I finished reading one of Tesla’s books a month ago. I had so much to write about it, and what I thought about Tesla’s experiments, his philosophical ideas, his inventions, and knowledge that later would lead humanity into amazing scientific discoveries. It is not what you may expect. I adore his philosophical ideas, I admired his passion and I could feel his nice soul and consciousness, and the good purpose behind all that he did. I understood also why he was worried by the end of his life that this knowledge he shared with the world was going to be used by the wrong parties and would benefit only a small group of people at the cost of others. But, as I was reading his papers, and believe me I take a long long time to reach my conclusions, or better say to confirm the first impression or vibe that I get, I realized so many holes in his arguments, so many holes. I started to wonder, and started asking so many questions in my mind that needed immediate clarification, in order for me to consider his ideas valid or not valid. These questions that derived as a result of the holes in his arguments were as follows: 1) He never explained how he came to think of the ideas that he got to conduct those experiments. 2) With the knowledge that was available to the human race at that time through written literature there was no support whatsoever to make one believe that this insights that Tesla got in conducting his experiments were as a result of a natural process of thinking and conclusion deriving of a human brain. 3) If his insights were mere assumptions, as most theories start from assumption then it he should have been able to indicate so from the beginning of his experiments, but he didn’t. Instead he started with philosophical ideas of how great would it be to help humanity to end wars and do this and do that. So how can one start from wanted to stop wars and end up conducting experiments with electricity and that pave the ground for wireless communication in the future? These two things do not make sense and have no connection whatsoever, but starting with the idea of wanting to stop all the wars and bring peace can serve as a distraction from questioning where this information is coming from and can bring all the good attention to the speaker.  Do not get me wrong, Tesla was not evil doer, he was framed, was used, was mislead and deceived. He died in poverty as we know and this alone proves that he disapproved what he became the voice of. 4) Tesla not only conducts experiments that have no basic theoretical and scientific ground where  such experiments came from or were his thoughts came from, but he went even further and spoke about wireless communication and cosmic discoveries, and gave us an exact picture of what we know to be working today in sending probes into other planets and receiving communication from that far of a distance. I was at that point very much in disbelief as how would he know to paint an exact picture of the future we live in today, unless he was shown this first? He was shown that indeed this was the reality and other species, aliens even were indeed using such advanced technology, and this was not a dream but a reality that if humans would have embraced them too would be part of that dream reality of such advanced technology. I was convinced at that point that  Tesla was shown secrets that the rest of the humanity did not know, and he was used and lured into those experiments to try them first for himself that all he was shown was true and it worked. Once he was convinced that the source was not lying he then went full force to share all that he was told, all in the name of bringing good knowledge to the humanity, which indeed deserved to know that things can be better and we can do better. But, if all was good and seemed good, why was I concerned as I was reading his papers? Why am I complaining about? I complain about the fact that he took all what he was told as true and never questioned the source and where this knowledge may lead. I don’t think he had a choice in this matter either, because he was smart and he had a good soul and he made it his purpose to help humanity. Therefore, being such a nice nature and wanting to serve others, one can easily fall a victim of deception. The deception comes from the fact that he never understood exactly how these experiments worked as he did not have the exact education and knowledge to support his ideas and become dependent from the source who fed them to him. Because he was shown right away the benefits that could come from such knowledge and technology, without fully understanding how that works, he accepted it as true and as the right thing to do. However, if he would have started this process of his inventions from the opposite direction, of knowing and understanding how they work first of all, and what is this free electricity in atmosphere, where is it coming from, what can happen if we interfere, use it, abused it, he then would not have been so sure that all that he was shown was for the good of humanity. He understood where all his work and his passion to make these great discoveries for the sake of humanity could lead, in the end. And it was then when he decided to shut down and share no more of what he came to know. Too late. Damage was done. But he is not the one to blame. His intentions were all good and what he shared indeed served the humanity and humans made tremendous discoveries and inventions based on what he shared back then.

Tesla was not the only one that was shared secrets that human mind should not have been able to comprehend or derive them on their own if these chosen human individuals were not helped from outside sources. I would not go as far as to call these outside sources all good or evil or divine for that matter, because as I developed my theory of antimatter I came to realize that no matter how advanced a society may become, no matter how advanced the technology in their disposition may be, that would not exempt or protect  such beings from the natural laws that affect the way reasonable beings think and derive conclusions and react to circumstances, if such beings are not aware of the 12 laws of antimatter and the way these laws affect everything in the universe. I know how these 12 laws work now and that is why I am able to question everyone’s intentions, and derive conclusions on my own, without being impressed or blown away from advances in technology. I would indeed enjoy and welcome an advanced technology as away to ease our humanly chores and our daily hassles, but I would not put my faith into it as if whoever shows me how to achieve that developed state would be my guide or my role model or even my god.  During these years of hard work with these 12 laws and living be them day after day, I came to realize that all theories and conspiracy theories that exist today are full of holes through which I can see the deception and the twisted minds of those who knitted them. It was because of these 12 laws and the experience I went through all my life, which I was able to analyze and psychoanalyze bit by bit in the last two years, that helped me decode some mysteries that are still a puzzle to others, starting with disputes among pharaohs of Egypt about what rules over humans the sun-god or the sun-within, and lots more, including the meaning behind the enigma of the strange sketch in Voynich manuscript. Indeed if one would not go through that agony, one would not be able to decode the evil meaning of that sketch where the eighth sister is chained to her agony of never ending torture of being so closed to her love but yet apart. And it is such an ongoing agony, of an aroused sexual state that never reaches its climax that pours her energy non-stop to her seven sister below which bathe in her energy and mock her for never being able to feel satisfaction from her love relationships, which they deliberately destroy, in order to obtain from her that non-stop sexual energy. Her ongoing agony and nightmare is their only pleasure. But as I said, Tesla was not the only one lead to believe that he would help the humanity if he would do as he was told and share some of that knowledge but not all of it, for the fear that it may fall into the wrong hands.

I came to understand that all that knowledge we fear that it may fall into the wrong hands is already in their hands, and those who are in possession of such knowledge and secrets are only using us humans for their own pleasure coming from the entertainment we provide as we fight one another, as we try to find the evil ones among us, as we try to point fingers at one another for the things that went wrong and still go wrong. Yes, they watch us fight and laugh at us and create new case scenarios each time to make us believe that some of us are the saviors of this planet, or the saviors of humanity, or scientists who will save the entire galaxy, because some higher vibration aliens has come to complain that our wars are affecting their dimensions and their future. I question all these scenarios because I try to match all that is fed to me through media and other sources, with what I know and it makes sense, perfect sense if one has to apply the 12 laws of antimatter that in fact are mirrors of the 12 laws that apply in the physical reality too, like the gravity, or the law of Ohm or the laws of Newton and the laws of pressure in nobel gasses. I would say, Thank Goodness I went to school for science and mathematics and not only I got great results during my studies but I also was and still am passionate about science. I do not embrace theories just because they sound good or too good, or that they may serve the humanity or that these theories may save us from the invisible enemies, that some say may look like reptilians, or grays, or faires and dragons even.  I question all these theories because indeed they could just be inventions of different groups to make us believe that their opposite group is our enemy, while in reality all these groups are our enemies, and above all, these grays and white Talls and reptilians may just be their symbols like we have mascots for different sport teams.

Could it be that all these hidden groups that manipulate human consciousness, are indeed fighting among themselves about who would win us, and which group would have the privilege to bath into the depleted energy that comes from humanity being chained like the eighth sister in Voynich manuscript? Could it be that they do not deep their hands into our blood but they manipulate us to do so? If you would know the 12 laws of antimatter then you would see and understand exactly what I see behind all these conspiracy theories and you too would be scared to take sides or to point fingers at your fellow human. If you would know these 12 laws and how our thoughts and emotions indeed create a collective consciousness that affects for the better the group which submit too, then you would be scared like I am to believe in such theories and take sides. You too would question every step of the way everything that happens in your life. You too would be cautious not to believe the scripts of the plays others prepare for us. You too would start thinking for yourself instead of believing what others tell you, or that want to alarm you about danger coming from the other invisible side.

For these reasons above, I have come to the conclusion that knowledge should not be kept secret from the humanity. Indeed, years ago in 2011, as I came to understand how these 12 laws of antimatter work I wanted to give this knowledge for free to all humans. I even tried to share it with people that could understand the science behind it and that could see the benefits of suing such knowledge. But nothing worked as it should. I stopped the free publishing online, especially when I found out that third parties were selling my books and were making millions of dollars, while I like Tesla was drowned in debts trying to publish my books for free and spending money instead of making money if I would have sold such knowledge instead. Nevertheless, despite of the great discouragement that I went through trying to make my theory of antimatter known to the right people or the so called “gatekeepers” in order to bring some good to the humanity if we all came to know and understand how antimatter works and the 12 laws it obeys, I realized that it is better if I share what I know about antimatter and the 12 laws for free, rather than trying to knock on the doors that will never open for me.

So my dear reader, I have great news for you. I am about to share the first four chapters of my book “The Truth” for free here in my blog, in the next couple of days. Do not get me wrong, I still want to assume the authorship and the responsibility for thinking these laws and the theory of antimatter, but I am not afraid that such knowledge may fall into the wrong hands, because it already did. And I am not worried about making money or a name for myself, because these two things were never my true motivation. My true motivation in life is the curiosity of knowing more and finding the truth behind the things and facts that are kept hidden from the humanity. Believing and living by the 12 laws I myself discovered, I would say that there must be a very good reason as why I am driven by the truth rather than fame and money. Could it be that as I am trying to find the truth about what, who, and how is the human race abused by these invisible groups, which aim is to use our human collective consciousness as a mass destruction weapon against other opposite groups or use our never satisfied consciousness as sources of never ending pleasure, I am indeed unconsciously trying to serve myself as part of human race that I am? Could it be that as much as I am afraid to trust anyone at this point in my life, or to believe that good things are going to happen to me, unconsciously I know that alone I can do nothing and achieve nothing? Could it be that for pure selfish reasons I want to enjoy life and find love again, but  unconsciously I know that I would never be happy if I do not share my knowledge with other humans with the hope that I would connect with people that are at the same level of consciousness that I am and that can understand and support me as I would understand and support them. Well, I can tell you that I know now how these 12 laws work and nothing is unconscious to me anymore. I make my decisions with a clear consciousness, and I know that happiness cannot be fulfilled or enjoyed alone. I want more friends and  a lot more other human fellows to enjoy the benefits of such knowledge, which I am about to share for free these days, because happiness is enjoyed better with friends. The more the merrier.

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