The strange feelings of those moments when you turn on the radio and a song describing your current life situation is so accurate that makes you wonder, “How is that possible?”, happen to many people. I had been aware of such coincidences since when I was very young and learned to live with these feelings without questioning them. Last night for example, I decided to play one of my favorite CDs while eating dinner. Two minutes earlier, as I was preparing my dinner I was singing, off key of course, but that never stopped me from singing. Then, while eating dinner that stupid knife for some reasons kept slipping off my hand, when I realized that the song playing at that exact moment was describing my evening down to the smallest details…”No, no, they can’t take that away from me….the way you hold your knife, the way you sing off key…no, no, they can’t take that away from me.” I just froze for a moment with my eyes wide open and my mouth full of food. It was funny indeed, but I knew it was a coincidence. A cosmic coincidence. I am used to this by now. However, other times I question the fact that such songs, or movies, or memes on internet are pure coincidences. For some reasons that song last night was describing my current situation very accurately, like the singing off key or strange way of handling the knife, but I had no reasons to doubt that it was a pure coincidence, because first, I was the one who put the CD on, and second, that song did not pop out of the blue, to match my situation. In fact that song was playing as a result of the consequences of my previous actions, when I decided to play that particular CD, not some other CD,  then I decided to sit on the couch instead at the dining table, and for this very reason I could not hold the knife properly, and all these actions were independently occurring from the songs played on that CD following their proper order. But at one moment, somehow, my actions and CD’s actions even though independently occurring from one another, were fully synchronized.

So, the conclusion one can derive in such situations is that a long series of coincidences cannot be manipulated or artificially stimulated; therefore, cosmic synchronicity is at place in such cases. However, in some other separate and sporadic events, that one has no way of proving their independent occurrence, one must always question their truthfulness and randomness. One must always doubt whether sporadic occurrences are part of cosmic synchronicity, hence part of one’s destiny, or part of the cosmic joker’s plan trying to fabricate the resemblance of synchronicity?

I am sure many people have wondered by now, like I wondered for many years, whether some songs, or stories, or movies were actually written for us, individually. If so, does this mean that our individual lives are played based on some scripts, others wrote about us, and they also make sure that we follow these scripts by running into situations where we would act exactly as we are supposed or expected to? Or is the opposite true, that songs and stories are played based on our individual lives because someone is spying on us? Could it be that these “others” (whoever they are) that are watching us, write stories about us with some changes here and there, just so we don’t accuse them for invasion of privacy?

Snoweden warned us about others watching us, and the governments spying on us, he even mentioned aliens at some point, I believe, but I don’t remember him saying anything about our private lives being used for entertaining business? Some singers in fact had the guts to tell us that something weird, very weird is going on in that business. I call these singers and screen writers, brave souls. I bow before them for being so brave and trying to warn us. Yet, they could not say much and so, their messages were lost and forgotten for years as we considered the weird scenography and the titles of their songs, and/or of their albums just another decorative, dramatic or artistic effect. The fact that governments seek to collect intel, does not bother me at all, and should not bother anyone who has nothing to hide indeed. I would say, “Please feel free to do so; collect as much information as you want, just keep me and my family safe from terrorists, please.” However, if my private moments, private emotions, and my private life have been used as a form of entertainment for some elite of people, or by hackers, then I would worry. I would worry about this, not about the government doing its job. I worry about my but being shown to those not intended or invited to view me naked in my own bedroom. I worry when some poems and memes on internet describe my moves, moods, what I eat, and how I brush my teeth, down to every little detail on every little thing I do during the day, or in my private moments. I worry about this. I worry about someone turning my private life into memes and jokes for others to laugh about. Yes, that’s what worries me more than the government trying to catch the criminal activity. My private life turning into a form of entertainment for others who are not any smarter or better than me in any way, to give themselves permission to judge my life, my actions, and my private emotions, that’s what worries me the most.

Just the other day one of my friends told me that somehow certain people on Facebook keep posting memes that describe her current situation to the very intimate details too. These poems, memes, and posts spoke to her during the course of three years, giving her answers to her questions, right at those moments when she was expecting an answer from this man she formed a platonic love with. She was convinced that somehow this man could not speak directly to her but used other people he had connections with, to give her the answers in a discrete way, through memes, poems, and love songs that these other connections posted on their websites almost instantaneously. It was too weird and too obvious to be ignored. Going through such experience myself I told her to question the fact that this man could not speak to her directly, and to stop making excuses for him, as why he had to use these other lame methods to communicate his feelings to her. I encouraged her to doubt that any of these memes is indeed expressing what this man really wants to say to her, or feels for her, and tried to make her aware that such network of spies and hacker, who have been using our private lives and private emotions as a form of entertainment, do exist. This network has existed for years. But, my friend is in a vulnerable position and she believes that he has a reason to be discrete like that. I feel sorry for my friend and others who believe that these cases are either demonstration of cosmic synchronicity or that these are the only way someone wants or can communicate with them. I can see the typical, classical case of manipulation through social media, in her situation, in my situation and in many others too. It’s time for a reality check: It is one thing to notice these messages and feel good about yourself, and is totally another thing to act upon these messages, believing that these are true.

I have suffered myself, for a year now. I have been a target of such network, probably for years before, but just recently I became aware of it. I realized that I was victimized by this network, when memes and poems from websites I was following became too personal to consider them coincidences. When such bright minds and writers started to make fun of my flaws, my weight, my body shape, my struggles to remember where I left my keys as I learned to control my ADD’s symptoms, I started questioning the fact that these were mere coincidences. These comments popped out of no were, and were not under my initial control, like I initiated the playing of the CD and then anything else was played as a consequence of this action, by pure coincidence. These people, and posts, and websites that make fun of others and their struggles, this cannot be a coincidence. I was hurt when someone posted a meme about some girl saying, “I have a drawer full of socks, but there in that drawer is where I hide some dead souls too.” It hurt me tremendously because it spoke directly to me. I have indeed a drawer full of socks where I had decided to hide some memories that remind me of a past love I lost 11 years ago. In there I kept for a while the pictures of my brother Andi too, who died when I was four years old. Nevertheless, I have nothing to hide.

The fact that I keep my love life secret is because love cannot be one sided, and at this point I have lost contact with my love. Therefore, I don’t know his intentions, or that he is even alive. Anything could have happened in a course of 11 years. Hence I am forcing myself to consider this love story as something that belongs to the past and it is now dead and gone. That’s why I often cry about it, because no matter how much I try to forget that this story ever happened, this story still lives inside me. So at least, I try to hide from eyes things that would remind me of him, but there is nothing I should feel ashamed for, nor do I feel thrilled to share my love story with everyone. It is my personal story, and I prefer to keep it that way. Hence, I hid these memories, a book, a CD, some pictures in that drawer with extra socks I don’t use; however, this was no one else’s business. Yet, just like my friend this meme on internet was making fun of this very specific detail in personal life, as if this person was quite casually speaking to no one specifically, just in general. Can this meme attack become any more private than this? I do not think so.

In another occasion, when I put his picture up on the shelf, and looked at his picture with admiration, as part of the healing process of learning to let go of something I still love and admire, one of the bloggers I used to follow, posted a poem describing a girl who took a picture of her first kill, and was admiring the picture as she felt so proud about her deed. Yes these words hurt me again, very much indeed, because I decided to refuse this man years ago, and I may have hurt his feelings at that time, but I did that just because he did not tell me the truth. He told me a lie about his marital status and I believed his words. So who was the actual killer? But most of all, how can this be just a pure coincidence? Poems, songs, and memes that make you feel negative about your life, and that try to induce guilt feelings in you at any cost, these sure are not coincidences. They speak so loud about the presence of this cosmic joker.

In fact, I have been a victim of this cosmic joker for years now. And through cosmic synchronicity I became aware, many years ago of what this joker was planning to play on me and how he intended to make me his slave and his victim, but sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop the storms. You just take cover until the storm passes. This happened 26 years ago. I was in Albania at that time, and Albania was still under the communist regime, and especially under the influence of mentalities that good girls should not have premarital sex. I graduated, around that time from the university, when this new movie came out, titled “Love your name.” The title sounded very strange and it did not make any sense to me until after, when I found myself in the same situation as the main character of that story. In that movie, a young girl my age, about to graduate from university, was misled to believe that this guy was in love with her. She had in fact feelings for another guy, but somehow she refused the other guy because she doubted whether her feelings were true or just momentarily. From the two guys that expressed their love to her, she accepted the one who was more persistent in convincing her to accept his proposal. Only later she learns the truth that her fiance was not really in love with her, but he used her for her father’s connections and reputation. At the end of the movie, she had to learn to love herself, love her name, break the promise, and welcome in her life only those people who loved her for her own name, her own values, not for her father’s name.

And there I was, at the exact same situation. Even though this movie was perfectly timed and synchronized with the events that were about to happen in my life, and even though this story impressed me a lot, yet it did not help me to make the right decision. The only difference with the girl in the movie was that I was fully aware of this guy using me, but, I had no other choice. I had to say yes. After refusing his first attempt, he persisted in saying that some people have started to congratulate him on our engagement, because they had seen us drinking coffee together in public and assumed I had accepted his proposal. This was the kind of mentality of the community I was living in at that time. I stood there frozen, at three o’clock in the morning, where he urgently asked me to accept his proposal for very selfish reasons, but with a good excuse that I could not say no, since people have started to talk about my private life and my private decisions, and I feared others judgments and opinions of others very much. My mother had instilled in me the fact that if I did not play it by the rules I was screwed.

I stood there, sitting at the edge of my bed, with my parents and him anxiously waiting for my yes, and for about half an hour, all I was thinking was “Love your name, Love your name, Love your name.” I wanted to say no. So badly I wanted to say no, but I could not find the courage to say it because I did not know what was worst in my situation, saying no saying yes? Saying no meant that I had to accept living with the consequences of my actions, and give people the satisfaction to judge me for having (one time only) premarital sex with someone I did not even love, but I did it anyhow because I was 22 years old and still had no idea or experience on what sex was like or felt like. By saying yes to someone I did not love, that would have given the opportunity to close the case and the mouths of those people that had somehow entitled themselves to judging others about what was or was not a moral thing to do. So, I finally decided to say yes; not because I loved him, not because I did not love my name, or because I did not know that he was using me, but because I was worried about others’ opinions and judgement. I worried about gossips and people making fun of me. I was not brave enough at that moment to go against people’s judgments. I wanted to play it by the rules. Despite the warning from this cosmic synchronicity, the joker had a stronger grip on me. I was going to learn, eventually, to be brave later on, but not before falling hard and getting hurt many times in my life.

This idea that we are being watched and that someone is making stories about our personal lives, that we are used for mere entertainment, is not something new either. It should not have come as a shock to us at this point, if we would have been more observant about the events that happened in the past in our human history, and have drawn the right lessons and conclusions based on facts rather than allowing our reason be clouded by religious and political agendas. Just reading the stories from Greek mythology, all those stories have one thing in common, that some sort of deities were watching humans and were manipulating our lives right from the very beginning. These were not our creators; Prometheus was. Yet, these gods took the situation in their hands and used humans for pure entertainment, and watched how we suffered, and how we killed and blamed one another, and how we keep hoping for a better life, for peace and love, but we are never able to find what we looking for. And all these sufferings started from the moment that Pandora opened her box.

So who are or were these gods? Who knows if they still exist and operate under cover? It is also right to ask who were satires, and muses that apparently inspired writers to write dramas, comedies, and tragedies? Such stories were not only entertainment but it also affected humans and inspired them to be like those heroes in these stories. Who were satires and muses serving with their art? Were they any service to humans or to gods?  And why were these gods often angry at humans when humans forgot to dedicate portions of their food, or prayers, or forgot to dedicate the victories to these gods? How could they have known if someone praised or did not praise them? Were they using the same network of spies back then as they are using now? Are they or were these gods truly divine? Could it be that these “gods” were simply some alien race established here on earth and who had advanced technology, completely unknown to humans? As we read about the so called seers who were able to predict the future and see into people’s pasts, who could also predict the fatal fate of the city of Pompeii and its citizens, one must question their abilities too. Did such seers truly have superhuman abilities or were they just normal ordinary people like you and me, who came to know somehow about what gods were planning to do to humans and how they intended to make their plans come true? Did these seers truly have any psychic ability, or were just able to get their hands on some valuable information?

Could it be that the same methods still continue to this very day, and what seems supernatural to us, or superhuman ability, people with psychic abilities or people that are able to travel outside their bodies, or even the ability to read people’s mind, people who “remote view” us in our private moments, private homes, private lives, are nothing more than the use of some alien technology of which we are not aware yet?

I can’t stop but ask even more questions at this moment. How about ghost’s phenomena that have terrified people for ages, could ghosts be nothing more than 3D holograms and use of light effects and sounds? Some new discoveries from the old archeological sites like the one where  the oracle of Delphi used to operate long time ago, seem to reinforce the belief that what was considered supernatural before, was nothing more than advanced technology. The more advanced our technology becomes, the more we become aware of the fact that all that seemed supernatural or mystical at some point in human history was nothing but advanced technology. Hence these gods and their divinity become quite questionable at this point in our discussion.

Jung was the first one to discuss gods as some entities separated from human consciousness, which he categorized them archetypes, but often insinuated that Greek Gods and archetypes may have been the same thing. Jung also explained that religions and cultural divisions were also as a result of archetypes’ influences. In fact, Jung also argued that UFO and alien phenomena were nothing more than effects of archetypes activity, trying to keep human consciousness under their control. Unfortunately, Jung made a mistake when he decided to attribute archetypes’ existences to earths’ collective consciousness.

I reached a point in my research, during the time I was working on completing my master degree in psychology, where I found enough information that would question the divine nature or even their direct connection of these archetypes (or gods) to earth’s collective consciousness. I don’t mind sharing the result of my research on another post, but for now it is worth mentioning that not just Jung but many other philosophers and other psychologists of the same era arrived at the same conclusion as Jung about the interference of some form of consciousness  into people’s personalities, and disagreed with Freud’s diagnoses that all personality disorders were developed as part of events or traumas that the patient experienced during the infancy or childhood. Jung was determined to prove that such personality disorders like schizophrenia, disassociation, multi-personality disorders and lots of other disorders were not as a result of issues with patient’s personality. Jung stated that patient’s mental state rather than patient’s personality was the reason for archetypes to manipulate the patients into living and playing a certain scripts, either that of a hero, of a savior, or of a villain. He emphasized that stress and negative emotions encouraged archetypes to override the patient’s consciousness and impose their own will on the patient, especially when patient’s ego refuses to cooperate and play the assigned script.

These archetypes, according to Jung’s personal notes of the stories from his own patients, seemed to be able to put the patient’s consciousness in a state of trance, while they took possession of the body. In common, popular stories these cases are known as possessions by demons of the individual. Maybe these stories are not so far-fetched, and Jung was right. But then the question is, what or who are these entities? Are they divine? And why only some particular people seem to fall under their influence but not everyone is. We can easily notice at this point that some of us are being used, while others are abused. Some are the players and some are the victims, and the script writers are behind the scenes. We play and we hurt one another, while they watch us play these scripts.

Time to reflect: OK, we’ve become aware of such network of archetypes, or of some other entities or alien race, or even ancient human race with advanced technology, now what? What should we do at this point? Let’s suppose that at some point we all become aware of these unscrupulous entities, or people, human even, spying on our individual lives by the use of some advanced technology and which continue to disguise this technology under different names like remote viewers or Out of Body Experiences, then what should we do next?  Should we fear them, continue to play their games and follow their scripts? Or should we resist their attempts in manipulating our lives? If we would decide to not allow them run our lives anymore, how can we do that? By force or by negotiation? I would say by neither. The best way is to ignore them and to not allow them to manipulate us in any way, to not allow their comments to turn us against one another. The best way to defeat them is by not playing their scripts, but instead we start following what’s in our hearts, we follow our own true nature and true desires, we follow what our human consciousness tells us to do. Our consciousness will lead us in the right path and the right path is when things feel right and consciousness feels in peace. The wrong path is when mind reasons that things are right if rules are followed, but consciousness does not feel in peace. As simple as that. I suggest that we rebel by living our own lives, indifferent by their scripts, unmoved by manipulations and insults, unaffected by the need to show that we are perfect. We don’t need to be perfect to enjoy our lives.

We hold something very special, the gift of life, of passion, of desires. What makes us humans, makes us special too, and these entities are unable to feel like we do (I will talk more about this in specific in another post), and so they are jealous about us. Well then, I say, let’s make them even more jealous by living in peace with our own consciousness, living in peace and love, starting with those around us, and then around the globe. Connecting with one another, with people who think and feel the same as we do, who care for one another, for each other’s feelings, who do not judge, do not overly criticize every little move that can go wrong, do not constantly point out mistakes to make others feel guilty. Let’s connect with those who do not put us down, do not belittle us, and do not discourage us. Let’s start building each other up, by accepting criticism as a form of information that can help us improve our performance and get better at things, but without letting criticism to discourage us, no matter how harsh it may sound, just say thank you and move away from these people. Reflect on their criticism when you are alone, and reflect on it with joy, because now you have a valuable piece of information that you did not have before. Let us also learn to give advice in a way that our advice does not sound like criticism, and it does not hurt others, but it makes them realize that something in their perspective or performance needs to be changed. I say, let’s start live the life and enjoy this gift that we possess, instead of worrying about how do we look like, sound like, fit like in their boxes, norms, rules, or scripts.

I dare question these archetypes divinity or their connection to human consciousness but that would be the topic for another post in the future, yet we need to become aware of one fact that, you and I, and any other normal, average person have no clue or any idea how these entities operate, and where they are, or who they are or look like. We hear lots of scary messages on you tube but we know that not everything is true. These YouTube videos only encourage us to blame one another, to blame everything on other humans. Therefore, these videos are still encouraging us to play the archetypes’ scripts, of players and victims, or winners and losers.

Right at this moment we are still on the right track, and here is why.

1) The fact that we became aware that we are being manipulated by a hidden network, which also uses our personal lives as entertainment live shows for a hidden group of people or entities to enjoy, this information alone is good enough to make us think before jumping into accusations of any sort.

2) Being aware of the fact that their motives and goal is to create negative human emotions, gives us an advantage of knowing what and how they would attack. They would attack us in any form possible that will make us think and then feel negatively. Then negative emotions lead to fear, and fear leads to panic attacks. Now we know that we must find ways to avoid negativity in our lives, to avoid stress, avoid being overworked,  and avoid hostile feelings against one another.

3) Now that we know the above points, it will be smart to use our cool heads instead of hot heads and restrain ourselves from engaging in any form of unfair battle with them. Let’s be smart when we pick our battles, because fighting an entity that you know very little about is like trying to slice the air into smaller pieces by flinging a sword. No matter how brave you may feel, no matter how strong you are, no matter how just it is to stop their activity or even fight them, strike them down, you will waste your energy that way, until you know more about these matters. We must be cautious, especially because we, the average people, are not even able to see them, either because they hide or because they use more advanced technology, or because they use our own people to do the deeds. Be smart. All they want is to make us do the deeds, to hate one another, kill one another, fear ghosts and monsters and demons, and all other supernatural phenomena,that are nothing but theatrical shows of lights and sounds. Let’s not waste our energy through negative emotions. Don’t waste anything unnecessary. It’s all about conserving our energies. Think again very carefully, when you find yourself in certain situations where you will be provoked to react with anger. Avoid these negative situations that are deliberately fabricated to make you think and feel negative. Find ways to change your perspectives, and the frame of mind from negative to positive.

4) No matter how hard this quest may seem, indeed it has been going for millenniums, time has come to end all this. So rest assure that if such activity of archetypes is indeed not aligned with cosmic synchronicity then other forces with yet more advanced technology than theirs are and will be involved to protect our human life as part of earth’s consciousness. However, for these other forces to freely operate we must do our part, which is not interfere with their plans and somehow engage into unnecessary fights, just because we are provoked. Stay calm and enjoy life instead of worrying about conspiracy theories or the invisible beam lasers that are apparently altering our DNA. The scary messages you hear on internet, have one aim only, to spread panic and make us look for someone to blame and fight, while they hide. This is a very old strategy that these entities have been used for ages. They are in fact those who do everything behind our back, yet they scream for us to watch out that someone is behind our back. It is called a joker consciousness for a reason, and it is true to his name.

So, I want to conclude this post by saying that it is time to become more aware and super cautious of people or news or massages on the net. Time to be very cautious of negative energy, negative people, negative websites, negative memes, songs that constantly remind us of our losses and failures. Distance yourself by such negativity, but DO NOT engage in any activity or unfair battles until you learn more. This is war, a real psychological war, and their aim is to make us loose our energy, because as we lose our energy, we make the wrong decisions, and then, we have no one to blame but ourselves. This is their plan. I think it is time to destroy their plan by staying positive and not fighting against one another. We can win this war by not following their scripts while we learn to be true to ourselves. We can win this war if we do not feel obligated to prove to anyone that we are worthy. For as long as we do our best, in every field and in everything we try or do, then We will Win.



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