My son and my youngest daughter were playing Pokémon game last night. Many times I heard them saying, in this or that dimension. I asked my daughter to explain what a dimension is according to that game, and she explained to me lots of weird stories about the game, but nothing about what her understanding of a dimension is. I scratched my head and started to question the reality we live in. So what is a dimension really? A dimension, according to Webster’s dictionary is a measurement in a single direction. All right then. Do we live in a 3D reality? We think we do, since we can measure things in three directions, length, width and height. Because of this logic we can conclude that we live in a 3D reality. But, not so fast. I would say, we live in a 4D reality, and here is why I think that. Do we exist in time as well as in space? Yes. Do we measure time in one direction only? Yes. To us time moves forward, and just like we say the length of an object is 2 m, the width 3 m, the height 4 m, we can also say that the time this object existed was 5 minutes or 5 hours, for example, right? There is not a single object in our reality that does not exist in time, because if it does not exist in time then we call it imagination. Hence, everything that exists in space must also exist in time. Therefore, we live in a 4D reality. But, if we look more carefully, we can further argue that we live in a 5D reality. Let’s see how.

If we would define a dimension more specifically, rather than as a one direction measurement, we can say that dimension must be something that we are born with, something that we cannot ignore, because it defines us from the moment that we become aware of our existence in this reality. For example, we have a sense of the space that we occupy in a meaning that we are aware of the limits that ourself can reach. In other words, we have length, width and height and we know and we can see where the limit of such existence is. My arm for example ends at the tips of my fingers. When I stand inside a room I know that I am not the room itself, but that I occupy a certain part of the room, hence I have limits in all the directions of my existence, length, width, and height. And the same thing can be said about time. We live in a certain era, or century, but we are not the entire century because we are limited to the years of our existence of which we are aware. I would also add that a dimension is not only a feature we are born with, and that limits our existence in space and time, and that helps us to distinguish us from the rest of the space and time, and it is not only a measure in one direction, but that also these dimensions are different on different objects. For example, some objects are wider, some are longer, some exist longer, and so on. Therefore, we can say that one becomes aware of his (her) own existence when one becomes aware of the time passing, but also aware that one’s length, width, height are different from other things that co-exist in the same reality. But, what about two objects that are created at the same time with the same height, length, and width, and that continue to exist at this very moment? Are these two objects the same object in two different locations or are these two different objects? How can we define them?

A primitive man would have been amazed, shocked even, at observing the same identical object, at the same time, in two different locations. This primitive man would have called such existence magical, mystic, an action of a divine being, something beyond his comprehension. But nowadays we would call it location. We would say that it is not the same object existing simultaneously in two different locations, but there are two identical objects that exist in two different locations, simultaneously. Hence, we can conclude that not only the limitations of the three dimensions in space, height, length and width, make us aware of our existence, not only the limitation of the time of our existence can make us aware of our existence, but also our location in space and time can make us aware of our existence, which is unique and different from the existence of another twin object that looks like myself. So according to this logic, we do not exist in a 3D reality, or 4D reality for that matter. We exist in a 5D reality. In fact the 4D reality cannot exist alone, or better say, cannot exist for two long. 4D reality is not a stable reality, because sooner or later we would become aware, not only of the 3D space that we occupy, and of the time that we existed, but also we become aware of our location in comparison to other objects around us.

Now let’s think backwards for a moment. If we would have existed in a flat reality that has no height then we would have had length and width only, and if we had consciousness in that reality, then we would be aware of the time of our existence, and aware of our location in comparison to other similar objects in that reality. Therefore, counting all the directions that I would need to measure to become aware of my existence as a separate being from others, I would say that one is a 4D reality: Length, width, time and the location in relation to other beings. 3D reality would have been a single dot that exists for a certain amount of time and that is aware that its existence and of the different location from that of an identical dot not too far away. Now, if this dot would expand itself in all directions and becomes big enough as to understand that the dot is a sphere, then this sphere would become aware that it exists in time and in a different location from that of another identical sphere further away. This sounds like the parallel universes, and we could theoretically assume that parallel universes exist, but in a different location.

Naturally we can ask, could two parallel universes collide into one another and if they do what would happen to them? Let’s think about this for a moment. If I exist inside my bubble and I am aware of my limitations in space, as well as aware of my limited time of my existence, and I am also aware that an identical self of mine exists at the same time, but in a different bubble, at a different location, then it seems to me that I would be correct if I would conclude that I am always different from my identical twin for as long as I am aware that we exist in two different locations. However, if we collide with one another and do not destroy ourselves during this collision, but softly merge two different selves into one then how would I be aware of my twin within me, and how can my twin be aware of my existence within her? We cannot be aware of two different existences if such two existences are living in the same time, same bubble in space, and the same location. But, what if I feel hot and my twin is cold? Would I become aware of my other self within me if our energies, intensities or frequencies of our energies are different from one another? Different energies, frequencies or intensities can manifest as different temperatures, different colors, different thoughts, and different feelings at the same time, but would I be able to recognize them as someone else’s thoughts and feelings, or would I say that these are mine? I would indeed become aware of something strange happening within me, but I would not in any way realize that it is my twin, or something else different from myself, that is causing this to me. For me to become aware of my other self, the twin self, I must exist in a different location from my twin.

Hence, we can conclude at this point that we live in a 5D reality because if another self within me exists that thinks and feels differently from my original self, but that exists in the same location, at the same time as my first self, with the identical contours in space like me, then I would not be aware of this twin existence. If this other entity that copies my existence would feel negative toward life and think negative suicidal thoughts then I would assume that it is I who thinks these thoughts, even if these thoughts and feelings do not match at all any of my previous beliefs, thoughts and feelings. In such cases, my actions based on these new thoughts and feelings would not match my previous behavior. People would say that I have changed drastically and abruptly. However, I would drastically change when I also experience an “Aha!” moment while reading, researching and increasing my knowledge this way. Such Aha moments are welcomed, for as long as my awareness is increased leading to positive feelings and peaceful acceptance of reality. However, if my drastic change leads me to violence, hate, and anger towards myself, my existence, my reality, and towards others then this hostile awareness is coming from an invasive form of existence, which cannot be mine. If this invasive presence does not serve my wellbeing, but instead forces his/her/its perspectives onto my awareness, then such presence is harmful. The only way to abolish such presence is to not give into its demands. However, there is a lot more to discuss on this topic but this was not the intention of this post, therefore, I will return back to my discussion about the benevolent existences of different copies of myself that can theoretically exist in different parallel universes, into different bubbles in space.

So, if it would be possible to merge all these copies of myself from different bubbles into one bubble at a time, these different copies of myself would bring more awareness in me about my own reality, my own bubble. This awareness would serve me to live a more fulfilling life and enjoy my existence as I momentarily become more aware of other perspectives that they bring. This moment of awareness will enable me to understand more and feel more, and even understand others more, and become more forgiving towards myself and others. Even though this state of awareness can last for a short period of time, either when I am awake or in my dreams, it can actually leave me with a feeling that would last longer and would make me think for a long period of time. By thinking longer about these short moments of awareness, we start changing our perspectives in life, and these different perspectives can become your life style at some point, and life style would become your attitude toward life, and attitude becomes your destiny. Gandhi expressed something similar to this. More precisely Gandhi said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” All is true, but I would like to shorten this conclusion by saying, “Short moments of awareness, when repeated often, become your perspectives, perspectives become your values, and values become your destiny.” On the other hand, we can also argue that it was my destiny to become aware and that is why these short moments of awareness repeated often until I became aware of different realities and different perspectives.



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