Is it a curse or is it norm on which life goes on so that we, with our own existence will clear up our parents’ sins and the guilt their consciousness carried on? This is the paradox that Uranus shared with his son Kronos cursing him before he was killed. But was it really a curse or was it a necessity of life? Was this the original sin which we cannot do without? I will try to explain this paradox by looking at this phenomenon not only from Freud’s point of view that saw this as a predestined repetitions which he called the Oedipus complex for boys and Electra complex for girls, but also as a necessity to continue life, to continue our existence. How can we say that? I will start with the Oedipus complex first.

When we look at the chronology of this phenomenon and how it repeats in Greek mythology from one generation to another, we will notice that there is a similarity between the boys who perform such act. Kronos for example was the youngest of all his siblings. Myths share that he felt almost invisible, and because of this it was easy for him to fool his father and then kill him. In the same way, Zeus is invisible to Kronos; he doesn’t even know that Zeus is outside his territory (outside his tummy). The conclusion that we can make is that there is always one son that feels invisible to his parents that finds this as a good opportunity to act as a hero to please their mother by killing the father. In contrary to Freud, I would say that such complex is not common for every boy and girl, but it only repeats with that son or daughter which feels invisible and would want to prove their worth by taking the place of the father (or the mother) and becoming the new King or Queen. This is obviously a manifestation Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A child that was not feeling worthy and was ignored by parents and his siblings wants to satisfy his ego by doing something big, something worth talking about, something that will make him very valuable on someone’s eyes. Hence, in contrary to Freud, we can conclude now that Oedipus complex or Electra complex have nothing to do with sexuality and sexual feelings of a child toward the parent of the opposite sex. It has always been the manifestation of Narcissism. However, the curse of Uranus is something predestined to happen in every generation thereafter, coming down to us, humans, and has nothing to do with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Oedipus Complex, and more with the fact that once a child is born he or she will carry on same sins the mother and the father before him were carrying. And it is now his or her duty to continue life while carrying these sins and to try to understand and decode these sins, in order to clear up the collective consciousness from the guilt it was carrying on itself. This is this repetition that Freud was talking about, which has nothing to do with attraction of the child to the parent of opposite sex, even though it seems so, but it has to do with the energy carried on in this child’s DNA, the moment it is conceived. Hence, this was called the first sin.

Why was this a sin? Was it a sin because it had to do with sex, or is it because of something else? Sex, again, has nothing to do with the sin, but conception of a child is the sin. It is considered a sin because it will carry on his mother’s and father’s mistakes, fears, complexes, insecurities and everything good or bad that is encoded in his parents’ DNA at the point this child was conceived. Hence, the curse will repeat: If son killed the father, then when son becomes a father will be killed by his own son. Or if mother had insecurities about the way she looked, then her daughter will share the same insecurities. And so, not only the knowledge but also all the errors of the parents, including their wrong beliefs, are now transmitted to the new child, and the new generation. This makes life a necessity that must go on, through the sin of conceiving, because in order to clear up such wrong beliefs and errors, from the collective unconsciousness of our ancestors, we must replay the same sins, the same mistakes, under new circumstances and hopefully increased knowledge. However, since there was not enough time to accumulate a great amount of knowledge in the first generations, then our ancestors’ sins were replayed with lots of violence in the beginning of humans’ history, such as murdering the father to take his throne. However, as generation after generation we accumulate more and more knowledge then our understanding is increased and actions of violence are no longer necessary. The same sins will be replayed but in a more twisted way where violence may not be required anymore, but a new generation with strong character, values and talents, with a strong sense of fairness would become a necessity at some point to put a stop to replaying our ancestor’s mistakes and start living a destiny of their own.

Before I close this post I want to mention something personal. The other day I had a conversation with another blogger which left me perplexed, because his words left a bitter taste in my mouth. It had such effect on me for the fact that his words were indeed full of anger and accusation for human race and for Adam and Eve stealing the apple of knowledge and reaping all the fruits from the Garden of Eden. I sensed lots of things in his words, but when someone has so much anger accumulated there is no point on carrying on any further discussions, because such anger is either as a result of false accusations, hence it was purposeful, or it was due to false information he has about what really happened in Garden of Eden. In both situations any direct communication will only make matters worse. Therefore, I decided to write this piece to make it clear to him or to anyone else who may have created any false illusions about that “glorified DNA” that we humans may have stolen when our Adam and Eve were kicked out of that Garden of Eden. We humans are just victims. We are just the players of those sins that unfortunately were encoded in their DNA and that someone arbitrary decided to implant those sins on us when they modified our DNA with their “glorified DNA.” Now who may have triggered the event of conceiving the first child that Eve was carrying on, when she left the Garden of Eden, and whether this baby was Adam’s child or not, that is still a mystery, as we know. Therefore, it is true that humans are the bridge between these two strong clans that clashed among themselves, and used us humans as their Muppet. However, I believe they may have finally understood that we humans are indeed very important for both sides since we are the ones that are clearing their dirty consciousness, that replay their sins and easy their guilt. As such, I hope they must have come to the conclusion that what happened to the Garden of Eden could have been a necessity after all, to continue life on earth, as both clans intended to do. But without a purpose to clear up a sin, there is no moving forward to perfection, there is no existence. Above all, you cannot come on someone’s land and declare it as yours. If you want to share the land then you must share the fruits too.

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