Humans here we are, on a flat earth or a round globe, on a grid that has locked us in and watchers that watching us, and those illuminated one-eyed entities that steal our dreams. Now my human friend you are forced to question not only everything you have learned and heard so far, but to question your sanity at this point too, and that is normal. Indeed, every normal person would question their sanity, because only insane people do not realize that they are insane. Hence, it is good to question and doubt all that information that is flooding onto you these days. Above all, the more insane the information gets, the better, because this way we would distinguish lies from truth. The problem is when the lies become so perfect that they create a perfect illusion of reality.

If you would ask me whether we live on a flat earth or on a round globe, I would say that looking at the facts brought forward these days, we could be living on a flat earth, but question is how flat can we go? Is it flat, flat, like a disc flat? If so, then we can continue to assume that we may indeed be just a bunch of programs living inside a stimulation game and not realizing that this is not real physical world. Well, if you believe in such things then go ahead and embrace what you believe. No one will or should make you change your mind. I, however, refuse to believe in such nonsense. I believe that the ground I am walking on and the gravity are not fruits of my imagination, and I am not living in a dream world from which, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, will wake up once I click my heals together. However, life has taught me to be open minded and as I question all these information I receive, I also never close the doors, unless I realize that such information is truly harmful for my wellbeing at some point. But, again, I am the one allowing the information in, I am the one accepting or questioning it, I am the one acting upon this information with joy or with fear, I am the one responsible for my actions, I am the one to blame if I get hurt. I am. Hmmm…. And at this point we completely forgot of how it all started. It started with the wrong information. It started with the perfect illusion. Is it true then what religion teaches us about the fallen Angles and their leader, the one who was so perfect but became so evil? Following this logic that the wrong information can cause us to fear and act in panic, which then leads to hurting one another for fear of survival, we can say yes, the wrong information and who delivered this information are to blame. But, now the next question becomes very hard to answer because the answer will carry heavy consequences for the one who will be found guilty. So, who is to blame? Since the consequences will be hard to bear then no one would want to accept the fault. Who would willingly go around and say, ”Hey guys, kill me, I did all this to you.”? Seriously? You expect someone to go around and accept their fault knowing what the consequences might be?

Indeed, because of the fear of the consequences anyone will willingly point the finger to the other person. “Guilt will always be an orphan,” we say in Albanian, because no one wants to accept it as their child. But someone, the one who created humans, the humble type of humans, created them so that this orphan will be adopted and loved and healed. Humans were created with one purpose in mind: To heal themselves, to heal the souls that they carry on themselves. How could this be true? How can this scenario fit anywhere in the history of humans, of wars, religions, archetypes, old ancient stories of pyramids, electronics, modern physics, and so on? If we take small steps to understand this process, we may be able to understand how this scenario fits with everything else.

To understand that humans were created for a purpose and humans didn’t need to be perfect, because in the process of striving to become better humans heal their souls, I would like to create a scenario, a thought experiment, a hypothesis, or whatever you may call it. In this thought experiment I will refer to some archaeological discoveries that Stichin speaks about in his books, but not automatically accepting that everything he said and found is true. I would also use some information from ancient stories of Egypt and Greece too; yet again, I will not accept every piece of information as true. I will question them first and those pieces that fit well together will be accepted. Now, this is my story, my thought experiment, therefore, I would in the end, decide what stays and what goes. In the end, if you would like this story you will agree with me, and if you don’t like my story, then no worries because obviously my story, which is my house, is not your house. And you are free to go and find your own story and your own house. All is well when ends well. So, keep that in mind, you are now a guest in my thought experiment, in the story I created by putting all the pieces together. Let’s start it:

Based on the archaeological findings that Stichin discusses in his books, there was an alien race which came to earth and created human life by the manipulation of the DNA. Those were called Nefilim, and how appropriate this name sounds in Albanian –Ne Fillim- which translates: In the Beginning. So, yes of course, I believe this piece of information, and in my story, this is the truth. Let’s move on. As in every experiment, and new inventions, things do not always go well, or as predicted. Something may interfere with the process of creation, like for example some equipment may not work properly, or some outside interference may occur due to weather and storm, or some piece of information may be missing. For any of these reasons the quest needs to be paused, or even abandoned for a while, until the proper solution is found to make it perfect. It is during this pause of the project when the snake triggered Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. And then Eve convinced Adam, and so, they both ate the forbidden fruit. All of the sudden they had children, which now are known as humans.

The missing piece is the snake; that snake that talks and convinced Eve to have sex with her husband, Adam. Some religious views considered snake an actual being; something that can even shape-shift and so creating the illusion of a snake. Hence, if you say to someone, “The snake made me do it; I swear to God, snake talked to me and told me that it would be OK to do it,” then who is going to believe you? So, the snake, this mysterious ingredient, is it an actual being, an entity or is it something in the shape of a snake, something like electrical current of electrical charges moving through your body and your neurons in your nervous system? Unfortunately humans may not yet be aware of such “snakes” and how they can be used and directed to stimulate the brain and cause a deeper thinking. Was it really a misinformation or was it a glitch in the system that caused Eve to wake up earlier than expected and initiate sex with her husband? Or maybe it was not a glitch after all, it was just that the creator miscalculated the timing and expected the copulation to occur later on, based on the timing of their planet? Could it be that Eve and Adam sleeping together, the imperfect humans that they created, all this was meant to happen?

Reading from the stories of ancient Egypt, I found some interesting cues. For example, the stories indicate that Ra the creator of the universe had only one eye and two children. These two children went into the world and got lost, so Ra sent his only eye to find them down there in the darkness and coldness of the world. As the original eye went to look for the children, Ra created a fake eye so he would be able to see the children in case they return on their own. When the old eye found the children and returned them to Ra, this poor father cried, and cried, and cried with his fake eye, and from his tears all these first humans were created. Obviously the original eye was upset because it was replaced by the fake eye. The result? The fake eye created humans which were so corruptible and damaged, and the old eye felt so happy about it. Ra understood the problem and why the old eye felt so jealous about, and Ra decided to honor the old eye by placing it in the middle of each human’s forehead. This old eye of Ra is what we call the third eye. And I paused reading at this point. It sounds fascinating indeed. Question that I asked myself is, if the old eye is this third eye that is placed in every human being, and then it is connected to Ra, how is this possible? It surely sounds like a network to me. And what convinces me even more about this conclusion is the fact that the third eye is always depicted as a snake coming out of humans’ forehead. Now, I see the connection between the currents, snakes, networking, corruptions and the third eye. Now I see why Athena is always depicted with a helmet that covers her forehead. Was Athena trying to warn us about this third eye delusion and deception? But, why would the third eye bring illusions? The third eye was put there to deliver the information to Ra, about what humans think and dream about, and vice versa, information will be delivered in their dreams for their own good, and wellbeing. Was Ra trying to make fool of us, or was the original eye gone mad and did not follow Ra’s orders, or was it there a hacker who took advantage of this situation, created some confusion, turned entities against one another and “Vuala!”, the result is of what we see today, a world on the brink of self-destruction?

Quite possible, all scenarios can be true, but in my story I believe it was a hacker. Yet, the question I raised, why would someone wants to destroy such a beautiful project? And if there is such perfect energy that balances itself and it is called universe, wouldn’t this energy prevent the hacker from causing such trouble with such great consequences? And this is the key. How was it possible that the hacker was allowed to interfere with the information received and delivered through the third eye? What was wrong with the universe? Indeed, knowing now how the 12 laws of antimatter work together, that when one of the laws starts applying it triggers a chain reaction that allows all the other 11 laws to apply,I now understand that Hacker was not a coincidence; Hacker was not a random action, a mistake, or evil. Hacker was purposefully done. Could Hacker be the creator, Ra himself? But, why? Why would Ra deliberately ruin his own project and then blame it on Eve? Eve blamed it on the snake, snake- the third eye, or someone in charge of the third eye- blamed it on the hacker, and the hacker was never found. Now we reach the point that while we look around for the one to blame, we keep building facts that would point the finger to someone else away from ourselves, and even frame one another if we have to, in order to escape the responsibility for the mess that is created and save ourselves from the punishment. Oh hacker, dear hacker, Ra dear Ra, our creator, which indeed is just the plumber who was called to fix our toilet, you cannot take our home. You can tell us where the mistakes are, and we can fix them, we appreciate your monitoring us, watching over us, and based on your observations, you can tip us on how to make things better, but you must remember that you do not run or manage our house. Hence, you must ask permission before you interfere, or try to fix things. And since Ra is in the highest position that one could get at this point, then Ra should not be afraid to admit that Eve was indeed so perfect that Ra felt very tempted to sleep with her. Indeed, if that was somehow allowed, then earth’s consciousness which follows the universe’s plan must have had a pretty good idea in mind. Hence, there is no one to blame, and merely accept the fact that all was a misinterpretation due to the limited knowledge that each one possessed. It could be this the reason why things happened the way they happened, so all involved would finally agree that: No one is more superior than others for as long as one has unanswered questions. Then, who is the owner of this house called earth? Well, everyone who feels comfortable in it and loves it. I love earth, and I feel like home here. Are you?

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