In the first insight we reached the conclusion that everything that we experience and perceive different from the matter, things that we cannot touch or see but that we know they exist, for example our thoughts, images, or ideas, as non-material things these are all  made of antimatter. Based on this new definition of antimatter as everything that exists in non-material form, then my antimatter’s hypothesis can be summarized as follows: Antimatter has not disappeared, but is in us and all around us. We produce more of it each day. The proof of antimatter’s existence is the very presence of our thoughts. Interaction between matter and this antimatter signals the beginning of our existence. During the interaction between antimatter and our physical body we become conscious of our existence.

If we accept the above hypothesis then we can say that as we become aware of our surroundings, as the result of interaction between matter and antimatter, and we realize the material form of our physical reality and of ourselves, then we also become aware of the fact that this physical reality already existed, before we become conscious of it. But how could this physical reality come to its existence?

There is no definite answer to the question above, but we can start our argument by looking at the evidence that is available to us at this point. Scientists have found enough evidence through telescopic observation that indicates that at the moment of creation this universe must have consisted only of dust particles; particles made of matter. This matter must have started spinning at some point, and this spinning motion must have made it possible for the matter particles to concentrate into different regions and form what we know today as planets and stars. This line of logic sounds acceptable, but the question is what gave matter this perfect spinning motion all over the universe, that it still continues to spin to this day? It is not hard to notice this common tendency of the spinning matter. Planets spins, galaxies spin, the universe itself is argued that spins around its own center, and even the smallest particles of matter inside the atom, even electrons spin. Science does not give a satisfying answer to this question, and all is still a mystery because we are looking for complicated answers, while in fact the answer may be quite simple: The antimatter is the cause of this spinning motion.

If we assume that antimatter is the cause of spinning matter, then how can antimatter do that? What kind of property this antimatter must possess to force the matter particles into moving? What we know from the laws of physics is that a spinning magnetic field can force the electrically charged particles inside its field to move in a certain direction. In physics we use the rule of right hand to determine the direction of moving particles once we know the direction of the spinning, clockwise or counterclockwise, of that magnetic field. Since this is the only evidence we have of something non-material causing matter particles to move, then we can assume that, based on what we know, if matter spins all over the universe then something non-material that also spins, could be the cause of it. And if we agree to label this non-material thing that spins as antimatter, then we can say that antimatter that possesses some sort of magnetic property and that is all around us and has always been from the beginning of our existence, this antimatter is the cause of the spinning matter.

Hence, at the beginning, matter particles must have existed in dust matter form. Antimatter must have also existed with its spinning magnetic field, but matter and antimatter must have been in separate realms, until they came into contact with one another. Once matter and antimatter came into contact with one another, they must have interacted in the only way that we know charged particles and magnetic fields would interact, by causing matter particles to move in a predetermined direction. The predetermined movement of matter particles must have caused the dust matter to spin and concentrate therefore into celestial bodies. This way we can explain the uniform spinning motion observed everywhere in the universe.

There is one more thing to discuss at this point, and that is that, if a spinning magnetic field causes charged particles to move in a predetermined direction, then is this direction a straight path or is it a spinning motion as we observe it in the universe? In the lab, experiments indicate that the movement of charged particles is a straight path, but in the universe we observe a spinning motion instead. So what could be the cause of this different kind of movement? To find the answer for this we must first know why the charged particles are forced to move in a certain, predetermined, straight path, when they are placed inside a spinning magnetic field. And that reason is that magnetic fields we experiment with and that we know of are dipolar magnetic fields. They have a south and a north pole and it is this the reason why particles would move in a straight path; they will be forced to move from one pole to the other as the dipolar magnetic field spins.  However, since in nature we do not notice a straight path, instead matter particles and celestial bodies seem to be spinning, then the only logical explanation at this point is that antimatter’s magnetic field must not be dipolar but monopole form of magnetic field. For this reason, the matter particles are forced to spin by getting closer and closer to the center. Hence, they gravitate toward the center of the universe.

In the 60’s Peter Higgs suggested that a combination of different subatomic particles with different amounts some magnetic field that penetrates the whole universe is the reason for everything that exists in the universe. Nowadays this magnetic field that Higgs suggested penetrates the whole universe is called higgens field. Based on this logic we can simply conclude that higgens field is the reason that keeps the particles inside each atom together, and since everything in our physical reality is made of atoms, then everything that exist, must exist as a proportion between matter and this magnetic field called higgens. But, higgens field does not seem any different from antimatter’s magnetic field that I suggested earlier.  Therefore unifying antimatter’s magnetic field with higgens magnetic field we can easily conclude that everything in the universe exists as a proportion of matter and antimatter. In that case since both matter and antimatter possess energy then we can write the following:

Energy of matter = – k (Energy of antimatter)

I used the negative sign to express this proportion for two reasons: 1) it makes sense mathematically, and 2) it makes sense in physics terms as we know that opposites attract and once they are added up their totals must give us zero. I have explained this formula in details, as why I reached such conclusion, in my other book “In Search of Antimatter.” For the reader of this book who is being introduced to my Antimatter’s Hypothesis for the first time, I am trying to paint a general picture of this relation between matter and antimatter, and that’s why I am trying to use a simple language that is understandable by the average reader. For that reason I am avoiding too many details about the scientific topics, whenever this is possible. However, at this point, it is important to remind the reader that the negative sign in this formula indicates energies of matter and antimatter are opposites of one other.

We can conclude that if the value of k in the formula above is equal to 1, somewhere in the whole universe, then this would simply indicate that the energies of matter and antimatter at that part of the universe must be equal to one another. However, since they are pposites of one another then the total of these energies in that part of the universe must be equal to zero.

Total of Energies= Matter Energy + Antimatter Energy = 0

From here we can come to the conclusion that if the total of energies is zero that must not necessary indicate vacum in space. That must simply indicate that everything in that part of the universe is in balance and that is why the total of all the energies of matter and antimatter sums up to zero. In all other places in the universe where things exists as they are noticable to us and our measuring devices this must be as a result of a disporportion of energeies between matter and antimatter. Therefore, we can say that wherever something exists the coeficent k must be k≠1.

In terms of physics, it makes sense to accept that things come to their existence when energies of matter and antimatter are not equal to one another, because when energies are not ballanced a momentum force is created. It is this momentum then, this force created by the imballance of energies between matter and anitmatter that sets matter in movement everywhere in the universe.

At this point we can make a general conclusion that for things to come to their existence an imbalance of energies between matter and antimatter must first and foremost exist. In other words, imperfection brings things to existence, and it is also this imperfection that drives us to make changes in the world around us and inside of us, in order to make things better and bring  the perfect balance of energies between matter and antimatter, at the part of the universe where we exist, once more.

To summarize this insight we can say that antimatter has not disappeared but it is all around us, in a form of a special type of magnetic field. It is this interaction between matter and antimatter at different proportions that brings things to their existence. Antimatter possesses a monopole magnetic field, that is present even inside the smallest particle of matter, the atom. It is the disproportion of energies between matter and antimatter that causes matter to spin, from the smallest subatomic particles to anything else in the universe like stars and planets and galaxies. All matter spins around the center of the universe because of the imbalance between matter and antimatter energies.

Copyright (c) Ardiana Bani All rights reserved

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