Reading Genesis Revised by Zecharia Sitchin. I admire his passion and his enormous work that he has done not only by translating the tablets but also by explaining them in his books and articles. According to what he shares and to the best of his knowledge it seems that Earth was created by a collision between Nibiru/Marduk and Tiamat. I read that Tiamat must have been waterlike planet and so Earth was created when Tiamat was split in half by this collision. All makes sense and if Stichin is translating those tablets correctly then all fits with the old scripts founds and also old drawings on pyramids too. The only problem it seems to be the science clan. Are they finding anything that supports these readings on these old tablets that Stichin had been talking about for years and years now? I am still in the process of reading and understanding the Revised work of Genesis with hope that Science has indeed found some evidence to support all the stories or at least partial stories of what Stichin is talking about in his books.

Why am I so interested to know whether there is some scientific evidence to prove the old story from ancient tablets correct? I am interested, very much indeed, even though those stories seem to have nothing to do with my daily job of teaching my students and earning my daily bread and raising healthy and sane children. The fact is that if Stichin is right about those stories, that tablets tell the truth about the creation of Heavens and Earth, then those stories do affect my life and your life and everyone else’s life, no matter how much we try to ignore their influence. First of all, if science is so great to go exploring up and down the solar system, maybe not so advanced, but still we are doing a great job so far, then the evidence that Stichin is talking about should have been found earlier. So how come they did not? Are these discoveries delayed or hidden? If delayed, not intentionally, is it technology or is it lack of knowledge that is delaying the process of making the right connections of new discoveries with old writings and artifacts? And you can see that, if the answers come out as suspicious in most of the cases then we can naturally ask why? Who is interested to hide the evidence and the truth? Obviously if you think that someone of a superior being, or group of superior beings kinda, is hiding the truth from humans who can do nothing with that knowledge, that is nonsense. Humans are not the problem here. The truth is hidden from someone else and yes this someone else must be residing on Earth as a collective consciousness. And all this seems to me that we are talking about Tiamat’s consciousness.

According to Stichin Tiamat was split in half by the collision with Marduk/Nibiru and then was welcomed as a daughter to the Sun. I am very suspicious about this detail and here is why. First of all Earth is the only planet among its neighbors that retains water. This obviously indicates what Stichin says that Earth is part of Tiamat but how can they manage to keep the water from evaporating when water is indeed gone from the planets around Earth. Someone may say Moon. Moon caused Earth’s axes to tilt on the side by creating seasons. That may be correct but is Moon a natural satellite or artificial satellite of Earth. It is important to answer this question because this is the key to everything else. If Moon is artificial then all this life on this planet is a scheme, an arrangement planed and calculated by someone or something, and so it is not natural. And if it is not natural then someone or something is trying to keep it in a long life support artificially, but whY? What is the reason for creating almost a prison for this kind of life in the middle of the desert?

Second question that comes to my mind is: Why are planets’ orbits elliptical? According to simple mathematical knowledge that even a high school student knows we can say that for an ellipse to exist we need two centers. Boom! One of the centers is Sun, then what is on the other center? There must be something that has the same gravitational force as the Sun for keeping the planets going around and not flying away in the universe. So here you go, you now have two mysteries to resolve: Why Earth has water where it should not be, and why orbits are elliptical. And I will stop here even though I have a lot more questions to ask and a lot more doubts to raise. But I guess this should be enough for now.
I am still reading. And hopefully those who matter will now realize that this collective consciousness probably has decided to stay calm hoping that matters will be taken care off but that does not mean it will stay like this forever. Now this is not a threat because I am just an observer and no one is pushing me to write this, but I know from what I have discovered on my own that destiny can be delayed but cannot be changed. So if I learned and became aware of this knowledge then it is not me being smarter than anyone else, but it is this collective consciousness waking up and bringing this awareness to us. My worry as small little human being of earth is that how long can destiny be delayed and the truth hidden, and this collective consciousness be kept asleep or in chains before everything reaches a limit and takes it course in the most violent way ever imagined? This worries me a lot. What about you my friend?

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    1. Thank you for all your supportive comments. The reason I do not answer is that I don’t like to show comments or likes or followers on my blog. That’s because being famous or being recognized for my thoughts and theories is not important to me at all. What’s important is that people learn something from what I feel is worth sharing. Thank you again.

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