There are things that characterize each individual in unique ways and that remain specific and unchanged for that person during their whole life. I strongly believe that these unique characteristics distinguish us individually not only in this life but in every other life we lived before. These characteristics are unique in us, not because of our specific DNA, because as I tried to explain in my theory of antimatter, our DNA is affected at some point in life by this specific, unique, characteristic energy that we each carry individually, and not vice versa. These individual characteristics are neither as a result of the family bloodline, nor because of grudges and karmic lessons we carry from the past, or as a result of social environment, culture, gender, religion and so on, but these are unique characteristics of our individual energies. In Psychology we refrain ourselves from using the word soul to describe this form of energy. Instead, we use other words like life energy, libido, psyche, or personality. Consciousness therefore, is nothing else but the state of being aware of our existence as individuals; the awareness of this life energy that plays uniquely in every one of us.

Hence, when we say collective consciousness we therefore mean that in a group of people each of the individuals is aware of certain life energy that dominates their personalities, that emphasizes certain characteristics in their personalities, and makes these characteristics a distinguished part of their personalities. In other words, collective consciousness is seen so far as some sort of life energy separated from our individual consciousness, but which somehow affects our behaviors in the same way, and leads our individual consciousness to arrive the same kinds of conclusions. Jung tried to sort these collective consciousness based on their most distinguished characteristics and he called them Archetypes. I would never doubt in such existence of certain types of psychic energy and suggest that we start taking these Archetypes seriously for once. Jung had a rich amount of evidence that Archetypes existed and they affected his patients and many other human individuals into believing that certain scripts would run their lives, unbelievably in very similar ways. Individuals, if not careful would confuse these scripts with destiny, which I tried to explain and emphasize the difference between the two in many of my previous posts, and where it could lead if we would confuse one for the other.

In my research about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder as part of my final research for my Master Degree in Psychology, I found out that Freud too agreed that some Archetypical characteristics were in common for many people, which therefore could have made it easy to group the types of personalities. However, Freud did not agree with Jung in the practically of this idea in regards to psychotherapy. Freud feared that using the influence of Archetypes into understanding and then curing the different personality disorders, including Narcissism and Homosexuality, the latest was one of Freud’s biggest targets and the initiator for all his future work in personality, would then leave the door opened to misinterpretations and the acceptance of other mystical singularities (Jung, The undiscovered Self, page 49-50).

Reading Jung’s notes on many of his patients’ rare scientific, or mystical, or esoteric knowledge and amazed by the fact that there was no possible logical explanation as how these patients had obtained such knowledge, I realized that at that point that Freud was right about the fact that accepting the influence of Archetypes would leave room for speculations and misinterpretations. However, denying their existence was not the right solution either. To understand Archetypes better, and find a better way of dealing and categorizing them, I decided to ask a different question from what Freud and Jung asked. Instead of asking whether they existed or not, and whether they influenced our human decisions or not, I raised the question whether these Archetypes are the real cause of certain characteristics that distinguish us individually? Could it be that we are different from one another and certain characteristics of our personalities are more obvious than other characteristics, but this is not because these Archetypes cause these characteristics on us? Could it be that because of such distinguished characteristics they group us into their different dominions of influence?

I have reasons to doubt that Archetypes are the ones causing certain characteristics in our individual personalities, and when I started doubting their influence in the way that is now commonly accepted, I started realizing some hidden agenda. I realized one truth about them that can totally change the way we have seen these “consciousness energies” so far, and have mistaken them for higher energies by attributing to such “higher consciousness” our normal and inevitable development of our human consciousness, which in fact belongs to mother earth and earth’s consciousness only. The first doubting point that can help anyone realize that such Archetypical consciousness is not what we thought it was, is the fact that not every individual belongs in one specific group based on the areas of dominance of these Archetypes’ collective consciousness. If many human individuals with their unique personalities become exceptions to this common rule by falling into many different groups at the same time and therefore defying the Archetype’s rules, then such categorization was not necessary and in fact is invalid. Yet, we cannot deny the fact that Jung discovered and described many cases where certain individuals were influenced by the same type of script, borrowed from the stories of ancient Greeks or ancient Egypt, and so on. Hence, such collective consciousness does exist, and these Archetypes do affect the way we think and interpret facts and data. We cannot deny the fact that they constantly interfere in our lives and I believe they purposefully have distorted and continue to distort our perceptions in regards to Earth’s ancient history and the purpose of their existence and our existence here on earth.

Another point that made me doubt the legitimacy of Archetypes consciousness in our lives is the fact that if Earth’s collective consciousness is unconscious as Jung concluded and therefore, Archetypes’ duties were to awaken that unconsciousness energy, then why hasn’t that happened yet in such a long run of our human history? Why certain tragedies and scripts of good and evil keep repeating in the same way, as if we live in a time loop, instead of being healed already and never repeat this mistakes again once we become consciousness and aware of our past errors and lessons? Are humans really dumb or is the influence of such Archetypes that is trying to low our values and make us doubt in our self-worth, by constantly recreating the same scenes and the same conflicts, to which we will react in the same ways as before, because the lessons and the golden amount of knowledge we derived from the past are purposefully hidden and inaccessible to masses? I was shocked during my studies to learn that many philosophers in the past had already covered and analyzed the main problems within human psyche, and such problems should no longer be our problems today. Yet these problems still exist, as if no one has ever mentioned or analyzed them before, because masses are not aware of such knowledge. Instead, masses are continuously dumbed down through cool toys like internet, TV, online games of Pokemon Go, of Star wars movies, of Games of Thrones, of Bachelors and Bachelorettes, of the Honey Boo Boo dumb live shows, and many, many more that I don’t need to list here. Furthermore, it is not the technology to blame, but the manipulation of human consciousness into believing that new contradicts and new problems we face are new and they are not the old ones. Hence, this will prevent us from digging and searching to find wisdom in our previous knowledge, already recorded and talked by other generations of humans. By making these problems seem new each time, we become busy involved in finding eminent solutions by forgetting to look who is behind the curtains that is causing this repetition. This would prevent us from becoming aware of these intruders.

To find out more about their true nature, and the strategies they use to hide their direct influence on us, I decided to dig further into the Greek Mythology. It doesn’t take much to realize that the same patterns repeat during human history by making us believe that indeed it was our neighbor, or our brother and sister who stubbed the knife on our backs, which is nothing but a replay of the same old same old ancient story of Cain and Abel. It is this form of replaying and enacting the same old drama that Greek gods found to be important in humans lives so that we will not forget our previous mistakes and remember our lessons from the past. However, even though this seems like a good idea, and it was a good idea, whether it came from Greek gods or from some other ancient sources, in reality these dramas became a form of entertainment, and the lessons are deliberately misinterpreted.

I found that Greek Mythology filled with contradicting facts and stories. It seemed as if someone took pleasure in writing and rewriting these ancient stories by changing one fact at a time. For example, the way Helen of Troy is described in Homer’s legendary work, and how she is depicted in Plato’s work or on other accounts, give us many different views of such Helen. So different and opposites were these accounts that Heredotus insinuates that the real Helen was not even in Troy at the time of the war; instead that was a ghost Helen who looked like her and acted like her, but it was not her. Plato seem to support this “crazy idea” too that somehow our Greek gods, and semi-gods, and demigods, would in one way or another possess human bodies and make them act the way they wanted them to act, based on their own specific plans and scripts that they have already prepared for the play. The same story of Dionysus for example, and his human lover who he forgot to keep his promise and was left alone in an island where she hang herself due to desperation, repeats in the same exact manner but for different accounts, in the account of Apollo, or later on in the account of human boy Theseus who just happened to look like Dionysus, but it was not Dionysus and so on. Or that Dionysus was homosexual, but then turn out that Apollo was, while Dionysus in fact very loyal to his wife Ariadne, and so on. With all this confusion, which is hard to follow one line or reasoning, one has to ask the most obvious question at this point, that even a child would ask, Why? Why so much confusion and who would be interested in creating it? Then the most obvious and reasonable answer would be, “Someone wants to hide something crucial to their existence and their agenda.”

So, if someone wants to hide something then we should conclude that the real facts are never documented, or if they are documented they must be always mixed up with more lies and more twisted facts. However, I did not give up, and I was determined to follow the logic Greek Gods and their stories, no matter how twisted or unbelievable they became. I followed my gut instinct and that’s why I often started reading many books at the same time as the only way to compare the different accounts of the stories that different sources have made available for us. I found out that all the tangling of facts has aimed to convince us in believing in one single thing:  that destiny is the same as fate, and human fate is in the hands of Greek Fates. This is all bullshit, but unfortunately is a very convincing and very well thought and planned bullshit. No wonder they had three maestros at twisting humans’ fate, one who made the plans, one who looked for clues on making these plans believable to us, and one who executed such plans. So, according to Greek Mythology, Greek gods could interfere into humans’ lives, and change their ill fate, but for this to happen humans should first learn to praise these gods, and be convinced that we needed these gods’ attention and their collaboration, if we wanted to be saved.

This was exactly what Jung also concluded in his book “Psychology and Religion,” that these Archetypes, which Jung identifies them as Greek gods, wanted to be worshiped, and as such, they influenced the humans’ lives in any possible way by dividing their areas of influence. But, at that point the question became, then why so much confusion, when their aim seems obvious, to make them feel and worship like gods? Weren’t they already worshiped by humans, so why did they have to change their appearance as Archetypes at some point in human history? Is there anything else that these Archetypes are trying to hide other than the fact that they were not more superior than us, humans?

Well, just this fact alone is good enough to accuse them for falsification of their identity and crime against humanity, for inducing the idea of religion and that of superior beings into humans, and pretty much ruining our lives with the idea of religion and divine salvation. However, there is more into this story, and I went on digging, because if we just leave this at this, one can argue that since these Greek Gods were defeated at some point and no one knows what became of them, then, we should not worry about their activity anymore. But, the truth, as Jung pointed out in his book ”Flying saucers” is that these Greek gods are not defeated, and their influence has not stopped. They have only changed the appearance and their skin but not the ways they influence our lives even to this very day. In his book “The marriage of Cadmus and Harmony” Roberto Calasso raised the same concern about the Greek Gods, as how they changed their appearance every so often. First they looked different from humans, then they became marble statues, and then they became invisible, and now they may be walking among us as humans even. It is indeed, after reading his book that I became aware of such manipulations behind the scenes and started asking where are these gods now? Can we just assume that they were just made up fiction characters? If so, who’s interested in creating such characters?

Understanding the great points that Jung raised concerning religions, it is easy to conclude that all the later religions were either derivation and altered forms of the Greek Mythology or in contrary, they were new religions trying to oppose everything that was insinuated by Greek Mythology. One interesting fact is that Christianity in itself is an imitation or a camouflage of the previous religion inspired by Greek Gods. The name Jesus on itself tells you much more than any other argument used to prove that Christianity is nothing but a change of name and symbols from the Greek Pagan gods to one son of god. The name Jesus can be split as Je-Sus and at this point it will be pronounced as Je-Zeus. It is a fact that many stories and names from Greek Mythology can be explained in any way and do not make sense to many others unless we use Albanian language to interpret them. For example the according to Greek Mythology, “Greeks escaped from the sacred to the perfect, trusting in the sovereignty of the aesthetic,” Roberto Calasso states in his book, and furthermore, he adds that it was at that time that such ritual as the one of putting the crown on the bride became a custom. The idea was to make the bride feel and look more polished and worthy that others. Such custom was later on extended in crowning a queen or a king, which indeed emphasized the same reason, that of distinguishing one from among others by using specific words to describe such rituals as “to kalon” and to “habrosyne.” Now any Albanian who would read to these two words would know how to interpret them, but for many philosophers these words have been a perplexing matter, as they could not quite catch the meaning of “harbrosyne,” Calasso pointed out in his study. Well, look no further for this meaning because it simply means to cast a shadow in your eyes, and make you believe that is good or real or true. “Harbon syrin” means that it may not be worthy but it is sold as such, because it looks as such, once you put a crown on it, him, or her. In the same way then I used my own language, Albanian to interpret the meaning of word Jesus and it sounds pretty much as if the name Jesus is nothing more than a declaration of someone convincing the son of Maria and Joseph that he was Zeus, or the reincarnation of Zeus. In Albanian, if someone would have tried to convince this young boy to play this particular script of Zeus as God, this someone would have told the boy “Ti Je Seus,” which will be pronounced as “Je-sus” and it would have meant, “You are Zeus.” How true is the story that this young boy born of a mother who had no idea how she became pregnant and had to use some pretty convincing shitty story to shut the mouths of those ready to judge her and stone her to death, well, we don’t know for sure. If the baby she bore was a boy or a girl, and the real reason why they left Nazareth before the baby was due, and why they preferred staying in a stable while baby was born, away from many random witnesses, and whether or not Jesus had a twin, a brother or a sister, and lots of other speculations, we don’t know for sure. But, we can just say now that these are some particular details that need further analyzing under the light of new facts and motives.

So, if indeed this new Christian religion that swiped Rome by storm, conquering the Pagan religion early established in Rome was the same Pagan religion as the one forced by Greek gods, but with a new face, then Zeus must have had a pretty good reason to hide his identity the way he did. And if the same Christian religion dared to impose their worthiness over Judaism as well, and challenged them right there at their homes, by accusing them for treachery on killing the innocent Jesus, but somehow years and years later they became such buddy buddy with one another and we see it how Templars heroically protected Jerusalem from “thieves,” then we must again start asking questions why? Why their attitude toward one another changed but no changes on their belief systems were ever recorded at that point? What common interest joined these religions at that point? What hidden secrets were they commonly interested to protect? If this New Christianity had nothing in common with the lessons that the real Jesus wanted the innocent masses of humans to become aware of, then this could explain why so many Arians the true followers of Jesus’ lessons were in fact persecuted and executed between the first and third century. It explains the questions that Richard Rubenstein rose in his book “When Jesus became god” as why Arians according to Rubenstein became “prisoners of Greek logic. They thought in terms of either/or….either Jesus was really God or he was really human….”

Arians as we know from many historical accounts could never accept the new tendency and theology that New Christianity was forcing into people of that of a God who was both a father, and a son, and so this new god was human and non-human, or even three in one. Mind blowing indeed, but which was preparing us for a showdown of a fake savior. With this new perspective on religion and god that Romans adapted and forced into others, they were making room for the new ideology of accepting these imposters, the now known as Archetypes, as our higher spiritual guides. This can explain why everything else other than the name of Paganism remained the same in the new Christianity religion. In fact, paganism itself was not even a religion, and had no rules set to be followed, but as many other true facts, paganism idea too was vandalized and mixed up with contradicting stories of Greek gods, the fake gods, and this was their way of eating, trashing, and shitting the place, after they decide to leave when they find that certain ideology, or group of people, or place on earth will no longer be useful to their needs.

In this manner, through changings of their appearance and mixing facts with fictions, is how the Archetypes continued to reign over humanity and manipulated the masses, oppressed the masses, obligated the masses to love them and praise them, worship them and make us believe that we need them, and must accept them or otherwise.

Therefore, the conclusion can be reached that many people and innocent humans were killed and executed for the most stupid reason, that of converting them from Plan A of worshiping Greek gods to Plan B of worshiping the same entities, under different names and now different areas of domination. Not only innocent people were executed but also smart, intelligent people, many scholars and philosophers were also executed for the fear of letting the truth come out, that this new God was nonetheless the same old Eros, same god under another name Zeus, God of terror, careless, irresponsible for the consequences of his actions, and basically a mad man in the house that once you opened the door for him and invited him inside, he would never willingly leave your house. Instead, he will tell you how to manage your life and run your house because you were nothing and knew nothing until he came along, while in fact he was homeless that you opened the door and invited him in out of empathy.

At this point, we can clearly see that if indeed these Archetypes are nothing else but the same entities as the ones who self-entitled themselves as Greek gods, then they must have a pretty heavy reasons to hide from human eyes and to manipulate us into believing in these wrong ideas, infuse us with religion and keep us in the loop of the same tragic events that keep repeating in our lives, as we become victims of their scripts and keep blaming one another for the problems these Archetypes caused. As you can see, from such line of logic, it makes sense to conclude that these Archetypes are not part of Earth’s consciousness or unconsciousness. Therefore, their role was not to awaken us up or to make us aware of our errors from the past and to help us learn our lessons from such previous errors. Instead, their agenda was to put us into deep sleep, even further, by making us believe in many stupid conspiracy theories of matrix, or virtual realities, or that we are all connected with one another as in a network, and we keep writing and changing each other’s life scripts, or that at some point we are all half machine and half humans. Their agenda is to continue to confuse us by deception, to change and hide facts, or even misinterpret facts and new discoveries, by adding lies and twists, just enough as to create confusion and arguments among humans about who is wright and who is wrong. We need to start asking questions and doubt the religious dogmas, as this will lead to exposing the identity of such entities and self-imposed divinity. Above all, more digging and questioning of their powers will lead us into discovering that they do not belong to Earth’s consciousness, that they are not part of our collective consciousness. We do not need them or their salvation, instead they need us for reasons that I would like to discuss in a different post, but which you can pretty much guess at this point that it is all about our human energy and how they can trigger and profit from our emotional energy.

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