Reading Kohut’s “The Restoration of the Self,” as part of my Mater’s research on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I am half way in this book and almost every sentence starts with “I think..” I conclude…I observed, I claim.. I do not claim…The best part of it is that Kohut only cites his own work (Kohut, 1972), (Kohut, 1974), even citing the exact pages where to find these claims. It makes sense to want to remind the reader to check your previous work for further explanations. Yes, that is fine but Kohut never cites anyone else’s work. He only declares and states that Freud meant this or Freud meant that, and that he is using Freud’s stages of personality development or the metaphor for Oedipius. Yet, he never cites any of the Freud’s work. This screams Narcissism all over his work, yet Kohut’s model of Self-Psychology (Oh even the name of the model has to carry some of the narcissist’s seed, why not?) is the only current method we use to understand and treat Narcissism. Isn’t this rather ironic that the most influential figure in Psychology, that tackles Narcissism sounds like a pure Narcissist? And just for clarification to the reader to not misunderstand my words because Kohut’s work is indeed amazing discovery, however, it is not complete. Even Kohut himself declares that this is not the only way to look at Narcissism disorder, and there may be other approaches. Nevertheless, some archetype must have liked Kohut’s idea very much to the point that no matter how many new theories and models have come after Kohut’s work, since late 70’s, yet none of those had made the spotlight yet. I wonder, I wonder….

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