So I asked this question over and over, “Why am I involved if I can do nothing about these invisible forces?” No answer was given to me for years, and I kept doing my own thing, until finally, lately I realized that this was the answer, “Keep doing your damn thing and don’t worry about why others involve you in their hell, and start worrying about why do you allow them to affect you.” It may sound crazy but I find my heaven when I focus my attention into everything that goes right in my life, focus on the positive side of life, instead of what is wrong. And in life you can find whatever you seek, positive or the negative side of it, what goes right and what goes wrong. My life may not be the perfect picture one would want, but I am living it to the fullest when the moment arrives. What I learned during these six years of hell is that I am very strong indeed, and even in hell I was able to build my own little paradise. I realized that heaven or hell is in one’s frame of mind. Becoming aware of this, was the greatest relief ever, because it made me aware of the reasons why people want to look happy when they are not, why people want to seem as if they are loved and in love when they are not. When I realized all that was fake in people’s lives I pitied them, and forgave them, and decided not to be like them. I understood that to keep up with that perfect image one would do the unthinkable, but once we drop out of that race, once we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and not a winner on people’s eyes, that moment we win the biggest victory ever, our freedom.

These words may just sound like repetition of what you have already heard before, and they are, but they tell the truth. However, you may need to know more. You may need to know how to reach this point where you don’t give a damn of what others think of you, for as long as you feel true to yourself. I understand that this point is not easy to reach because of the constant demand of the society and even family members that expect is to do certain things and be certain models. We are in the game, so how do you drop out of the game, without feeling like a loser, or even worst, without losing everything? Dropping out of the game that invisible entities play with our emotions can be done in two ways, abruptly, or slowly. Abruptly stopping the wheel that keeps you running is the fastest way to distance yourself from all the bullshit, and to free yourself from expectations, but it is also very risky. Often people do not choose this path, they are forced to choose it. I was forced, and many of my friends were forced into the losing-the-game path. And then, the moment we dropped out of the game we were amazed to realize that it felt good. It felt good to be ourselves and to not have to pretend anymore; we had already hit the rock bottom, and guess what, none of us lost anything, we instead gained back our freedom, our self, and financials somehow are still working out OK for us. So, what did we lose then? We realized that heaven is when you do what you like to do, not what others would like you to do. Not falling in the game of emotions, this stupid race that these invisible entities want us to play, we can free ourselves. Without puppets there is no show, without solders there is no war.

The other safe way to drop out of this game is to realize that we are victims of the law of grudges, one of the universal laws, which explains how we attract these entities that drain our energy through this game of emotions. Law of grudges applies when we have an unresolved matter from the previous lives (yes I believe in reincarnation). As a result we would attract events and people that would help us realize why such unresolved matter exist by repeating those previous case scenarios from the previous lives into the new and modern situations. However, sometimes these grudges are impossible to figure out or are artificially created. Therefore, no matter how hard we try to find a reason behind these unnecessary conflicts, the reason will never be found, but we will constantly be pulled into the game of hide and seek. In fact, since there is nothing to find out and no lessons to be learned from these stimulated situations, then in such cases we become victims of an emotional game directed by “the invisible” entities. By understanding how these 12 laws work, including the law of grudges, we can save ourselves from becoming victims of these emotional games.

I want to emphasize again, something that I have already said in my previous posts that these 12 laws of antimatter are universal and we cannot label them as good or bad, devilish or beneficial, because these laws would apply once the conditions are fulfilled, whether we like it or not. Labeling these laws good or bad is like labeling gravity as evil when in fact we know that gravity would apply no matter what. That’s why we take precautions and do not let ourselves fall free from a cliff because we know that due to the gravity we will get hurt. In the same way, our job is to become aware of these laws and realize the consequences when these laws apply, and also realize that these laws apply to everyone and everywhere, once certain conditions are fulfilled. Becoming aware of why, how, and what triggers these laws can arm us with knowledge that can prevent us from becoming victimized by these laws again. So, what I want to share in this post is a quick summary of how the law of grudges works. For those readers that have not read my books or my previous posts yet, here is a brief explanation of what a human soul is and how it is affected by these laws. Think of the human soul as electromagnetic fields that are attached to the physical human body by the seven spheres of energy centered on each of the seven main chakras. Whether or not you believe this to be true, it will not affect your understanding of these laws. Therefore, for learning purposes only, I would suggest that you accept for a moment that our souls are made of a specific magnetic field. These seven spheres of magnetic fields always spin while centered in the seven chakras of our body. Based on what physics teaches us, we can say that as a result of the spinning the free electrical charges in our body will start flowing in or out of these chakras. In physics’ class we use the law of the right hand to determine the direction of the movement of these free electrical charges. This way, these seven magnetic fields become electromagnetic fields. The way these electromagnetic fields spin affects our human behavior.

Now, imagine you have a problem that requires your attention. The more you think about this problem the faster the sphere of thinking will spin, and the faster the flow of electrical charges will become. However, depending on which direction this sphere is spinning, positive or negative, that will affect the direction on which the electrical charges are moving. In other words, a negative thought causes the electrical charges in our brain (body) to move in the opposite direction from when they are moved by a positive thought. Positive and negative thoughts can overlap and therefore eliminate one another’s effects on the electrical charges. This will stop the flow of electrical charges. When the flow (movement of free electrical charges) is stopped then our energy is not wasted, but when the flow of electrical charges is encouraged by our thoughts this would keep the sphere of thinking spinning (either in the positive or negative direction) and we will feel exhausted. It is therefore a necessity to stop thinking at some point, in order to stop our body from wasting its energy. Yet, to stop thinking is not such an easy thing to do. In fact it feels unnatural to stop thinking. For as long as we are conscious and awake, we think. So how can we still be conscious and not think of anything? Some people can do this by practicing meditation. I do this sometimes, when I feel exhausted by the many things that go in my life, all at the same time, or when I experience too many emotions while trying to heal or trying to figure out my past. Even when practiced for a short period of time, this meditation exercise helps me a lot, because it breaks the electrical current from flowing.

Another technique that I apply, which helps me break the flow of energy, is distracting myself, and shifting from the negative thinking to positive thinking. Of course, I never recommend and never applied faking the happiness myself. When I say distracting myself from the negative thinking and shifting to positive thinking that does not mean I pretend that my problems do not exist. Many of those who speak about the Law of Attraction make this mistake, which is a fundamental mistake. These people inspire and encourage others to use the worst strategy ever, “Fake it until you make it.” This is not what I have applied in my life, and I strongly recommend my readers to be careful with this strategy because it will backfire at some point. I do believe in the Law of Attraction and I explained this in my previous posts, but the secret, the true secret is not in faking happiness, but in distracting yourself from thinking those negative thoughts. The secret is in finding a way to interrupt the flow of electrical charges. So how can we do that, when the problem is eminent? The four step formula that I explain in my book “Secret Beyond the Secret,” is one way, and the core of this process is to distract yourself by following hobbies and doing activities that make you happy, truly happy. Hobbies do not have to be expensive. Myself, I follow funny websites on Facebook, read their jokes and laugh my head out. Or I follow websites that make me feel the tenderness of flowers arranged so beautifully, or rooms decorated in such a fine way that would amaze anyone. Paintings, music, and anything else that makes me feel good I use it, I don’t hesitate to enjoy anything that can aid me to stop the flow of negative thoughts and the negative emotions. Anything that is genuinely good to produce positive and joyful vibes I follow them. There are times, when I decide to just stop doing anything at all, and at my convenience I take a little nap, especially when emotions are too strong to handle. I get up after 10 minutes like a fresh leaf in spring. Other times I decide to look around in whatever environment I find myself to, and try to find something beautiful that will attract me, like a flower, a bird, a portrait, the green color of the grass, the blue sky, anything that you can think of can look beautiful if you want to find the beauty in it. And this is how I create my little heaven right in the middle of the hell sometimes. Other times, I am truly in heaven without even trying, and those are the times when I am with my friends that are true and genuine like me, those friends that do not need to pretend to be good to impress anyone. With those friends who have also started to build their own heaven I feel in heaven.

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