If there is anything you should be afraid of in your entire existence, these are the invisible ties. Invisible ties affect you psychologically, emotionally, physically, unconsciously, and are hard to cut exactly because these ties are invisible. These ties are not just a metaphorical expression. NO, these ties are real, unfortunately. How we tangled ourselves into these ties would be covered in this post, but how to get rid of them will be probably discussed in another post. I say probably because the truth is that I don’t know where the flow of thoughts and emotions will take me. Once I start writing a post for my blog, I let myself free to express whatever comes to me as a logical conclusion of previous thoughts and emotions accumulated for a long period of time. When it is time to let these things out of my consciousness into the collective consciousness I do not censure these thoughts anymore, because I did this before I reached a conclusion in my mind. Yes, my mind is a mess sometimes, because it goes back and forth, left and right, until it finds the most stable position.

So, about these invisible ties, these are such strange ties that have been preoccupied the earth’s and humans’ consciousness since the ancient times, yet the existence of these ties are not made public. Although, come to think of it, they are made public, and public awareness is always raised about such existence, but we did not take them seriously, as we are often distracted by other little chores in life. Many of our ancient philosophers mentioned these ties, and even in the form of literature fiction or non-fiction we are always warned about these invisible ties. But, it was kind of too much, like out of this world to think that we are controlled about the way we think and perceive our reality through these invisible ties. However, if you do become aware of such ties, and you are able to see that somehow reality is not what you thought it was, then you will come to realize that your thoughts are strong enough and somehow the way you think, the way we all think can change our reality for better or worse.

I want to make sure that the reader does not misunderstand what I am saying here, because I do not support the idea of our reality being a fake one. I do not deny the existence of our physical reality to support the idea of matrix, virtual or digital reality, but I do support the idea that Carl Jung first introduced in Psychology of some Archetypes able to affect and manipulate our common consciousness that gives the same effect or impression as if we are living in a matrix. Becoming aware of collective consciousness has its good and bad sides. First the bad news, collective consciousness can affect us collectively, all at once, and if someone finds a way to manipulate it so to make us believe in the wrong ideas, or make us think negatively about certain events or theories, then this is quite possible unfortunately. Having said that we must be greatly concerned and aware about the fact that if these invisible ties fall in the hands of the wrong individual(s) then we all would be affected. These ties exist and these collective consciousness does affect the way we think about life, reality, ourselves and others. On the other hand the good news is that being reasonable beings as we are, we humans have the power to create a new collective consciousness all the time. This new collective consciousness can actually oppose and undo the negative effect of any previous collective consciousness that was used on us to manipulate us into thinking a different reality. How is this possible? This is possible because the truth is that you and me and everyone else emit our thoughts in the form of magnetic waves.

Science has already proved the existence of this electromagnetic field present in any living form. We emit our thoughts day and night, and so we serve as radio transmitters of this human collective consciousness. Waves of our individual thoughts are then received at certain centers around the earth where these thoughts are analyzed and psychoanalyzed and conclusions are reached about what kind of mental capacity and psychological level our human and collective consciousness possesses at any given time. Question is who is psychoanalyzing us, and making decisions about our level of awareness? It would be great if whoever that is, a group of scientists or a group of supernatural beings, hopefully they have good intentions about us. But what if they do not? Could this be the reason why world and human race has never experienced peace? Could this be the reason why at any point in time we advance in technology, scientific discoveries or in the fields of philosophy and psychology, there is always a step back. As Robert Wright analyzes it in his book Non-Zero, we move forward, our human consciousness moves forward, but not without lots of periods of regressions that sometimes feel too painful to even mention them. We move forward but not without paying hard to achieve something we deserve. It is obvious that some other collective consciousness is present and is preventing us from moving forward.

This idea of invisible ties, of collective consciousness and even opposite collective consciousness, may seem like an idea out of our world, because we are too busy with our daily lives to stop and research, and look for evidence, or even reading different books to compare the facts, books that are written by experts in the fields of science and philosophy. But, reading is my hobby, my passion, my fuel. So armed with this passion of finding the truth I read and read for decades, aiming to find out what the truth was about these invisible ties of the opposing collective consciousness. I did find many things, which it is impossible to share all in this post, and some truths are not even worth sharing because each individual must reach a certain level of consciousness to understand such truths. So I will mention some of my discoveries that can truly help others at this point and that are easy to comprehend by the average reader. So, I would start from the end, in order to reach at the beginning of these ties, where these ties originated and why. For this, I have to start from myself. I am the end of these ties, like you the reader are too; you are the end of your own ties, and if you know yourself better you will figure out why are these ties connected to you, why someone wants to control you through these ties?

So here we go. I noticed that each time I made a wish, my wishes came true. I cannot say that wishes came true instantly, but sooner or later they did. I realized that our thoughts are somehow connected with some source of energy that manifest such wishes and arranges things and events so that will allow my wishes to come true. But, at some point this was too much to believe or even consider for discussions. Who am I? I never considered myself so important that the whole universe will arrange to fulfill my wishes. So, I dismissed that stupid thought, and looked at these events as pure coincidences. Yet, my logic could not go too far, because it never was a coincidence. I always found a reason behind the wishes that I’ve made, behind the delays on having them fulfilled on time, and behind the consequences when these wishes were fulfilled. It was never a coincidence. It was always a reason for everything. I started putting my thoughts down and found some patterns that could not be denied. I could no longer pretend that these were my own fantasy, and search for reasons to dismiss these patterns. In my research to finding the truth behind such ties and the fact that my wishes came true I discovered or better say re-discovered the 12 Laws of Antimatter. But what is antimatter first of all. I do not mind repeating here what I have already said 7 years ago in my books and my posts in this blog. Antimatter is what our consciousness is made of. Now, that does not seem right technically, because consciousness is not a thing, it is a state of being. Consciousness is just an awareness that you exist. So, if you are aware of your existence then you are awake, if you are not aware of your existence then you must be asleep, or dead, or not human. Maybe you are a plant. As simple as that. Therefore, we cannot say that consciousness is a thing. But the question is, what makes us conscious and what makes us unconscious? We often call this thing by the name soul. However, calling it soul or spirit does not seem right for many reasons. First, soul has always been related to religions, and religions dictates people what to do and what not to do, which is never agreeable with the state of being conscious. Being conscious means being aware of what’s right or wrong, what to do or not to do, because being aware means knowing, therefore having a reason for your actions. Being aware means you do not need a leader or group of religious leaders or holly books to dictate these reasons to you and actions you need to take. Hence, this “thing” that makes us conscious must not come from outside to make us aware but must come from inside of us and that’s how we become aware. Indeed, the outside focal point or inside focal point was the basic debate that brought to existence a new religion in the ancient Egypt where one Sun God was worshiped instead of “many.” The truth is, and I will cover this in other future posts, the truth is that the debate was about “Aten” or “Amun.” Aten focus on worshiping a deity outside of our individual consciousness, while Amun focus inside our individual consciousnesses. The truth is inside us, not outside of us. This consciousness, awareness inside us, that some call it soul is able to trigger certain thoughts in us. Thoughts lead us to feel in certain ways, and emotions will lead to actions, and actions will lead to consequences, and this is how we exist and co-exist. Instead of soul Freud called this thing psyche, while Descartes called Ether, and Plato called it Zeus’ thought. But no matter what name we gave this “thing” that makes us consciousness, we know that this thing is different from matter, yet it puts matter into motion, and so I called it antimatter.

I called it antimatter for many reasons, 1) it is nothing like matter, therefore it is not made of particles 2) it is the opposite of matter therefore it is attracted to matter. However, do not make the mistake that others did when created the theory of Big-Bang who came to the conclusion that matter and antimatter eliminate one another. In my research I came to realize that matter and antimatter are attracted to one another but they do not eliminate one another. They do not eliminate one another because antimatter is not made of particles. Therefore two particles, one positive and one negative would attract and cause an electrical charge when they come into contact because they are both made of matter and have opposite charges. Matter and antimatter upon contact do not create an explosion per say that would destroy the world. In contrary, when these two come into contact with one another they create awareness, more awareness and more awareness. The more you have of it the better. The more antimatter you carry in you the more you are aware of things that go on around you, that go on in the world, the more aware you become of the laws of universe, and how things happen the way they happen and why. Basically, you get used to the fact that nothing is a miracle or mystic to your consciousness, and so everything that happens must have a reason for happening. The law of cause-effect is inevitable, but for this law to apply at first, one must have an intention, a reason, a motivation to do whatever they do. This motivation, as I mentioned above comes from emotions, and these emotions come from our thoughts, and we become aware of our thoughts when we are aware of our existence. Hence, we think only when we exist, or as Descartes said, “I think, therefore I exist.” But, we become aware of our existence when we are conscious, and we are conscious when matter and antimatter come into contact with one another. The obvious question is, where’s this antimatter coming from? Could it be that this antimatter comes from the same source for all of us and we just perceive it in different ways? Here is the basic debate again, is consciousness inside of us, part of us, or should we dedicate out existence to a certain deity and therefore praise this deity and succumb into its collective consciousness?  Or could it be that we individually carry different amounts of this antimatter which makes us conscious at different levels? Could this be the truth? Plato seemed to think so, Socrates seemed to think so, Descartes seemed to think so. I thought so too, and I thought this before finding out that these great personalities were the first contributors of these collective consciousness that I came in contact with and tapped into that energy at some point in my life. In his work “The Republic,” Plato writes about the debate between Socrates and Paramendis, by insinuating the idea that our individual thoughts come from somewhere, from some sort of source like for example Zeus’ mind, he called it.This unknown “thing” covers like a blanket everything else in the universe. However, we individually absorb this non-matter“thing”   in different ways and different proportions and this is how we start our existence. Following this logic, even a rock has some part of this blanket, a plant has a part of this blanket but a plant must have more of this than the rock has, because the plant somehow is more conscious of its existence. Plant in fact is considered a living being, yet plant is not as conscious as an animal is. We can conclude that an animal is more conscious of their environment and of their existence than a plant is, and in the same way, a human is more conscious of their existence than an animal is. And this is how the invisible ties with the collective unconsciousness are formed. These ties seem quite obvious to us at this point after becoming aware of this pattern and then putting all these pieces together. However, just as there are invisible ties that connect us to collective consciousness, which carries knowledge and wisdom essential to our existence, there exist some other invisible ties of another collective consciousness that has nothing to do with our progress toward a higher level of consciousness, therefore existence, but in contrary, that opposes our advances into higher levels of consciousness. This other collective consciousness that brings only regression in our individual consciousnesses has no reason to exist in the first place.

The obvious question that anyone can ask at this point is, how can I be so sure about the conclusion I stated above? If all things happen for a reason and exist for a reason, then doesn’t this opposing collective consciousness has a reason to exist as well? Indeed this is my point. Collective consciousness that improves our existence by making us more aware of ourselves, our reality, and makes us more knowledgeable of our existence, this collective consciousness has a reason to exist. However, this other collective consciousness that prevents us from becoming more aware of our existence and prevents us from learning more about ourselves and our reality then this other collective consciousness is either a manipulation, an artificial consciousness created for the purpose of profit, or it is an alien collective consciousness that does not belong here on earth with the humans collective consciousness.

As I mentioned earlier, religion’s intention is to focus our attention in some outside sources, to some outside focal point, and praise a certain deity which can control our lives. That’s because religions’ intention is to keep people in a state of unawareness, in order to dictate to people what’s right or wrong, and control them on what people must do or not do. Organized religion in any form, that intends to control its followers attentions and direct them in worshiping one particular deity is obviously not pleased with the increase of individual levels of humans’consciousness. It is obvious that it is in their best interest to keep the masses in darkness, as the only way to control others’ awareness. And so my friend, I reached this conclusion that some invisible ties that prevent me from learning the truth about my existence, these ties have no reason to exist, because I have chosen to be conscious of my existence not unconscious. I have chosen to find the reason behind everything that exist around me or in relation to me, therefore these invisible ties which I am unable to find any good purpose for their existence, are indeed fake, artificial ties.

How these fake ties affect us? How can these artificial ties affect our consciousness and our thinking? These fake ties (artificial consciousness) works in the same way our human collective consciousness works, and in the same way our thoughts affect and connect with other consciousness. The only difference is in the purpose and intention of the existence of this artificial consciousness. Therefore, to understand how this artificial consciousness affects us, we must first understand how our thoughts affect our level of consciousness. The moment we think, we emit this energy of antimatter, and I describe this process in the Law of Giving and Receiving. We give energy and we receive energy. Our thoughts have different frequency at certain moments in life and often different frequency from others too. Some of us think faster and may switch faster from giving mode to receiving energy mode, and some of us take it slowly and are also able to receive energy for longer periods of time, as we are able to also give this energy for longer periods of time. It is in fact this difference in the frequencies of giving and receiving antimatter energy that forces people into arguing, not being able to understand one another. We can see this in the simple fact that when someone is talking to us and is explaining something to us, we are already into the giving energy mode by thinking of what to say next, instead of receiving the information that the other person is sharing with us and trying to understand it. As a result of giving and receiving law, another law of antimatter, application of the law of resistance becomes inevitable too. In order to understand the new information which carries more antimatter energy, we must first get rid of previous negative ideas or theories that kept us in dark by opposing the increase of consciousness by aiming to keep us in a unconscious state of mind. To throw away beliefs systems and theories that no longer serve our consciousness is like changing our life style. Change is always uncomfortable at the beginning because we get used with routines. Routines are comfortable because we perform them without thinking, we perform them effortlessly, therefore we do not spend much energy when we follow routines. In the same way believing in certain ideologies or theories, feels comfortable, and changing our point of view will require effort. It is in those moments of resistance that we become somehow aware of these two opposite blankets of collective consciousness, one that aims to increase our awareness and one that aims to keep us in the same level of comfort and keep us unaware of what is the truth about our existence in relation to one another and to the universe.

At those moments of resistance, the pressure of choosing one blanket over the other becomes strong and reaches the point where one feels motivated to choose a side and take actions. At that moment we decide to either follow the light by increasing our knowledge, and our level of consciousness, or submit to the dark, to the collective and artificial consciousness that tends to keep in a state of unconsciousness by dictating to us what needs to be done without questioning what is being served to us. But who in the right state of mind would want to stay unconscious? Who would want to remain ignorant and serve the master of dark and artificial consciousness? Well, this question does not require a higher level of intelligence to be able to answer it. It must be obvious to everyone that those who want to serve the dark master of the opposite to human collective consciousness, which wants to keep us ignorant and unconscious, are those who make profit by serving this master. These are those people who have earned a numerous amount of privileges when they accepted to be of service to such dark collective consciousness and its master. These people have chosen to stay unconscious, to not speak up and to not ask any question that may risk losing their privileges. These type of individuals feel no moral obligations to question their master’s motives in keeping others in darkness, because for them sitting on soft and luxurious chairs is more important than increasing their level of consciousness and learning the truth behind the motives of their master. These people unfortunately think with their butts and not with their heads, because they are unconscious of the fact that this master will use them for as long as they are useful, but one day he/she/it may just eliminate them without even thinking twice because after all, these people are not conscious of their existence, therefore, there is no reason for them to exist.

Increasing the level of your knowledge in order to increase the level of your consciousness is the first step in the right direction of cutting the fake ties. Learning more, questioning things, analyzing your own actions and constantly asking yourselves questions like, “Why do I do what I do? Why do I follow these group of people and not others? Why do I choose to believe this or that ideology?” is the right way to increasing your level of consciousness. One must constantly ask oneself about the motives behind his/her choices in life, whether he/she is aware (conscious) of such choices or is one making these choices unaware of the consequences? Is it because one wants to fit into a certain group in order to gain financial privileges, or because one is psychologically dependent on others? Or is it because one understands these ideologies that one follows? Could it be that one follows the orders of the masters behind the artificial collective unconsciousness, without stopping to question these orders and their intentions because one’s awareness is truly limited to how comfortable his/her butt feels sitting in cushions offered by these masters? If you find that your answer is the last one, then I would suggested that you start immediately searching where your head is and put it to use before the dark master cuts it off. I truly worry that the level of individual consciousness at this point is a determinant factor to one’s existence. However, the choice, as usually, is yours.

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