms, which gives us different natural states of matter, like solid, gas or liquid, in different elements, depending on the concentration of matter and antimatter inside these atoms. As you can see in this diagram, antimatter’s field inside the first atom must be attracted to sub-particles inside the second atom, and vice versa.


We can say, based on this assumption, that when the energies of matter and antimatter are equal inside a sub-atomic particle, the electron for example, this gives us the impression that electron does not exist. But the moment this balance of energies between the matter and antimatter inside the electron is disturbed, then this particle, electron in this case, becomes visible to us and we are able to notice its existence.

It could be the disturbance in the balance of energies that makes the electron seem as if it appears and disappears, and jumps into a different location. This jump of electrons that disappear and then appear at a different location is where the name quantum physics comes from. However, electrons do not really jump, teleporting themselves to a new location in space. Our inability to track down their movement or to notice their existence at some point in time, could simply be as a result of the balance between matter and antimatter energies that often occurs inside the electron.

But what about plants. How did plants come to their existence? What caused the first living organic cell to come to existence? If we follow the same logic as above, we can say that since we are able to notice plants’ existence then plants too are a combination of matter and antimatter. That means that energies of matter and antimatter inside each cell must not be equal, that’s why cell exist.

We categorize plants as living things. Plants  are first of all a bunch of atoms assembled together, but they also grow by changing their sizes. Plants also produce their own food and then, after a while they die. This growth, this movement that takes place in the plant as it grows in size, is directed from forces generated inside the plant, not from the outside random causes. In the second insight we concluded that it is antimatter that causes changes in matter and causes matter to move or spin. In the same way we can argue that the proportion between matter and antimatter inside a plant must be different from the proportion of matter-antimatter in non-living things. As a result of this different proportion, we are able to notice and track down the growth of a plant in size.

We can say that when matter and antimatter energies are equal things seem nonexistent, like electrons in some cases that disappears and then appears again.

However, if things exist and we are able to track down their movement or growth in size that’s because the energies of matter and antimatter in these things are not equal. And if the plant is able to grow in size, but non-organic things are not, then plants must possess more antimatter energy than a rock does for example. If we take a close look at the process of photosynthesis we can understand that there must be more antimatter in plants than in non-organic matter. Antimatter’s magnetic field could be the primary cause of growth in plants. Let’s see how this could be possible.

During the process of photosynthesis when sunlight reaches the leaf, electrons inside chlorophyll start jumping away from their atomic structure. Electrons that are able to escape their atoms, trigger a chemical reaction inside the leaf, which is known as the process of photosynthesis, during which a special type of protein called adenosine triphosphate protein, is produced inside the leaf. This type of protein, short known as ATP, is an important source of energy not only for plants, but for all living things. However, we need to question the fact that somehow sunlight can cause such excitement for the electrons inside the chlorophyll’s molecule inside the leaf of a plant, but sunlight cannot have the same effect one everything else. Sunlight for sure cannot excite electrons inside their atoms in any non-organic matter, but it only happens inside the leaf.

It makes sense to assume that there must be an extra presence inside plant’s leaf that causes the sunlight to intensify at such extreme that would definitely cause the electrons to jump out of their atomic structure.  Therefore, it is not the sun, an outside source of energy that causes the photosynthesis, but it is this inside presence, which must possess some magnetic field that would overlap with sunlight’s magnetic field in order to excite the electrons to the point that they would jump out of their atomic structure, initiating this way the photosynthesis process in plants. This presence, that is invisible to us and that it possesses a monopole magnetic field is the antimatter we defined earlier in this book.

I concluded that antimatter’s magnetic field must be  the monopole magnetic field, which is different from bipolar magnetic field that we observe and operate with, in our physical reality. Also, realizing that antimatter attached to subatomic particles inside atoms performs different task than antimatter inside the cells of organic matter, would be helpful therefore start categorizing antimatter into different levels based on these duties it performs. For this reason I decided to label as level-one-antimatter all the antimatter attached to subatomic particles, like electrons and protons, also known as higgens field, and as level-two-antimatter all the antimatter concentrated inside the cells of living things like plants, animals, humans. Therefore, the combination of level-one-antimatter and subatomic particles that different types of atoms were created and as a result of these combinations our entire physical reality with all non-living things in it came to its existence. As mentioned earlier, this conclusion is no different than the conclusion that Peter Higgs derived when he suggested that a special magnetic field all over the universe interact with matter particles to create our physical reality. The only difference in my hypothesis is that I suggest that this special magnetic field is the characteristic of antimatter which interacts with matter particles. The presence of level-two-antimatter on the other hand can help us explain why and how the DNA inside all living things (plants, animals, and humans) duplicates itself. This level-two-antimatter inside the cells could be acting like a mirror layer that makes it possible for the DNA molecule to copy itself.

It is interesting the fact that if we use a night vision camera and start looking at different things around us, we would easily notice that the more complex the living organisms the more these organisms emit infrared radiation. The presence of infrared radiation is an indication that heat is being produced by these living organisms, and since infrared radiation in itself is a form of electromagnetic energy, we can conclude now that the increase of heat in the more advanced living organisms is an indication that electromagnetic field is also increased as living organisms become more complex. With the assumption that antimatter is the carrier of monopole magnetic field, we can say now that the increase of heat manifested as infrared radiation indicates a positive correlation with the increase of complexity of living organisms. So, the more antimatter is attached in the living organisms, the more complex and advanced these organisms become. In other words, the increase of antimatter energy is the primary cause in the evolution of species.

To summarize this hypothesis up to this point we can say that: Level-one-antimatter is attached to sub-particles, electrons and protons inside the atoms, and level- two-antimatter is present inside each cell of any living organisms. While level-one-antimatter helps in  creating the physical reality, level two antimatter helps in duplicating the DNA inside each cell, and producing the ATP, the most important source of energy in all living organisms.

As we move up from less developed living organisms and species to more advanced ones, we must be able to notice this increase of antimatter energy  in the way the functioning of these living organisms is improved and which may suggest an increased amount of magnetic field. Indeed, even though it’s impossible at this point for our scientists to detect antimatter using the normal apparatuses and devices they use to measure dipolar magnetic field, we must be able to find other ways to recognize the presence of this extra magnetic fields in the more advanced living organisms. One way we recognized the increase of magnetic field which could indicate the increase of antimatter’s levels was for example the increase of infrared radiation.

In fact, such evidence that magnetic field must be increased as we move up from the lower to more advanced species is the fact that not only the lower living organisms in the evolution of species emit less body heat but they also do not have nervous system. As a result, their functioning is simpler compared to the functioning of organisms with nervous system. The presence of nervous system with its neurons that act like electrical wires, which transmit electrical impulses back and forth from different parts of the body to the brain and vice versa, may indicate that the amount of antimatter may be increased in these organisms. This extra amount of antimatter is needed in order to cause a movement of electrical charges inside each neuron. Only the presence of a magnetic field, due to the increased amount of antimatter, can explain how electrical impulses are transmitted along the nervous system from different parts of the body to the brain, which then makes decisions based on the strength and the frequency of these electrical impulses that it receives. I decided to call this extra amount of antimatter that is related to and it affects the functioning of nervous system, as level-three-antimatter.

At this point in this hypothesis about antimatter as the opposite of all matter, we can say that, three levels of energy are noticeable based on the duties that antimatter performs, and these levels are: Level-one-antimatter inside atoms, level-two-antimatter is inside living cells, and level-three-antimatter must be attached to the neurons that form the nervous system in living organisms. In this case, since humans also have nervous systems, then all three levels of antimatter energy must be present in every human being too. On the other hand, because humans are capable of reasoning  and creating, imagining and driving conclusions better than any previous living organisms in the evolution of species, then we can assume that another level of antimatter, a fourth level of antimatter’s energy must be present in humans that is not present in animals. It is as a result of this level-four-antimatter that human are capable of reasoning.

As concluded in the second insight of this hypothesis, energies of matter and antimatter must be at a different proportion at some point in time and space for different living or non-living things to come to their existence. We expressed this with the following formula:

Matter Energy = – k ∙ Antimatter Energy    ( k is a specific constant that is a unique characteristic for each distinct group of living or non-living things)

As we move from one group to another, from the lower forms of living organisms to more advanced ones, the amount of antimatter increases and so the value of constant k must also change from one group to another. This value of k indicates the proportion rate between matter and antimatter in that specific group of beings.

If the amount of antimatter increases from one group to another then the value of constant k, which represents the ratio of matter and antimatter energies in each group, decreases. This leads us to the conclusion that the more antimatter energy is added to a group of species, the lower the value of k for that group becomes. By making some simple and mathematically equivalent transformations to the formula above, we can write:

As seen in this fraction above, when the denominator of this fraction increases, the total value of the fraction will decrease. We can now say that, in mathematical terms, if the value of the denominator, which represents the antimatter’s energy, increases as it approaches infinity, the value of k decreases by approaching the zero value.

Could it be that once a group of species, or living organisms reaches this point, at which antimatter’s energy is practically infinite compared to matter’s energy, then such beings could be functioning way beyond the human’s capacity to comprehend their functioning? Could such living being with such enormous infinite amount of antimatter energy, if they indeed exist, be considered and perceived by humans as gods or divine beings?

To finalize this insight: The imbalance between matter and antimatter energies is the cause of everything that exists in the universe. As a result, we can say that imperfection is the cause of our existence. However, as we move up from one cellular organism, to plants, to animals, and then to humans, the functioning in each group becomes more complex and more advanced than in the previous group of species. At this point we can conclude that there is order in the universe and that the evolution of species is not just a random act.

Copyright (c) Ardiana Bani All rights reserved

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