Tired of hearing the same old stories over and over, tonight I decided to use my imagination and retell some of the most well-known fairy tales from a different perspective. As we all know, there are always two sides of the story. So here we go.
I would like to start with the story of Snowwhite and 7 dwarfs and her beloved prince. As we know the story has always depicted the 7 dwarfs as good hosts and Snowwhite living with them in full agreement. But what if there is a twist on this story? What if the hunter did not kill Snowhite simply because he wanted to profit from this situation? What he deliberately leaded her to the 7 dwarfs, who were in fact aware of her arrival, as prior arrangement with the hunter. What if Snowwhite, being in danger would gladly accept to live with the dwarfs as the best solution given her circumstances? And what if the hunter blackmailed the queen, the evil stepmother, telling her that Snowwhite will be kept hostage and alive until the full payment that he required was made, or else Snowhite’s father would come to know the truth about what this evil stepmother was planning to do with Snowwhite? And what if the evil stepmother dressed as an old lady indeed went to see Snowwhite herself to make sure that the hunter was telling the truth? Ah! Those dwarfs do not seem as cute and innocent anymore do they? Anyhow, what would a gang of thieves and human traffickers do if they would find their hostage lying dead on the floor? They would hide the body of course, but here is the problem, if Snowwhite was dead, they would soon be dead too. Either huntsman would kill them, or the queen would blame the 7 dwarfs as kidnappers and murdered. Hence, the 7 dwarfs ask the prince for help. Now that Snowwhite was dead, and even if she was alive, she had no idea what was going on behind her back, therefore, she could not escape. Escape and go where exactly? So, telling the prince about Snowwhite and how they treated her with kindness, like a sister, and that she stayed with them at her own will, well, that will save their skin. Now that they have the prince on their side, believing their story, the queen cannot accuse them as kidnapers, and the hunter cannot kill them, because the prince is now on their side. And so the 7 dwarfs decided to do the weirdest thing ever heard, but smart and evil of course. They build a glassed coffin to put the Snowwhite in and it just so happened that they put this coffin in the path of the prince. Did prince bring her back to life with a kiss? Well, that’s another mystery on its own. I believe he did it; he brought her back to life. She is now aware of what happened to her and all the manipulations and dirty plans behind her back. What prince did was just a simple kiss, but it was a true kiss, full of love and passion that awakened such energy inside Snowhite that was indeed a door to a new reality. When dwarfs saw that Snowwhite was now awake, they were terrified. They did not plan for that to happen did they? So what happens next is that they tell the prince that Snowwhite must hide, until this situation with the queen is resolved and prince receives the permission to marry Snowwhite. Poor prince he believed it, and so as he goes on the quest to ask for Snowhite’s hand in marriage to the queen and Snowwhite’s father, tragedy strikes again. Snowwhite disappears for real this time. Where did she go? Oh, poor prince is told that when she woke up she started to remember things and that someone else was her true love, not the prince, and so she ran away. Prince falls in full despair. One of the dwarfs may want to tell the truth, of who is hiding the Snowwhite and why. Snowwhite on the other hand, never stop thinking about her prince and even though she is told many lies about the prince too, that he had forgotten all about her, and that he indeed married someone else, and so on and so on, yet she never believed them. She knew that kiss was for real and was true love between her and her prince. Would prince find the Snowwhite one day? Snowwhite has been waiting for 10 years now and she even forgot his face, but she never forgot how she felt, and never ever doubted that he loved her and she loved him, even though according to the story that dwarfs told her, he was now happily married. Snowwhite is still waiting for her prince and dwarfs are still hiding the truth. A great risk is hanging over their heads. After all these years, the queen may find someone else, who looks like the prince and give this fake prince permission to marry Snowwhite. Being in a vulnerable position of longing for her lost love Snowwhite may believe that this fake prince is her beloved prince. And if she says yes, then she will be saying yes to her death, and if she says no then the Pilate washes his hands. However, all is well when it ends well, but if another tragedy strikes again, this time all goes to hell. So my little dwarfs, wake up now and do the right thing before it’s too late for all of us.

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