In this post I would like to quickly discuss the seven dimensions of human soul that I cover in my book The Truth, as I feel that it is my duty as part of human community to help in sharing what I came to know that it may in some form help other members of this community. I am not forcing or pushing my opinions on anyone, so save your destructive criticism if you feel that way, however, as part of this community and with the aim to serve human community in the best way that I can, I would welcome any constructive criticism. I had welcomed such criticism for the most part of my life, because I learned to not be afraid or become subject of others opinions like I used to be. So, for the sake of sharing this knowledge that I came to discover in the last seven years, and with the aim of helping others to become aware of what dogmas we are constantly fed from birth till death, no matter the nationality or religion, then I would like to briefly cover some of this knowledge about the seven dimensions of our human soul. Instead of starting from an external locus of attention to decide what is wrong with our lives and why, I decided to shift this focus point in the inside of a human as a self-conscious being, in order to discover what is wrong in our lives. To know ourselves better, and to discover who we are and why we are the way we are, is would be the only correct way in discovering the wrong beliefs that we are constantly taught and that go totally against our own human nature. Hence, by believing and acting upon these norms and teachings, we are, unknowingly, sabotaging our own well-being. By understanding our human nature, we would also be bale to recognize who or what would be profiting from keeping us in dark and feeding us all the wrong beliefs, that sometimes contradict one another, just to create enough confusion in our minds that we would give up on searching and we would finally settle for the dogmas that are fed from those in power. With all this in mind, let’s start.

  • The Dimension of Intelligence, or the ability to reason: We are all born with it, it comes at different levels in different human individuals, right from the birth, and it can be sharpened, intensified. Hence we can change the size of this dimension. I don’t feel that I need to say too much about this dimension, but it is nevertheless as complicated as the other dimensions and lots of wrong ideas are being fed into us in regards of the ways we think and reach our conclusions. Being such a wide topic, I would love to discuss this topic on another post.
  • Intuition, the ability to collect and interpret magnetic data from other magnetic fields around us, without being aware how this process occurs, and we are all born with it, we have at different levels, and we can change this by learning to trust our vibes and learning to distinguish between what you are being fed to believe and what happens naturally as part of being a human.
  • Communication Dimension, we are all born with the ability to communicate through languages, we all communicate at different levels, and we can improve our communication during our life. I covered this ability to communicate through emotional intelligence, in a previous post, titled “What defines a reasonable being.” Therefore, I would not discuss this topic any further in this post. However, it goes without saying that there is a lot to consider about the ways humans communicate through different languages, and to discover as why somehow these languages developed in different regions of the world, and why different human races have their own specific ways of pronouncing and sounding words and sounds.
  • The feelings dimension, or as some know it as the healing chakra, it makes sense to call this dimension by that name, because we are all born with the feeling of empathy for one another. As the Humanistic Perspective emphasized in regards to human nature, which was first introduced to us by Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow, humans are all good nature, provided that we are put in the right environment and our basic and physiological needs are fulfilled. Unfortunately, many of us, the majority part of human population is treated like animals, left to fight one another over resources and demonstrate our ability to survive, like an animal would do. No wonder Freud believed that aggression is our basic instinct and Aristotle called us social animals. Indeed this is not true at all, because we are framed. There is no species that has come to existence and would not fight for their existence, hence would demonstrate and use aggression as means to an end, but we humans are also capable of reasoning and know that violence is not the answer to our survival. Indeed, coming with different level of intelligence dimensions we can see how some humans would not think too much before jumping into actions and killing other human beings, while others would never initiate a violent action, even if this would cost them their lives. But, there are situations where even a smart intelligent human would finally give up and show anger or aggression and most of all, it will demonstrate this aggressiveness not as part of their nature but as means to an end to protect the most vulnerable members of human society. Therefore, some human individuals, even though very intelligent, would at some situation, where they are left with no other choices, show and use aggressiveness to protect something bigger than their own lives rather than survive.
  • The ability to distinguish ourselves from the rest. We sometimes call this ego, and therefore we can conclude that the smaller the ego the more distant we become from the rest of universe and the reality we live in. Hence, we become afraid of things that may go wrong and we aim to do just the minimum required so we would not fail to succeed, or we would have a bigger ego and we would feel as if we are connected with everything around us and we would take risks for the sake of saving all this wide spectrum of connections and networking with others as we feel this is our responsibility as part of this network, that manifests in our individual existence. Hence we would possess a greater will power and we would take greater risks. In this sense, if ego is same as the concept of self, then we got it all wrong. Ego is not bad. In fact the greater the ego, the better. However, if Ego is not the same concept as The Self, then ego could be bad because ego is the way we reason to protect the self. The self, located at the will power chakra could be influenced by the way we reason (the ego), by the way we derive our conclusions, by the way we evaluate the threats, and so on. But you see, this is an ongoing debate that started with the definition of Ego and the definition of The Self by Freud and Jung. These two, although they spoke the same language and studied the same field of psychology, they had different opinions on what to call The Self. I did my research on this subject as part of my Master’s Theses, and I intend to continue exploring this topic further. In my opinion The Self and Ego are two different things. Ego is only a mechanism used by the brain to derive quick conclusions. But the same logical conclusion remains, that we got these two concepts all wrong, because again, if ego is too small then the individual will make very narrowed and single minded conclusions. Dictators are like this, with small ego and narrowed visions, but with a big idealistic idea of themselves. Hence, they possess a Big dimension of The Self, or we can also call it the Will Power dimension.
  • The dimension of Creativity. We are all born with the ability to create, it even shows in the fact that we carry reproductive organs, we create and we will always create. Hence, it is time to worry now, if there are species or being out there that entitle themselves to higher status than humans but that cannot in fact reproduce themselves or be creative on their own. These sound very much like copies of a program or AI, hence, not divine, since they follow a certain program, and cannot create or think on their own. They can even adapt, but adaptation is a form of survival, is not a form of divinity. Indeed everything able to create and procreate on its own, is more divine than anything that expects an outside intervention to procreate. Flowers and plants for example are very passive in their procreation. In fact they are vulnerable to their existence, because they must depend on wind and insects and flies to carry their seeds and plant them somewhere, so they would continue to exist. Animals often do this in free will, but mostly the male has free will to hunt for the female he desires to mate with. Animals obviously are more advanced than plants. But when it comes to humans, we are pressured to believe that the male must choose the partner just like in the animal kingdom. In fact the truth is that females are hard to please as not all males are the perfect match. Female is made to be tempting in nature, because she is nurturing, but male is made to be aggressive and strong as to drive the other males away from her, but quite in contrary from the animals, the human male has one job and one job only, to satisfy his female partner to the point that she feels so satisfied, so that she would not look for other males, and would not invite other males to satisfy her or compete with her male. If she does that, then it is not the right match she is with. But again, we are fed the wrong dogmas, and the wrong ideology which does not seem to fit or agree with our human nature. Someone, or something, entitled himself, herself, itself to a higher status than humans, and made all possible efforts to convince us that male is the one who would choose the partner, as if we are animals, so limited to decide with whom we would procreate. I have done the same mistake as everyone else, because the whole human society is built on this wrong idea that females, since they have a uterus, the only job is to procreate, and male’s job is to dominate her as his own property, while in fact it should be the opposite. Female has to choose the partner after she feels fully satisfied and the male gets the hint. Hence, the male must not propose to her with the phrase that indicates the same mentality of someone would dominates the female, “Will you marry me?” but instead, the male must propose to her differently, to allow her to make a choice based on her needs not based on his needs. The expression must be, “Will you allow me to be your rock?” or “Will you allow me to rock your world and keep you always happy and satisfied?” But, she cannot know his ability to keep this promise unless she has slept with the guy and had gone into couple of dates at least to see if he can truly satisfy her. By asking this kind of question, the male promises to keep her satisfied, hence he accepts that it is his responsibility to keep her interested in him. This way, males would avoid pursuing the wrong females, just in the assumption that if he would get her he would look good in front of other people. I was the trophy of certain bets between males,and unfortunately more than once, and even when I came to know about these, it did not make the matters any better, because it made feel like I was used and deceived. I was used as a bet to please male’s ego, and I was deceived into believing that they truly loved me. But if these males would have known that it was not for their narrowed egos to choose whether they would make me their wife, but it was for me to choose with whom I wanted to be, they would have made those bets a bit differently. Yes indeed, they convinced me to wed them, I even had children with them, but they could not convince me to love them or to not divorce them later on, when I realized the mistakes I made and that they could not in any way satisfy my physically or mentally.
  • The last dimension is the dimension of talents or knowledge without any previous teaching. We are all born with these talents, we have them at different amounts, and we can always increase our knowledge and our talents. Note that knowledge is not the same as intelligence. Knowledge is the ability to know something without being able to explain as how do we know, while intelligence is our ability to derive conclusions using facts. Knowledge is not intuition either, because it is not a hunch or a vibe, we actually use these talents daily, we do not and cannot question their existence. For example, one is talented in music, but that does not mean that that person does not need to go to school to learn about music. It only means that once this individual is taught the basic rules of music, he or she will take his/her performance to the next level, above the average, by using these talents. It is in this dimension that our passions and true path of our destiny is often hidden. It is because of this knowledge that we get insights and “Aha!” moments, and our passions. We just need to get all these dimensions to work at the same speed and have them at the comparable sizes to one another, for us to be able to follow our destiny and reach our full potentials as we are meant to do.

We need to ask now how these seven dimensions of level four antimatter are attached to our physical bodies. On what parts of the human body are their magnetic fields concentrated? We may begin to see that it may not be a coincidence the fact that humans came up with the notion of seven chakras. Chakras are believed to be points of energy in our body, but no one ever explained what type of energy this was. Now we can say that this energy concentrated in our chakra points could be the monopole magnetic energy of antimatter.

How fast they spin and how big in size these seven dimensions are in each and every human individual these decide the individual’s attitude toward life and other important matters. However, these are not the only factors that would shape our lives. As I cover this matter in my book “The Truth,” one predominant factor that decides our timing of our existence and how long it must take for us to fulfill our destiny, is set from the beginning of any soul’s existence. This timing, or the length of our mission to collect and recover all the ancient knowledge is set right from the beginning of our journey, and it is subject to the amount of knowledge we accumulate, and not vice versa. However, this timing can be manipulated, and we may fall victims of other vicious people or even other entities that are not human, when they use sophisticated methods of manipulations that can trigger certain useless emotions and feelings like fear, guilt, shame, and so on. That is why, being empathetic in nature, humans can easily fall victims of these manipulators, and the only way to get out of their grasp is to help one another to gain the knowledge that we need in order to survive these massive manipulation, and mind controlling they force on us. Not everyone will survive from becoming victims of these manipulators, known as gods, or archetypes even, because it all depends on how much knowledge these people have accumulated, understood and lived by. Therefore, their survival does not depend on how beautiful, young, rich or famous these people are. At this point, it’s up to the reader to believe me or not, to become curious and read more about these factors in my books or not. Yes again, you may judge me as you judge all others that tried to sell you knowledge, and books, and ideas, but the right ones will be attracted to this information if this triggers something inside them. And that is not because I tell you so, but because it will feel familiar to you, that as I am saying what I am saying in these posts, this would remind you of something or it would feel as if you already know this. But if you really want to see the difference between other charlatans who sold you knowledge before, and promised you success and happiness, with the way I share my knowledge, the difference is that I make no such promises. I do not make these promises not because my methods do not work, or that I have any doubts that these laws do not work, or because I am not sure about my line of logic and the way I derived these conclusions, but because not everyone is able to comprehend this knowledge, because of the different levels of energy in each of their seven dimensions. This is why, it is true when they said, “When the student is ready, the master will appear.”



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