The forever going debate, between the two great philosophers of all time Plato and Aristotle, about universal and forms is without doubt still affecting our lives in daily manners without us realizing it. Every philosophy, theory, branch of science, religions even, every single school of thought that exist or ever existed have their roots in one of the two greatest ideas that was first debated between Plato and Aristotle. Let me simplify this matter for the average reader. Plato believed, strongly believed that every thought, knowledge or ideas we have and that seem to pop up in our mind as insights, out of nowhere, these all come from on source, and that source is Zeus, meaning God. Each idea is the idea of Zeus, yet, when it comes down to each individual these ideas are somehow deformed or misinterpreted sometimes due to the limited knowledge or the limited perception of the individual. Hence, knowledge itself is pure but used for the wrong purpose or spread for the wrong intentions would make that knowledge seem evil. We often blame non-existent institutions, that are merely inventions of our minds, like religion for example, and theories about universe and holographic universe and so on, and we forget the fact that Plato tried to emphasize all his life, that it is not the knowledge that is evil, but the mind that uses it for the wrong purpose, is. Similarly, it is not the technology in our days or money, a mere form used to make trading easier, that makes our lives miserable, that makes us slaves to work for others and dare not to complain if injustice is done on us, while they ask us to work the job of five people and get paid for half a person. Yes, indeed are the people that should be blamed not the money, or the spiritual ways with which people try to comfort themselves and accept the most horrifying fact that life has a cycle and it has to end at some point. It is hard for humans to accept that life has to end at some point, that’s because we are reasonable beings. Being aware of our existence and being aware of the fact that we exist in higher levels of consciousness that that of other organic life like plants and animals for example, and as a result of our feelings and emotions that enable us to enjoy life so much, all these factors will also bring the side effect of fearing death. Hence, nothing that is created by human mind seems unreasonable or out of place, however the way some people or group of people used it, seems out of place, out of proportions, out of the original purpose. Seeing the problem behind Plato’s idea of knowledge being all the same but used for the wrong purposes will make the idea seem bad, Aristotle tried to come up with a solution that perhaps, the fact that some people retrieve the same knowledge in different ways and use the same knowledge for different purposes, starts from the very moment when the individual perceives such knowledge. Perhaps, humans are made in a way that they can only perceive some parts of this enormous knowledge and understand only what resonates with them. For example, we can see the color red, but we cannot see other colors that may exist at the same time we see red. Hence, we only perceive what we are able to perceive, we do not sense all the colors and then perceive them as red, by blending them altogether. We simply avoid what we cannot perceive because we cannot sense it. Hence, the universe is not universal, but is made of forms, from which some we are able to perceive and some we are not. This way Aristotle eliminated the problem of judging people for making mistakes in using their knowledge for bad intentions, and reduced it to the fact that some people simply are not able to perceive more than what they can. Hence, the idea came that humans are social animals. Simply put, humans are a low race, and do not give too much thought of why some people act wrongly, because this is who we are, and such we may need help from some outside entities, gods or archetypes or aliens maybe to put us straight and lead us into the right paths. Yes, you can see now how all the different philosophical theories and schools of thoughts derive right from this debate between Plato and Aristotle. The fight became so intense that over the years people will massacring other people in forcing or protecting their ideologies and their fields of domain. The question is, why didn’t these people stop for a minute to think about who are they killing and why. The first thing we know is the motivation for killing. Yes indeed some alien entities, or gods or whatever they maybe, could have had different intentions and therefore used humans as pawns to do their deeds. For them was like playing chess and see us dying on the battle field, but since they were not the one feeling the pain they kept going in making new plans, and ordering other people to fulfill such plans. People killed people, yes. It is hard to accept but this is the truth, humans killed humans, hence aliens or gods hide somewhere in peace, because we fell for their tricks, and the question becomes: Why did we fell for their tricks? Why didn’t we stop earlier to think about it, “Who am I hurting and why?” We did not, and this proves Aristotle’s theory right. But I would say not so fast. We did not stop to think because we were deprived of our basic needs, like food, shelter, dignity, family, the life of our loved ones and of our children were threatened. That is why we did not stop to think, but became accomplices of such evil minds and manipulators. Then, at other times people made mistakes, even though threats such as the denial of basic needs were not that obvious anymore. In such cases they were given the opportunity to taste the flavor of being famous and rich, and then they were threatened to lose all that if they refuse to go on with the plan and execute the plan by playing their roles (roles of criminals sometimes) they panicked and accepted to do the deeds. Again Aristotle wins by telling us, “What now? They had a choice but they still chose to carry on with the criminal act.” Hence, humans are a low race that needs to be kept in check. Again, I would say not so fast Aristotle. Plato was right again. The fact that these people accepted to carry on the deeds but others do not, simply proves that Plato was right, some people misinterpret the knowledge and even over-exaggerate the consequences of what may happen if they do not carry on with the plan. Some people, on the other hand prefer to die rather than killing innocent people. Again Plato wins. But Aristotle is not going to give up so easily is he? So, then we see the cases of people who are not threatened for their lives, they do have all their basic needs fulfilled and they are not even famous or rich, hence they should not be feared of losing anything, yet, they act randomly crazy by killing and hurting others. We call them psychopaths, or schizophrenic. Now, Aristotle would say, “Plato, I told you so. Humans are a low race. Look at how many mental and psychological diseases they carry on their genes.” But somehow, Plato will win again, because now we know how Archetypes work, and subliminal messages work to sabotage our wellbeing and mental wellbeing.

I am a witness of such horrible plans made to deceive human population with saviors and return of saviors and so on. My family has been involved, without knowing it, but always questioning it, “How come?” My dad told me this story of a woman on a train looking at his hand and telling him that he will have two wives and he will have two children, a boy and a girl. One of them will die young. But then years later, something big will happen, really big. Hocus-pocus my dad thought, but years later my brother Andi died at age of 1. He could not shake of the feeling that he was told that this will happen. Was it a plan from God? Was that woman an angel telling the future or was she someone who had knowledge of what was being planned behind the doors for our family? My grandmother also told us that one week before my brother died she was visiting us and she was woken up by an angle who seemed pretty real, like a real person. This entity told her, “Go, go away from this house as soon as possible. Death is coming.” And she packed her language and asked my dad to take her to her place (she lived at another city). For some strange coincidences, everyone in or family, my mom, my dad and my grandmother had their professional pictures taken by a photograph who arrived at our home while I was in daycare. And that too happened one week before my brother’s death. I always questioned them, why wasn’t I in those pictures with my brother? Why didn’t they bother picking me up from daycare which was literally 10 steps away. Basically, our building and my daycare shared the same backyard. So how was that possible? Nevertheless, grandma left and my brother dies, and I was left with so many questions. While people were all gathered inside my apartment around Andi (who did not even look like Andi to me) I stood at the stairs outside my apartment. At that moment this lady appears, and when she appeared it seemed like she came from a window, and it was so much light behind her. But there was no window at the stairs, at least not where I was staring at. I was staring at an empty wall, trying to figure out what just happened to my family? Who was that kid laying on the floor? Was he Andi, really? So this lady tells me to go inside and tell my mom not to cry, because she has me now. What a cruel thing to say, but I was just a child, only five years old and knew better. So I went inside and told my mother what this lady just told me. The strange stories do not end for my family and me, and I soon realized that these cannot be coincidences, something was hunting us, something was making my life miserable, and not letting me enjoy it. Something or some entities were pushing me and my dad so hard in the wrong directions, so that we would make mistakes and someone would wash their hands and say, “Told you so.” But we didn’t. We did not choose to hurt anyone, we did not choose to kill ourselves, we did not choose to blame or plan revenges on others. And you know why we did not do that? Because we feel empathy, we know how much it hurts to being accused for things you did not do, or being blamed, or framed even. We know how it feels because we went through this sh… all our life, yet we stayed warm in our hearts. So, was Plato right to conclude that knowledge is all the same but the way it is misinterpreted by some people is the cause? Or was Aristotle right when he said that the truth is not the same for everyone and that is why we perceive a different truth from someone else. It’s like the meme we see in facebook nowadays, of two people pointing at opposite sides and arguing whether they see a six or a nine. It is true that the point of reference is main factor here, but the truth that there is a sign on the floor and that sign does not changes the form, we change the point of view when looking at it, proves again that Plato was right. The truth, knowledge, God’s thought is universal, but the ways we perceive them is different. Now Aristotle may be given some rights here that we interpret them different because that is what we see given the circumstances, not because we judge the situation wrong as Plato tried to insinuate. Yet, that does not make humans a low race to the point that we are just social animals, it only proves that circumstances we are put in may play a big role to our decisions. Yet, there are empathetic and decent people that do not make wrong decisions but prefer to sacrifice themselves and their good name before making such errors, and again we cannot jump into conclusions that these people do so because they are noble in hearts because of their noble blood or a special DNA, because they may have earned such pure heart from the experiences that they have gone through in life which made them learn a lot from their mistakes. Hence, again Plato wins, because it is how we see and interpret things based on the level of our consciousness, and it is not that we always see different things, or different parts of the same thing, because we are limited or this is who we are. We are who we are, because we are limited f knowledge and barely aware of the truth. I insist that the truth is always the truth, like Plato said, no matter how we see it or misinterpret it. Yes, indeed some people see a six and some others see a nine but those who are knowledge they would not argue about it. Those who are knowledge would stop arguing and start thinking, “Maybe I am wrong to judge the other person wrong, because from his point of view indeed it may be a six and not a nine.” Those who are aware of different points of views would not argue or judge others. They would try to make them aware however. But Aristotle would say that one will always see a six and the other one will always see a nine, either because one is special from the other or because there are many different kinds of truths. And this is argument, just this argument that Aristotle brought to the table opened the door for many more misinterpretations. I tried to cover this fact about the existence of opposites and the necessity of their existence in my previous posts, but I also raised the concern that sometimes different points of views are not opposites and are not necessary, because opposites are not in fact opposites. They are the same thing under a different light. Hence, just because we see it different under different lights that does not make our interpretations right. Hence, we must come to the conclusion that full knowledge (Zeus’ thought) is never completely comprehended just like Plato insisted, because we are limited in what we see and how we interpret it, we all are limited, no matter the blood type. However, some of us may have reached a higher level of consciousness at understanding these things, and that is why we feel obligated to help and teach others without expecting any rearwards from doing this. Yet, we also know that what we have reached to comprehend is better of what we knew before but it is not the full truth, and none of us is at the level of knowledge of calling ourselves god. And by the way if anyone wonders why some entities were called divine and what does divinity means? I think I have an answer for that. Many of the old texts can be fully understood by using Albanian, so by doing the same I came to the conclusion that di-vin-i-ty means “Knowledge comes to you.” Hence, divine beings are not divine as something unreachable, but they are divine, which means they know stuff, and we can all know stuff if we want to. Hence, Plato was right, knowledge is transcendent and people need to be helped to gain this knowledge, but not to be categorized in whether they would be capable of understanding such knowledge. We may not be at the same level at some point, but that does not mean that we are not capable of. It simply means we had not experienced everything yet, and have not given the opportunity to experience that knowledge. Yes, teachers and masters and mentors are a necessity for us, but not kings and dictators, and religious leaders, or saviors. Our knowledge can save us if we are give the opportunity to learn it and experience it.

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