The ancient story as it is told, says that Gaia was married to Uranus and had a bunch of babies, called Titans. Then for some unknown reasons, Gaia wanted more babies and she had a couple more, but these other times, her babies did not look like Titans at all. They looked like snakes and dis-proportioned things with many legs and hands and heads for that matter. Then Uranus was so upset by the ugly babies that he threw them in Hell, which was nothing else but Gaia’s own belly? And upset as he was, he blamed it on Gaia, “WHY such ugly babies? With whom have you slept you little slut? Who is the one you had been fooling around with?”  And then Gaia ordered her son Kronos to cut the cord with this angry, egoistic, arrogant fella Uranus, known as their father. And Kronos did it, but guess what? Gaia went to sleep and the sky Uranus is still there. So what is going on here? This doesn’t make sense, unless you add some other little stories in between. And that’s what I intend to do in this post.

So, let’s suppose for a moment that Uranus acted as if he was angry at Gaia, because he wanted her to feel guilty and accept those babies as hers. It happens all the time in our lives. People use this guilt-tripping technique because it gets us all the time; it is in our DNA from mother earth’s side. If so, then: First, Uranus knew that babies would be ugly, and disproportional, and he wanted Gaia to take the blame, so Gaia would protect those babies as her own. Second, Uranus did not throw these babies out in space, he threw them inside the earth. So….ding, ding, dong…..Bells are ringing. If these were not his babies, then why did he put them back on earth? Third, If the cord was cut, then why did Gaia went to sleep instead of Uranus? What cord has been cut that caused her to go to sleep?

So, if all these questions raise doubts and as horrible as it sounds, they also make sense to question what we know about Uranus. Was Uranus an imposter? Was Uranus Gaia’s husband at all, and was he also the father of her Titans? Then why different kinds of babies? And if Uranus was not Titans’ father, then who was? Also, if Gaia went to sleep, and then probably reincarnated in some other form, then she must have discovered the truth of who these babies were, where did they go, how they operate. And guess what? To prevent a woman from delivering such truth and making people wise to notice the imposters, they build a system so strong that it is hard to oppose by the force of mind and argument, because they possess physical powers which this woman Gaia or reincarnation of our mother does not possess. She is a woman after all, hence she is wisdom and her nature is nurturing, not power, not violence, not wars.

Therefore, the only way to stop her ideas from spreading is to make her illegal. Hence, we developed Patriarchy. It started in Greece, where woman and girls were not supposed to be educated, go to school, be part of public debates, or even watch the Olympic games. Hmm……????? Plato, invents Socrates, and Socrates, no matter what people try to make of him, he was not a real person. Or if he was, he was not a man. He wondered as an old ugly, homeless man, and somehow, Plato was in constant contact with Socrates, but others were not. Again, questions would be raised. If you had a smart daughter, or wife, or sister, and you lived in a society where the female would be persecuted and killed if they learned the truth about her identity, wouldn’t you invent Socrates too? And what about Jesus story? If Jesus were a woman, would she had been an inspiration for others if she would have come out as such, or would she been stoned to death if she dared to reveal her identity? Oh wait…They did kill Jesus, didn’t they? And they did not have any motive for killing Jesus, did they? And they wrote “The unknown” on Jesus’ cross, didn’t they? Then what happened to Hepatia when three centuries later she decided to come out as a wise woman, teaching philosophy, science and mathematics? She was murdered mercilessly in such hysterical ways that go beyond our human imagination. Then you must ask why? WHY? WHY? The answer is obvious. She presented a threat to these horrible entities dressed up like humans, looking good like humans, so many centuries later, but who carry the souls of the first babies that Uranus spit inside Gaia’s belly when he got angry at her and accused her for cheating. Ah! This story makes sense now, doesn’t it? Then who is Uranus? And since we know that these species are such great imposters, we should be careful at reaching conclusions, and making decisions with a hot head, because Uranus himself may not be the imposter but Uranus could have been framed by the imposter.

So who is this imposter? Well, we may not know him directly, but we know his babies by the way they act. They do not act humanly, and they do not feel empathy, and they are not affected by guilt-tripping, because guilt-tripping is what they use on us, and they inspire all the bullshit, lunatic ideas, religion, patriarchies, money power, political powers, and so on. Everywhere ideas are oppressed in one form or the other, you know who is behind those forces now. And I am not for anarchy either, I am not pro to people just waking up one morning and giving me advice on what I should do or not do. These too are the same form as the previous entity, just the other side of the same coin. Those who give orders, or inspire with a loud voice, but not with arguments, those are the impostors.

We, Gaia’s children are different; we  are empathetic of one another, are soft, we listen, and then we question, but we are not violent and do not initiate violence or wars, we use force only to protect themselves, only when it is necessary. We use wisdom, because it is in our DNA, we inherited it from our mother Earth, and we inherited the beauty and strength from our father. We are above all, very creative, we love music, art, and any form of creativity. Imposters are not creative on their own; they are never authentic in their creations. They always copy the work of others and make little changes here and there to make them seem different. Their fallacy is their signature, and it’s what distinguish them.

We, children of Gaia, are divine, and they hate us for this, they oppress us for this, they keep us in darkness so we would not know the truth. But, deep down, we all know, we are of Gaia, and Gaia was wisdom, and they hated it. So wake up, the truth is in your DNA, show it, show that you are children of Gaia, wise and soft, and loving creatures but not stupid, absolutely not stupid. We must now stand together, and let no one make us feel less worthy, because those who pin point our every little mistake, our “imperfections,” are the ones who are afraid of our perfections which are wisdom, strength, and beauty. They exaggerate our little mistakes, like mistakes I make in spelling or English grammar, because English is not my first language. But they do that to distract our attention away from their own great HUGE imperfections, of not being of this world, but living in here as if this is their own place. These are the impostors, and  Earth our mother has suffered enough from them, and they need to GET OUT of Earth’s belly NOW.

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