Why was human life created? If God exists and God has a superior intelligence then why didn’t God create human perfect in the first place, through natural evolution as He/She/It did with other species, but it had to be an intervention to create human life. And even with an intervention we are quite aware of the fact that humans are not perfect. Then why? Why? What’s the point of all this? What is the purpose for such creations? Is God merely entertaining himself watching us fail, or is He unaware of our miseries? To answer all these questions in one post, obviously is impossible. The answer would cover many different areas of life, and without a good analysis any conclusion we may reach will sound too dogmatic. Indeed, rushing to get an answer for everything was the reason why different religions and beliefs were created and flourished in the first place. But, nowadays we are getting smarter and more knowledgeable, therefore if someone decides to continue to stick with religious point of views on explaining how universe works and why life was created and how it should be, then one either has an agenda, or one is neither smart nor knowledgeable; hence that human individual has not evolved yet as the rest of humans.

Considering that these are very hard and broad questions to analyze I would like to be very careful and caution the reader of this post to keep in mind that whatever they may read here in my blog, or on other blogs and other internet sources of information, would not make them automatically smart, and should not put too much faith on the truthfulness of such information. Indeed, everything we read will not resonate with us unless it means something to us. We know this for a fact, and many probably have noticed this already that, for example, even though you may have heard something over and over, yet that expression or information meant nothing to you until one day all of a sudden it made sense. Like for example expressions like, “things happen for a reason,” or “as above so below” or “curiosity killed the cat,” or “change of perspectives limits judgments” or “sky is the limit,” and so on, and so on. Why it takes long for us to understand something or make sense of something? I am a curious person too, but unless things make sense based on some structure and by using reasoning and critical thinking, I would not be able to accept dogmas. And so, years ago, even though I studied different religions at the best of my capacity, I was not satisfied with the answers I got about God, life, and humans. I looked at ancient philosophy for guidance. Plato had this strange idea that the thought of God is what penetrates everything that exists in the universe, and then, as it penetrates matter it takes different forms and becomes different things. This makes sense philosophically but how can this thought penetrate the whole universe unless this thought is energy or some field of energy? At this point I realized that indeed each thought of ours has some energy. We can even measure the intensity of our thoughts. Science is good enough today to measure the intensity of our brain waves, while we sleep or awake. Hence, I argued that if this energy that penetrates the whole universe is like the energy of our thoughts-Indivisible but noticeable and even measurable- and if we give it a name, which I called it antimatter (not matter, not made of particles, but quite the opposite of matter and that’s why they attract) then, every information we receive carries this type of energy in it, the energy of antimatter.

Antimatter, as I explained previously in this blog, is an arbitrary name I’ve chosen for something non-matter, and is nothing to be afraid of, because even though is nothing like matter, hence the name anti-matter, it does not dissolve matter, as some rushed to conclude many many years ago. Antimatter does not dissolve or eliminates matter, but it improves it. It is extra energy in the form of information, for God’s sake. If you are afraid of knowledge then you must be afraid of this energy, the energy of antimatter. And maybe one should be afraid if one’s brain capacity is not supportive of such extra information. It seems now natural to argue that if information is antimatter energy, and brain has a certain limitation then, an improvement of this vessel will improve the performance of the being with an improved brain. This way of arguing and reasoning satisfied my curiosity and made sense to me. Hence, I accept that evolution of human being was made possible through an artificial intervention, not to play God, but to fulfill what God has planned. Let me explain this with one simple example. Imagine that you are moving to a new house. The movers put all the furniture in the middle of the room. Things may seem chaotic and without purpose for an outside viewer. However, the owner of the new house has a design in his mind. It could be similar to the old design of the old house but it could also be something new that it will adjust to the new place, to its form and shape. Soon the owner of the house starts moving things around. Some of the things and furniture, and what their purposes are, start making sense now for the outside viewer. Yet, there are still lots of things that seem out of place, or impractical. But, the owner of the house is tired at the end of the day, and he/she may need to take a break to start all over in the morning to rearrange things as they should; or it may even take a month for the owner to realize that something is out of place or impractical. That’s because the owner of the house may have different priorities than of the outside viewer. Hence, you must walk on someone’s shoes before you start judging their decisions and actions. So, finally the house takes the shape and owner and the viewer are happy. But, it takes time and patience. In the same way, God has a plan and to fulfill this plan will take time and some interventions may be needed to fit the pieces of furniture into their proper places, but that does not mean that all the old furniture is needed in the new place, or that all the old furniture is useful and purposeful.

To realize what is needed and what needs to be adjusted and what needs to be thrown away, it takes time and it has to be lived in, for someone to make that decision. In the same way, Universe has a consciousness, has this antimatter energy that penetrates everything as Plato stated, and this energy has a final design in mind: To make universe, and everything inside it, comfortable for all the creations to live in. Universe, if it has a consciousness, as it is often argued among the followers of Plato, Descartes, and Jung, then this universal consciousness will affect its own creatures’ consciousness to the point that their energy becomes so strong that a change would be needed and would be inevitable. The change of course, will start first with the creatures inside this universe that have a higher understanding of universal consciousness (God, as some call it), and these higher beings with higher consciousness will initiate the change into the creatures or beings with lower levels of consciousness. Indeed, some intervention would be needed for the right change to occur. For example, if the owner of the house has children, then the owner of the house would tell each of the children to take their own belongings and move them from the middle of the living room to their own respective rooms. And if the owner has a cat and a dog, the owner would command them to go outside for the time being, or move out of the way, and so on. All these other changes are occurring through communication and sometime yelling, if needed, when the dog insists on helping you. However, the owner knows that a table cannot move itself. A table needs to be moved. And so, humans were created. Yes, intervention was needed at some point, to make this new being more capable of understanding, and holding and processing the right amount of information, because who would want to keep idiots around forever, seriously? No, no one would like to be argued all day and opposed all day by idiots who are incapable of understanding, but that are capable enough of arguing and asking questions, and even challenging your decisions, thinking that they are smarter. An intervention was a necessity to make these new beings, not only capable of arguing, but also capable of understanding. Yet we are far from perfection, and that would be something I would like to cover in my future posts,because there is at some point a dilemma we need to consider, a moral question that we need to ask ourselves: How far one can go with improvements, before start playing God and telling the owner of the house that He or She is incapable of making the right decisions and so the intervention’s initiator needs to take over? It’s like a plumber you invited to fix your toilet and all of a sudden the plumber tells you that you must move out, because you do not know how to fix the toilet. We must at some point ask the delicate question: Is this your house? Who gave who the higher status? Is this based on bloodline, or skills, or who lies more or convinces more the others? Who is in charge around here?

Well, hard questions to ask, but the elephant has always been in the room, and one day needs to be addressed. But what I can say at this point is this, that no matter how upset some people may be with other human fellas, we must become aware that we are in no position to decide who lives and who dies, who goes and who stays. The owner of the house has the right to make that decisions, and this owner, sooner or later will make that decision based on the usefulness and the purpose of each piece of furniture, but also, other members of the household has to willingly accept their coexistence. Therefore, just because the table looks different from the chair, has different properties, different purpose, and functions quite differently, that does not mean that the chair has the right to decide whether the table is useful or not. The chair is in no position to make such judgment, and even more wrong would be if the chair takes actions to destroy the table, based on chair’s point of view. All that chair needs to do, to leave in peace with the table, is to not initiate any collisions and contradictions, but learn to coexist with the table and to increase its knowledge in regards to how the house(universe) works. This will allow the chair to understand one day why the owner allowed the table to exist and why there, so closed to the chair.

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