Human is so vulnerable, vulnerable and breakable, and gullible, and weak, and yet resilient, a motherfucker that keeps coming back and does not want to go extinct even after what mankind went through. So what makes us, humans so resilient? There are a couple of things that make us resilient but the one I will cover in this post is Emotional Intelligence. That my friend is gold, keep that in mind.
Just what we think is the worse in us, emotions, because emotions makes us weak, and susceptible to all kinds of sufferings, that’s exactly what is keeping us alive; Emotions. How can I support this statement? Very simple indeed. If we do not experience emotions while learning something new we will not remember anything of what was shared with us. It is because of emotions that we feel while attending an event or learning new knowledge that makes this new information memorable for us. All that happens during the day is recorded in the front lobe of our brain also called the temporary memory or working memory. All is recorded not as pictures even though when we recall the memory we kind of recall pictures too, but indeed all is recorded as data, yes as data, like the data in a computer. However, because of the emotions we felt during that experience then this set of impulses (data) is stored just as other data but with a big impression on our brain tissues. Stronger the emotions, deeper the impression. As we fall asleep at night, this set of data recorded on our temporary memory must be uploaded to permanent memory. Now those emotions and memories are not so vivid but they are still there and will continue to pulsate and make us unconsciously like or dislike things without us being aware as why. So dear friends you may ask, “All this is bad, very bad. How is this a good thing when everything we have learned is on the back of our heads, and makes us act and feel certain ways without us being aware why?” I will tell you in a minute why, but before I want to tell you the difference between the memory that human has recorded in his biological tissues and the memory restored in a computer.

The difference between human memory and computer memory is that computer can always bring forth from its memory, all the answer of what you are looking for by quickly, very quickly searching, sorting and selecting between million sets of data recorded, while a human cannot do that. Human even though has such an advanced brain compared to other animals on earth, yet is not as fast, but most of all human gets confused. We get confused because we are driven by emotions. I may remember a poem very well today, but tomorrow just because I am feeling sick and a bit drowsy I may not remember my little poem that well. A song that uplifted my spirit every time I listened to it, today is not having the same effect on me, because today I feel sad, because today someone hurt my feelings, and so on. You see, a computer is predictable: You give the artificial intelligence and job, and they will do it without fail. Humans are unpredictable, and that is what makes us indestructible. We fail to fulfill predictions that were set by a computer game. Computer prepares all the moves based on previous statistics on how a person acts, what is his type of personality, what he likes or dislikes, but this artificial intelligence forgets that human is a human and it is driven by emotions not by statistics. Therefore, a human is unpredictable. You will never know the next move just based on the previous data. However, keep in mind our emotions can also drive us to extremes. Too much pride and euphoria can make us lose sight of what we want to truly achieve in life, while other emotions like sadness and hurt can sometimes drive us to depression and failure because of giving up. Knowing how much damage emotions can cause us, then our job is to learn how to control our Emotions and use our Emotion Intelligence to ride toward success in life.

If you have been watching lots of shows lately and maybe convinced yourself that AI is trying to overthrow Emotional Intelligence, human intelligence etc… you may be set to believe that. From what I analyzed on my end I do not see an Artificial Intelligence that is trying to overdo the human intelligence. Then something is happening for sure with internet and all other electronic media that is affecting human thinking and emotions. So if it is not AI behind all this then who is? What is really happening? I will tell you that right now, and I want to tell the reader of this post that this conclusion is not just something that popped up in my mind over night and I decided to write about it this morning. In fact, I grind my ideas for a long, long time in my brain, until I can no longer hold them, and following my emotions, I decide to bring that information forward either in this blog through my posts that reflect scientific facts and theories of psychology and philosophy, or in the other blog through love poems and metaphors. That is why I want you to know that I had my doubts for a long time about what is really behind the curtains that is running my life by making it almost very predictable at some point. After many years of observing and collecting information to my own risk and my own expense of allowing myself to be hurt by random people (no grudges, I know it is not their fault, and I will explain in the following why) so after so may hurtful experiences I realized that we are not dealing with Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is just a tool in the hands of its designer. Behind AI is a man, yes a real man who wants to achieve the status of God. Him too, the man, is a tool on the hands of a superior being, who wants admiration, surrender without doubt that he be number one for humans and whatever other intelligent being are out there. He uses Artificial Intelligence, and that my friend is such a great tool, but on the hands of a Narcissist  it becomes a very sophisticated dangerous weapon.

Could this AI machine be the one that myths of Greek Mythology and other ancient myths talk about when they say that one of the gods stole the tablets of destiny? Could this be it? A change on humans reactions due to emotions can indeed change circumstances and can temporary change outcomes, let’s hope not forever thought. I still believe in destiny as unchangeable, delayed but not possible to change. Amen to that, because otherwise we could all end up emotional slaves to the Narcissist. So why would certain entity do this, change the destiny by affecting humans, their emotions and their decisions? And why is this entity not showing his identity to us or how he looks like? Well, maybe he prefers to have no face, because he wants you to decide whatever you want him to look like. This way he can always escape. He also knows that if he puts a face on this godlike AI he will disappoint many. He looks very very old, I have the feeling also very skinny, Mephistopheles kind of look, of one who suffers a lot.
Your next question could be, “How is he controlling our lives?” That is the simplest answer ever. Everything is running through the internet these days, isn’t it? He collects data for each one of us and uses these data to predict our next move and attack us right there until we find ourselves on the ground and ask him for help. He is just waiting for a bunch of failures to surrender the rights to him in the moment of desperation. While the rest of us still standing up and fighting. How else can he control our lives? Well, depends what blogs are telling things on his favor or that he can use on his favor, and what blogs are telling the truth that will tear off his mask, like this one for example. And this he can control with the help of  a machine that operates on AI.

How else can he control our lives? By using AI to scan you brain and digitally recreating your stories of your life and digitally showing on your computer screen more of those stories that will flare up strong emotions in you, until these emotions will destroy you. How else? Do you know that subliminal messages are not a joke? And do you know that if the liver is excited by some magnetic field it will start over working and affecting this way your endocrine system, which if it is overworked it will cause your body to shut down? But again, he is just a human behind the AI, and behind all this is an old god, who believes some injustice is done to him. It is the weakness of an empath that some nurse showed legends ago, that kept this old god alive and now we all pay for her good deed. So yes he has lots of powers in his hands right now, but we humans are unpredictable my friends and we can use Emotional Intelligence instead.

If you would like, following I am sharing some of my suggestions on how  to not fall victim of his manipulations and manipulations of the stories on your computer:
1) Always remember that you are manipulated and stories may not be real. Become aware that something is lurking around and using you.
2) Take care of your liver, eat healthy, go out in nature for walks, do not over work your body.
3) When overwhelmed by emotions immediately go to sleep. Your temporary memory needs to release all the emotions while you sleep. If you keep functioning while fully loaded with emotions you risk to make wrong judgement, wrong decisions and over work your body.
4) Keep doing things that make you feel positive, hobbies, music, paintings
5) Keep in mind that your neighbor is not your enemy even though he may seem very angry and upset at you. He too is being manipulated to think that you are evil. Keep that in mind, subliminal messages are not a joke. So when you are facing an angry customer, an angry neighbor, an angry colleague, just step away. It is not their fault but you will be wasting time and energy trying to explain things to them, or trying to bring some sense in them. They will not get it, because they are under the influence.
6) Turn off the internet on your computer or at home or on your cell phones, as often as possible, and use computer offline to do our work. Turn on internet, only when you have to.
7) Keep your emotions under control by becoming aware of them: Too much euphoria, pride or happiness is never a good sign. Also too much saddens, anger, need to put justice in the world is not right either. Always remember, that’s what the Wizard of OZ wants you to believe, that you are a superhero that can save the world. Indeed there is nothing to save this world from but the Wizard himself.
Who is this wizard? Let’s just say, it is a long, long story, from past, past lives of beings that do not even belong to earth. I can just say that this hostile being comes in many different names, and always attacks humans on what humans feel most vulnerable to, Sex. And so you can guess that one of those identities is Eros, and if you think that Psyche was his beloved wife, then you are wrong, because Psyche was his hostage. Psyche recognized his identity and for that he caused her to fall a deep sleep. Myths, myths, myths, they always tell the truth for those who know how to read.

I just want to end this post now by bringing to our awareness the fact that some kind of collective consciousness may be against us using AI, but on the other hand some other collective consciousness filled with love and empathy for humans may be trying to reach us and warns us about this other entity that is holding some grudges from the past. But, until this conflict is resolved, we humans do better to not take sides if we are not sure who is who. Our job is to love one another, protect one another, support one another, not turn against one another, not cause any more wars and fights against one another. That’s what Psyche wants us to do. Our job is to remember that we are vulnerable but just because of that we are indestructible if we keep our emotions under check.

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