“Each day is a new beginning!” My grandmother taught me this mantra. I used it because it gave me hopes for a positive day ahead of me, without really seeing it how that can be. Today, I became aware of the deep truth this mantra holds for me. For the last 10 years a process started within me, a quest to find my true self. My true self had pieces missing and scattered all over the place. Day by day I am collecting them, and bringing to my awareness what once was sleeping in my unconsciousness. Day by day I am becoming aware of the old stories that make the new me more complete. I feel happy to learn so much about myself, about my past consciousness, realizing of who I was and what my potential can be in the future, but most of all, I feel happy to realize that I had people who always loved me, that never stopped supporting me and believing in me, people who always wanted to see me succeed. I feel so grateful for the love I received and I still continue to receive. And knowing that love is always by my side, when I become aware that I am always in the minds and hearts of those who I love, that’s what makes me tremendously happy.

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