Psyche and Eros, I always thought there is something very wrong in this story. Millions of questions came to me when I first heard this story and I have tried to understand it and make sense of it ever since. The same thing happened when I heard the story of Snowwhite. I was puzzled by the idea of the glass coffin placed outside for other people to see. Wouldn’t it be more natural to keep the coffin in the house instead? And how did prince come to dwarfs place? If he was so nearby, why didn’t he run into Snowwhite earlier then? See, all these details triggered an immense curiosity in me, and so did the story of Psyche. Funny thing with unconscious mind is that even though I was not in love with my last ex, I wanted to be, and I tried hard to be. It just did not work between us. Nevertheless, I found that nice picture of Psyche and Eros, the one that is so famous, and everyone had seen it. I put that in a beautiful frame and gave it to my ex as a gift for Christmas. I know, I am cheesy like that, and not very good with giving expensive gifts, but I believe I am very good at blindly giving each one the proper gifts….
So my curiosity with Psyche’s story was about the fact that Eros was always invisible to Psyche. However, Psyche believed he was real because at night they made love and she got even pregnant. Eros tells Psyche that this child will be a god if she keeps their relationship a secret. Psyche tells her sisters, and her sisters warn her that she is not married to a nice man but to a beast instead. Psyche cannot believe it. She wants to see this for herself. And what happened when she does? She freezes….My goodness, that was the most perplexing thing in the whole story. Why would she freeze, or fall asleep if Eros was indeed so beautiful? She deliberately had her lamp shining on his face so she would know the truth, hence she was not convinced that he was the beast, she had to see it first. However, she was convinced that she had a good husband, therefore, the first instinctive reaction of a women discovering that her husband is indeed such a handsome creature would be to grasp and hug him, would not be to freeze. One freezes of horror, not of amazement. This was strike one. I was convinced that Eros was the beast when I heard this story, but why did Psyche freeze, why did not she run away? Run away where? She was isolated from her people, Strike Two. Then she came back to her body and mind, but now Eros had flee….Strike Three. Now tell me if there is not something weird going on in all these stories, and that it has to do with Out of Body experiences. Many people will try to convince you that you can learn a lot more, lots of hidden secrets and wisdom that are kept hidden from you, if you just learn how to hop out of your body, go traveling around the world, and then hop back in your body. My dear people, I think we are being fooled. You can learn a lot by picking up a book and reading it, and then pick up another book and read, and so on, until you have all the pieces of the puzzle, if indeed that’s what is driving you, the curiosity to discover the hidden wisdom. But, my question is, why are you so eager to learn the hidden wisdom? What is your motivation? Ask yourself this question and answer honestly. You may find out that indeed you do not care. Then what is urging us, pushing us to be curious to finding more, discovering more of supposedly hidden knowledge, and act like a hero of saving the world by bringing that new knowledge or hidden messages to others, trying to illuminate the masses? First, are you sure the hidden messages you are trying to discover are from a reliable source? Secondly, are you sure that this is really you, looking to find these answers, or are you being manipulated to think that you are so special and you are the hero or the superhero that will save the world? Save the world? Then, how about saving your own world, the body and mind that God has given you to take care of while you live in this human form? Are you sure you will return into your own body once you leave it? Don’t you think you may be tricked to do just that? They tell you about the walls and obstacles you may experience while trying to return into your own body so that you will be prepared to experience those and then they tell you that these are just your fears. Therefore, if this indeed happens, that you cannot come back to your own body, or that when you come back but you find that you have some weird, uninvited company, then there is nothing wrong or unusual,because those are your own fears. Above all, you can’t blame anyone else but yourself for allowing fears to stop you. All this is bullshit! Those who could not return into their own bodies they could not because someone else or something else is preventing them.
Now back to the story of Psyche. She apparently goes to the underworld, as Venus tells her to do, and there Psyche meets the Morph man who puts her to sleep, apparently because Psyche became curious and opened the box she was not supposed to open. Again, the story emphasizes the guilt and “blame yourself, you fool” kinda attitude. All this is very fishy to me. And so, our Psyche fell asleep and is asleep ever since. But Why? Why is she asleep? Why cannot Eros return to her love of his life, if she indeed meant anything to him? Why all gods are aware of it, according to the story, but they do nothing to get Psyche and Eros together? Could it be that they know something about Eros that is never been said in any of the stories and could it be that nothing can be done with Psyche, to bring her back, because Psyche’s consciousness has already left her body? Could it be that her body is being preserved and guarded that no other consciousness, evil or not evil may enter that body? Hence, at this point we are now fed the mystical story of Arthurian legend and his young nephew and how they are supposed to guard the Holy Grail, which is presented by the lifeless body of goddess Venus, preserved somewhere in the underground world. Who are these knights, “loyal” knights that guard her carcass, an empty body with no consciousness? There are even some conspiracy theories around these stupid stories, unworthy to discuss scientifically or psychologically, but these conspiracies are allowed to circulate because by filling everyone’s minds with this bullshit, and keeping them preoccupied to solve unsolvable puzzles makes it much easier to control masses of peoples, and their minds, once they start believing in these fabs. Nevertheless, there is a true side on every story, which masses should not be concerned with. But, guess what, those Illuminati fanatics use the sign language telling you to shush, to keep it a secret. And what happens next? Everyone starts talking about, “What? A secret? I want to know what the secret is.” Oh, we humans are so gullible, we want to discover all the secrets of course, and so it goes for us. We become part of the game and we are being played at that point. So easy indeed.
Based on all the knowledge that I carry in me right now, at this point in my life, I want to say only this that when the Knights Templar created their own secret society maybe it was created with all the good intentions and maybe it was good based on the historical facts that I am now reading and seeing how much civilization and culture advanced in the areas that were under their influence,but all this changes on Friday, October 13, 1307. Maybe this secret society was also good and with all good intentions when these smart people called fathers of American nation, revived the old society when the American declaration was signed. All historical facts show only progress and goodness for the people of America while this secret society was in charge, we cannot deny that, but as always happens with secret societies, they are at some point infiltrated by spies of the opposites, and all goes down to hell. You cannot help it. Every society or group, no matter how progressive they may be, will become a target and their reputation will be easy to destroy when there are facts and information that kept secret and hidden from the public eyes and witnesses. Oh Free My Sons! Who is calling and why? Then wake up people, something fishy is brewing in all the Out of Body experience and the secrets that you want to know. Think, do you really want to know things that do not matter to you?
Someone once asked me if I agree with secret societies and knowledge being kept hidden from the public eyes. I said yes. I believe it is wise to keep secrets from people who cannot understand that whole knowledge, and that is for many reasons. Here are some I would like to list: One, by keeping some of the knowledge secret, you would protect these people whose business is not to know more than they need to know. You protect them from becoming a target. Two, these people who have limited knowledge will not understand the whole knowledge, therefore, they will freak out, by making their own interpretation, or misinterpretation would a better term for this, of the facts and what they think would happen next. Partial knowledge is the source of all fears and overreactions that come because of it. I have explained this process of how partial knowledge triggers fear and how to overcome this fear induced by the partial knowledge, in my book Secret Beyond the Secret. (Note here that my book Secret Beyond the Secret does not support the other book The Secret that you know about and that it is so famously talked about. My book is the opposite of it). On the other hand, keeping secrets, triggers rivalry, and rivalry is the dead end for all of us. Instead, if I would have a saying in this matter, I would suggest, leave the masses of people to live their peaceful lives and let them take care of the matters that matter the most to them, while those who really are interested to know more, they need to be given access to such knowledge, but first, we need to all understand that without cooperation there is no victory. Without cooperation we all loose. There is no point on showing bravery in keeping secrets and dying for these secrets, because if you really knew the secrets and understood the main point of such wisdom, then you would know that this wisdom is not a monopoly of one group or the other. This wisdom exists that in the end all these pieces that once were separated by creating opposite points of views, rivalry groups, enemies even, they will in the end be connected together and come to realize that the purpose of all the other pieces’ existence was to bring forward more knowledge for other groups that were not able to retrieve such knowledge. That’s how I see it. Different perspectives exist so that we can use them to build something better, not to destroy what we already built.

3 thoughts on “The dirty story of Psyche and Eros

  1. You said, “Oh Free My Sons!” Wisdom from Above! 🙂
    On a serious note, I fell for all the hidden wisdom, mystery school, out of body stuff after leaving religion. Thank God I became so miserable that the Holy Spirit poured out upon me reading the bible and I left all the new age stuff and religion and found a completely satisfying and fulfilling relationship with Christ in God! FREEDOM!!! Thank God! God bless you!

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    1. Thank you. I believe in spirituality, I believe in God, just not on rituals and magic, and organized religion. I believe in what my heart tells me. Simply put, If I feel something is wrong to say or act because it may hurt others, I don’t do it. Connection with a more powerful intelligent source of wisdom, I believe exists, but I prefer not to give it a name, as I prefer not to take sides. Only in my heart I know the truth, and each of one knows it too 🙂

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