In the first part of this essay it was concluded that none of the trends alone, the Creationists, the Genetics or the Darwinist were correct about how human life was created. We concluded that human life is in fact the direct derivation of the evolution process in species. However, it makes perfect sense to assume that this evolution may have been initiated and taken place in a controlled environment. It may have been one or a group of scientists that deliberately intervened and changed part of the DNA code in each single species that when left in a controlled habitat they multiplied and survived, by moving each species into a higher level in the tree of evolution. It can be concluded therefore, that humans are artificially and divinely created. The blueprints come to us in the form of electromagnetic waves, derived from that divine force that exists everywhere in the universe, which some call it the consciousness of the universe (Carl Jung, 1954). These blueprints then are ideas and theories that come to us in the form of insights and discoveries. These discoveries seem new to us, but these are not new knowledge that never existed before.

Hence, we can conclude that all human thoughts are reproduction of God’s thoughts and this process occurs inside our brains. However, as Plato indicated this thought that comes to us in a perfect form can often be misinterpreted, miss attributed, displayed wrongly, and misused. Why is that? That can occur for many reasons, but let’s just mention the two most important ones: 1) The brain mechanism of certain human individuals or certain species, may not be that advanced to store enough knowledge and then comprehend this knowledge and even apply it when needed. 2) Even if the brain mechanism is improved and capable to handle such knowledge, life circumstances and memories of the past can still influence the individual in a negative way, which then can lead the individual to making mistakes and misjudgments.

An important conclusion can be made at this point that creating a perfect human life two factors must be kept under control and made sure that they succeed, and these two factors are: 1) The change of DNA formation that carries the right mutation through the right selection of genes as an intervention, not as a random process, and 2) the environment under which these selected members interact is a controlled environment that aims to prevent casualties and avoid unnecessary conflicts. It is this second factor of a preserved environment that allows the increase of knowledge and the spiritual growth during which process one becomes aware of that divine universal force. The problem is that both factors can be interrupted and corrupted, hence leading to the failure of the creation of the next species in the tree of evolution. We can now argue that indeed if humans would be helped through some kind of external intervention that improves their genetic code and if these selected members are kept under observation and made sure that they receive all the right information that would constantly increase their knowledge then this will lead to the next step, the evolution of humans into higher species.

Is the evolution of humans part of God’s plan? Could this indeed be a divine plan? Well, I argue that everything that brings progress is inspired by a divine plan. Even death sometimes brings progress. How can I say that? Imagine being stuck for eternity in a body that never functions properly like you wish it could. Wouldn’t you wish death as a temporary solution for your conditions? Oh yes you would. You would wish to fall asleep and then wake up in a perfect body that fits your needs. Death then is like sleep; it’s a temporary solution and a temporary necessity.

It is important to understand that at any given moment any given knowledge can be misinterpreted and misused. Therefore, the statement I just mentioned above that death is a necessity, can also be misinterpreted and some people can label me with a bunch of satanic names, a destroyer, a malicious force, and this and that. I want the readers of this post, those who can really understand me at this point, that when I say that death is and should be allowed as a temporary solution to our temporary conditions of this imperfect life, I do not mean that anyone has the right to choose or wish death upon another fellow human. Indeed I am against any kind of violence and hate killing any form of life, even bugs. I prefer things to happen naturally and to allow nature to take care of things on its own with less and less human manipulation and artificial interference, because my belief is that anywhere the violence is applied destiny is not applied. Hence when we apply violence and push our own decisions and our own plans, we are interfering with God’s perfect plan.

I believe that universe is made perfect and its laws are running perfectly at any time, otherwise universe would have not come to its existence. I believe in these laws and have total trust that if we become aware of these laws we would no longer interfere with God’s plan. I explain these laws in my book “The Twelve Laws that Define a Human” and the foundations to understand these laws are: 1) destiny is the universe’s plan for all its creations, 2) that destiny is played when free will, not violence, is applied, 3) that death is the best option until the better solution for human life is found. Death therefore must be allowed to occur naturally. Nevertheless, in some cases death could be induced artificially if this would be the only way to help a patient get out of their misery of pain due to terminal illnesses; just like the doctor would prescribe pain killers to release the patient from pain that would allow the patient to relax and then sleep. However, the doctor does not force those pills into the patient’s throat if the patient is able to reason on his own. Hence, the patient makes the decision to swallow the pills while conscious and also free to make that decision.

In conclusion, if we become aware that death is a temporary necessity but which must not be forced in any way, then we can easily realize that when death occurs reincarnation also occurs. The way I understand reincarnations is simple. It is this process of transferring the human soul (or human essence, or as psychologists call it-the human consciousness) from the dead person to a new baby ready to be born. Unfortunately, because this consciousness is placed into a new brain then it does not recall the previous lives. We can understand the process of reincarnation better if we would imagine our brain as a computer. Computer may have been designed by its creator to perform its tasks perfectly, but some defects may have occurred in the factory during the process of making its individual parts, or it could have occurred during the assembly of those parts. Defects could also be as a result of testing or unfortunate circumstances, that have nothing to do with the way the computer was designed or produced. Malfunctioning could be due to an overload in data or it could be due to a virus. And what should its owner do then? Blame the factory, or buy a new computer, or give up and never use computer again? Well, none of these could be a reliable or possible option sometimes. So how about looking for ways to fix the computer. During this process, the IT person who fixes the computer would switch the computer on and off, on and off, until he is sure that computer is fixed and ready to be use again, or that nothing can be done to save that computer and at that point the computer will be destroyed.

In summary of part one and two: Human life is not a result of random mutations, but it is a result of some directed, well-thought and induced mutations. Human life is not the result of evolution due to the natural survival of the better species when the climate changed, but it is the result of that evolution because all the previous species that lead to the creation of human life were evolved through this type of natural selection. And finally, Human life is as a result of a divine intervention that allowed certain geniuses, or aliens, or scientists to apply that specific knowledge and create the human life on earth. We are such a precious thing created as a combination of universal divine intelligence/knowledge and the work of some beings that are smart enough to know that they are not God but just applying that Godly knowledge for the betterment of humans’ existence. Therefore, it does not seem wrong to conclude now that human life was created as a result of a divine design, a knowledge derived from higher levels of consciousness that allowed certain manipulations in the Ape’s DNA to take place and create the human race, while on the other hand our ancestor, Ape, is the pure result of evolution through the natural selection.

Question that one would want to ask at this point is: Why would human life be created? Why an intervention at that point? If God exists, then why would God allow an artificial intervention or a manipulation to his creations to create this human life? Could there be another plan in place? Yes, I believe so. And I would like to explore this idea in my next post. Stay tuned.

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