It is a funny moment when you start your spring cleaning and as you dig into the old stuff you have accumulated for years but keep holding tight onto them, you realize that you do just the same with your old memories, and experiences you had in life. Even though they have served their purpose, you keep holding on to these memories, as they meant something to you. Just yesterday, as I was cleaning the old stuff, I found this old private journal that I had since I was in grade 7, when I started falling in love with science, for the first time. Hahaha, it’s not what one would expect from a teenage girl, I know. I had already a love journal years before that, when I was in grade 4. As I growing too tall and too fast for my age, and started receiving the attention from all sorts of boys, my “smart” mother decided that it was a good strategy to guide me into liking certain type of boys, and so she showed me one of her students in grade seven or eight. She told me that he was the type of boy she would like to see me marry one day, and the only one she would accept as her son-in-law. He was blond, and tall and quiet, with blue eyes, and good manners. I copied that, and wrote about him in my diary, and how I wanted my babies to look like him, with blue eyes and blond hair…LOL. My father found that diary and alarmed that I was falling in love talks to my mother about this, at which point she assures him that is nothing serious, because it was her idea, and that my diary was just a fantasy. Indeed, it was a fantasy, which became too dangerous for me later on in life. I would like to blame my mother for what she did to me, by influencing my likes and dislikes, but the truth is that what she showed me it affected me because there was a reason to discover behind that attraction and that reason was an old grudge my soul was still carrying on.

I have covered the Law of Grudges in my books as well as in previous posts, here in my blog, but it is worth mentioning it again that this law together with other 11 laws affect our life, it affects the way we feel attracted to others, and how we react to certain issues, without even knowing that it is because of these 12 laws that we behave that way, feel that way, and carry specific attitudes for specific matters. So, it is because something has been left unsaid, undiscovered, something is not cleared of, that we feel attracted to certain type of people or dislike other types. In the first case we are deceived and we do not know the truth behind them, so our unconsciousness makes it seem as an attractive subject so then through new experiences we would discover the truth. In the second case, when the dislike feelings are too strong it could be that some bad and unpleasant memories, often repressed in order to not hurt ourselves, are more recent and more clear to our consciousness, even if we refuse to remember.

But is this law of grudges I speak about ever mentioned anywhere in old teachings we know about and could this Law of Grudges parallel the law of Karma? To the best of my knowledge, I never read or heard about the Law of Grudges from any other sources, but I concluded it on my own as a logical explanation of what could affect an electromagnetic field, after I made the first assumption that human souls is made of antimatter, that is not made of matter, is nothing like matter but it carries energy as part of its magnetic field. Based on the laws of physics that I know through the long years of studying and teaching this subject, I concluded that these two laws are not the same and they do not parallel or duplicate one another but they could be triggering one another. I discuss these two laws in my book The 12 Laws that Define a Human, and all these 12 laws are explained in terms of the laws of physics that we know of, and then I adapted them in terms of psychology to explain human behavior through these laws. To be able to comprehend these laws, and be able to explain them I had to first make the assumption that this laws affect our consciousness, our awareness of our environment, of this reality we exist, and the awareness of our selves. Hence, there must be an energy field that we carry on us, day and night, and which is affected by this laws as all energy fields are. It results then that these individual fields we carry on us are subjects to the laws of physics and we will act as expected if we would know these laws, or we would also change our behavior if would know the dangerous effects of these laws. This is how I started with the assumption that we do have a magnetic field, a monopole magnetic field, shaped like a sphere. In fact, I realized that it is not one sphere but maybe 7 as the number of chakras that we know of. The natural question that comes to mind at this point is whether these magnetic fields are all the same size in diameter, and if the speeds of their spinning are all the same in every human individual. I discovered that they are not, for the very fact that we are not the same, we do not understand things in the same way, with the same speed, we do not act in the same way, we do not perceive the same event in the same way. Hence, these spheres of energy must not only be different in different people but also different from one another in the same person, giving us a variety of personalities, and personality traits. However, being all magnetic fields then all these spheres, which I called them the dimensions of human soul in my book, will be subjects to physical laws. Therefore, we must expect the same reaction from every individual when they become subjects to any of these laws. Nevertheless, The size of each dimension and the speed of rotation will determine how much, or how strongly that dimension will be the subject of that law.

This discovery of the 12 laws that affect the seven dimensions of our human souls, all started on the assumption that antimatter exists, and antimatter is the carrier of this monopole magnetic field. I started with this assumption, and re-defined antimatter not as dark matter, but as no matter at all, hence it is not made of particles, but carries energy. How I came to the conclusion that this energy that antimatter carries is a form of magnetic energy, it is all explained in details in my book The Truth, and I have made sure I did not jump into conclusions, or used my intuition to arrive to those conclusions. I based all these discoveries on the laws of physics,  the limited physical laws that we know about, but that are good enough to enlighten us in understanding that our visible reality is run by invisible laws. I just want to say that before I went ahead and labeled the seven dimensions of our souls, I made sure to prove that each of these dimensions also satisfied the definition of what we would call a dimension. In our 3-Dimensional reality we call a dimension something that can be measured, that comes in different sizes in different objects, and that can be changed if that dimension on a certain object becomes the subject of our interest. For example if a wall is an object of interest, the wall must have height, length and width, and all walls have heights, lengths, and widths, and all different walls have these dimensions in different sizes. More specifically, a wall would not be a wall if the wall did not have all these three dimensions. Hence, we cannot wish these dimensions to come to reality, they exist despite our wish, once we start building the wall. Nevertheless, we can change these dimensions, we can change the height or the lengths or the widths for each wall that we build. So based on what a dimension should look like or it looks like to us, then for these seven human soul’s  dimensions, these seven spheres must act in the same way: They must exists in every human individual, despite our wish or will; they must come in different sizes in different people, and even different sizes in the same person; and we must be able to somehow change the size of each sphere, dimension, as we go through different experiences in life. And I found out that each of the seven spheres fulfills the definition of a dimension. Despite the fact that I knew something about chakras, I was not influenced by that knowledge, because I did not want my discovery to sound like something based on intuition or based on what was fed into me as a dogma, because never in my life as an adult I accepted dogmas, but I was curious and willing to learn more about them, and even participate in them, without investing myself into them, but just enough so I could know these dogmas before I speak about them or criticize them. But, in this case it proved to be correct. And these dimensions, based on some other logical conclusions, which are never left in darkness, for readers to assume that I am some kind of genius, I explain these all in my books. Therefore, I would not bother the reader of this post with these little details of my discovery. I will then go ahead and mention that also for a phenomenon to be called a law, this phenomenon then must be universal, and must affect all the subjects in the same way, despite our wishes or will powers. I discovered that this was true for all these 12 laws that despite their spiritual names, like the law of destiny, the law of karma, the law of attraction the law of grudges and so on, they are in fact nothing more than laws of physics as we know them. Through a logical discussion I arrived to the conclusion that all the 12 laws I discuss in my book are indeed laws and affect our individual magnetic fields (the seven spheres of our individual souls) in the same ways. However, the fact that we do not react in the same way to these laws is because the size and the speeds of these dimensions. Before I continue any further, these seven dimensions of our human soul are: 1) The ability to reason, 2) Intuition, 3) The ability to communicate, 4) The ability to feel and heal, 5) The free will, or will power, 6) the ability to create, and 7) the Ability to knowing previously accumulated knowledge from previous lives, without being previously taught in this present life.

The conclusion my friend is that the more you increase the dimension of knowledge the harder is for others to feed you their dogmas that come not only as religious dogmas, but also as philosophical ones, and even in the name of science these dogmas may come. Others that want to dominate you and me and all of us, that are put in a position where we cannot question their authority would take advantage of our vulnerable position, and social status, however they would have a hard time convincing us that fluoride is good for our teeth for example, based only on the conclusion of one study, they would have a hard time convincing us that some god out there is coming to judge us, because indeed we are subjects to these 12 laws and we ourselves, with our own actions, day by day decide our fate and we affect our destiny this way, and there is no such divine being that can ever save any of us from ourselves. We can indeed save ourselves from constantly falling in the loop of the same mistakes over and over, until we understand how these laws affect us and so we become aware of what we are doing wrong and we would stop doing anything that prevents us from increasing the sizes of each of our soul’s dimensions. The stronger and bigger these dimensions becomes, the harder is for others in power to manipulate any of us to become their slaves, their servants, followers, and in the end a spare part of their ego for their vicious plan to dominate the entire human population.

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