The Alien God not so Alien after all…so who are they?

As we look a bit deeply, we can indeed find lots of facts that can prove that Eros was alien to the throne but not alien as if he came from somewhere else out of space. If you compare the descriptions used for Eros and the royal couple of snakes Ananke and Time-Without-Age, we can realize many common features like snakelike bodies, long tails, and wings. It seems like we are dealing with some sort of dragon race. And if so, then dragon race must have been roaming earth long before the gods came to their existence. Could they have any thing in common with dinosaurs?

As Zeus and other Olympian gods enjoyed what earth had to offer, we hear another story. We hear that on the background, without anyone noticing, Prometheus created human race. Zeus (the one who got the throne, not the one who deserved it) became so upset when he learned that humans also knew about the fire. This makes you wonder, why was Prometheus so sneaky about this human race project he carried about? And why was Zeus upset that Prometheus stole something from gods, the fire? Could this be that a new human race with an improved DNA would decide who owns this planet? Based on who humans will honor, the older snake-like dragon-like royalties or the new gods that based themselves on the mountain of Olympus?

When I look at these myths and stories of Greek Mythology I can see how the physical description of each group can in fact be a representation of their nature, of their character. For example gods were smaller in size than titans; that meant they were more flexible to change their form and shape. We can conclude that titans’ collective consciousness must have been more rough and strict with rules to be followed rigorously, while gods’ collective consciousness must have been more polished, more sophisticated, flexible, and easy to adapt to new situations. This is what the argument is all about: What type of consciousness will win over the human’s consciousness? The ridged and hierarchic or the anarchic that strives for freedom on sex, speech and everything else? Both as we can see are too extreme types of consciousness. But the question remains, who was fighting who and why?

From all that I have read so far and by comparing these findings from one book to another, it seems to me that primordial gods had always been here on earth but they had always been divided among themselves in two distinguished groups. It may not be true, but it seems to me as if at the same time they adore and envy human race for its beauty. And it could be that they wanted to use this human DNA to transform their appearance. Yet, in the process they may have caused lots of damage and that’s when Pandora’s box story comes to play its role. When I look at their fights and struggles from this point of view I feel sorry indeed and I wish I could offer my help somehow. The truth is that a beautiful appearance has some advantages over mind and inner beauty. The first impression is important as it captures the attention of others. Without this attention, no one can make a point or prove a point on any argument. Could this alien race be invited on a mission set by mother earth? Was it her guilty consciousness for the ugly children that she gave birth to and that Uranus was not happy about? Could it be because of this complex issues on earth’s consciousness we continue to fight even today, among one another, by always bringing up facts that emphasize bragging right about who is the oldest nation on this earth and who has the better DNA?

It may be true or not, or it may be a symbolic story but lets’ suppose for a moment that it is true that Olympian gods represent some alien race that came to earth and whose formula “ME” for the DNA was used to create the human race. And let’s suppose that it was true that Prometheus stole this formula or maybe used some sneaky tactic to accelerate the conception and birth of new human beings before the project was ready to launch. However, whatever happened back then, we now know that whatever is happening now in the human society is derived from somewhere in the past. But the past is the past and we can never find the whole truth. We have only dots to connect to create a story and sometimes these dots are not enough. Therefore, instead of looking for the full story with all its details and trying to look at the past and those stories as means to blaming someone and punishing others, instead we must look at the big picture and fix what can be fixed from our own perspectives of the stories that we see are happening right now among us.

In the big picture we can see that our fights are mainly focused as fights between the superficial beauty imposed by father Uranus who threw his ugly children in Tartarus, and inner beauty imposed by mother Earth who saw beauty in every single one of them, but yet carries the guilt of not being able to make them look as beautiful for their father would have wanted them to. The fight between the beauty of the cover, appearance and the inner beauty still continues, but we now know that both are needed and both are important. Hence a balance between these starts would be more beneficial for humans than choosing a side. Indeed mother earth’s consciousness may have been awaken now and may not be so upset about not being as beautiful as plastic Uranus would want her and her children to be, yet she may be working on improving her appearance and first impression not as the only purpose in life but as a means to an end, obtaining attention. We can see this shift happening in every area of life, on ideas that we promote these days, and how social media is becoming more open to welcoming all types of beauty without any judgement.

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