This one is my favorite because it connects with many other stories and fairy tales that we know, but mostly, because it feels like home. I will get into my own story which came to me in a dream when I was pretty young, and that I kept daydreaming it ever since, for I wanted the story to end with a wedding. But, I will get to that later. So let’s start with this creepy little story with such a good moral that teaches us that a nice person, with a nice heart can turn a beast into a prince, if instead of judging she uses love. I would say that this is quite true but when beast has a skeleton in the closet, Bella poor Bella is just wasting her time, and being naive. Bella is being used and abused, and worse of all she has given him her consent, and her family and everyone else, and even Bella herself believes that she is totally free to go, and it is her decision to stay with him. Let’s see why that may not be so true, and this was the hardest fairy tale to crack, but having a personal experience with this, I was able to see the truth. So, what would you folks say if I tell you that beast was indeed a beast, not only because of his look but because of his heart and his soul? What if he knew Bella before she even arrived in the castle? And you know the story of Psyche and Eros? You know how the love story between the Psyche and Eros is considered the greatest love story ever? Well, get this, there is a twist on this story too, and both these stories parallel one another. In both stories, Bella’s father and Psyche’s father are forced to give their daughter in marriage to someone they do not know and is presumed to be the beast, and indeed it is. Then in both stories, Bella and Psyche are kept away from the rest of the humanity and cut all kinds of communications with their families. Bella loves to read and this is how beast keeps her busy, hence, beast is almost invisible in Bella’s world. Bella does not mind being kept captive in that castle for as long as she is provided with food for her mind and body. Bella like a Psyche would do, tries to psychoanalyze the beast, and hope to understand his motives and the reasons why he needs her. He, the beast, represents Bella’s greatest mystery and Bella loves to explore it more and more each day. Well, I do not blame Bella because I have been in Bella’s position and blessed (or cursed) with a curious mind, I for years tired to make sense of obsessive people in my life, that obviously showed that they did not love me, but yet, would not let me go. Hence, they kept lying to me with declarations of love and loyalty for me. I was torn apart for many years trying to figure out, why on earth I keep attracting these kind of men in my life? I never ever minded being cheating on, but I demanded honesty. If any of my lovers or my ex’es did not at some point love me anymore or had they found someone who they fell in love with, I was cool about it, and I gave them my congratulations, like I did with my first fiancé. However, I was not happy when they kept denying it, hence keeping me on their leash. I wanted and demanded honesty because I knew my values, and I wanted to be free so I would find my own love, my own soulmate. I never doubted that he is somewhere out there, and there is one for everyone. Yet, these men that I allowed in my life keep repeating the same patterns, of showering me with attentions until I said yes, then dropping me as useless thing, and going on for other adventures, and then again coming home with a fake smile and dedication. Didn’t Psyche feel the same? Her lover Eros was invisible, unreachable, while beast was distant, and scary, yet they all declared such dedicated love for their hostages. This would torment any one. Anyone would be doubting their doubts, their decisions to leave, their decisions to judge, for the fear of misjudgment. In the end none of my ex’es or Eros or Beats was physically abusive, so it seems. They were only emotionally abusing their hostage. And if Bella or Psyche would find a way to complain, well, who would believe them? No one believed me, no one. They called me crazy, instead. But Eros, Eros is an old god and knows his tricks very well, he knows how to use false hopes to torment his prey. He knows how to trigger chemicals in his prey’s body and mind to make her believe that she is in love with Eros, the invisible lover, and so is Bella, while she always eats dinner with the beast and makes sure that the rose that beast gave her to take care of, is indeed taken care of. Oh, so obvious to me and so hidden to others! The abuse is emotional and physical. Bella, and Psyche and myself “freely” gave ourselves to these men, each to our own beast, because we were forced to do so. Mind control you speaking of? Yes, indeed. Although I was not mind controlled totally, I could see what was going on, yet, I had no choice but to keep living the life I was living because those around me were mind controlled. None could understand me, believe me, or see the truth. Hence, when my ex could not leave me, and kept denying his intentions, we agreed to each living their own lives under the same roof for financial reasons. It was then when I met my prince, and Bella met her man that is depicted as handsome but rude in the story. As for Psyche? I have a better twist on her story that may be worthy sharing in a different post, as it goes deep, really deep. No wonder she was called Psyche. And Venus? Was she to blame in Psyche’s story? Was Venus the mother of Eros? We’ll see. But, let’s get back to Bella, one more time. How did beast turned into a prince in the end? Was it literally or was it figuratively? It was both, believe it or not, and perhaps Psyche’s story has a better explanation for that. So, I would ask you, have you ever heard of this phenomena of Out of Body experience? Ah! If you have, then perhaps you can get the point now. Could it be that beast in the end, rides the body of the handsome man, to make Bella believe that indeed he was this handsome man, but somehow this curse from an old witch make him turn into a beast if Bella does not take care of him and does not stay with him, as his delicious hostage? Does not this relate to Snowwhite’s twisted version?

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