It was a bad year for crops in Delphi and famine spread all over the kingdom. People lined up at the gates of the king’s palace begging for some food. King gave food left and right as much as he felt it was necessary to gain enough admiration from the masses and without risking his own reserves for himself and his family. But, at the end of the day he became tired. He was about to leave when a young little girl stopped on his way, begging for some food as she was about to starve to death. King did not think much; this young girl is not important, and no more important than anyone else in his kingdom. He needs these people to survive, because they are his audience, and he needs the applause and emotions from them. He needs their admiration. That’s all; no more, no less. If one of them dies, and even if half of them die, that it is not this king’s concern. So, the king was bothered by this girl’s request and her begging, especially the way she interrupted his routine, when and how she got in the way of him leaving the stage of his own show. So, without thinking twice, the king threw one of his sandals at her head and insulted her, by reminding her that she is no one and she should not dare interrupting the king from his walking home.

Every one left the scene and nothing special happened indeed. The next morning this will repeat again. King will go out in public, share some free food for his audience, his people. They will adore him and he will return home again, happy for another day, another good deed. But, that night things were about to change in this kingdom. The young girl, whose name was Charila, was insulted because she begged for food, but she was just an orphan girl and no one could even remember her, who she was or what she would do after all. She was not important, but what was important was the fact that she had some knowledge in her that was about to die with her that night as she hanged herself on a tree. The physical pain that she experienced from starvation and the emotional pain that she experienced from king’s insult, especially the fact that no one would ever care that she existed or died, made her even more determined to end her own life as to end the pain. But, as she died that night, they say that her ghost could not leave and this created a horrible whether with a drought that lasted for years and years after, and things were never the same. King was in real trouble at this time. He was running out of food supply. He could no longer perform the farce of the good deed because now all turned into a tragedy. The problem was that no one was ever aware as to what changed the climate so badly in that kingdom. Yes there was some trouble before but the king could still perform the farce of good deeds, but now? Now he realized that the farce became his own self-fulfilling prophecy. Gods, the Greek gods knew a secret. They told the king that the reason why all this happened is because of that young girl that no one knew about. It was her ghost or her unconsciousness still hanging around in that kingdom that was causing all this trouble.

As these gods suggested, the king must perform the same act as he did before, when people were gathered in front of him in public, and he gave some free food, and when he was about to leave this young girl, now an actress in her behalf, would stop his way out by begging for some food. Then the king should throw his sandal at her one more time, and then as this actress leaves the scene. The mass of people then must gather and hang a made up doll on a tree nearby that would represent the action of the orphan virgin girl who hung herself on the tree, years ago. Then the mass of people and the king will acknowledge her and especially the mistake they made by ignoring her. This mass hysteria of crying and weeping would be enough to satisfy the lost ghost of that orphan girl. She left the kingdom by releasing them from the curse of drought, and this kingdom was once more a happy kingdom again. However, they must never forget to replay the same farce-tragedy every eight years at the same time, and that’s how it came to be known as the festival of the Virgin Suicide.

This sounds very silly and cruel at the same time. How can a piece of doll be enough to substitute all the pain this orphan girl went through, all her humiliation and all her suffering? How can some crying and weeping be enough to change the weather even? It does sound a little like hocus-pocus and probably is, but hocus pocus is only hocus pocus for those who have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Indeed, a lot of things may be going on in this simple story of Greek Mythology. For example, in case you have read my previous posts here, you may be aware of the fact that I call antimatter this substance that is not made of matter particles, which some time ago used to be called ether, and that possesses a monopole magnetic field that is organized in many levels of energy. These levels of energy are attached to different types of matter and it is this energy that brings matter and life to their existence. Level one of this energy is what makes matter exist. Level two is what makes organic cells exist; Level three is what makes nervous systems to function. Level four of this energy concentrated in the chakras of a human body makes our body function as a machine that produces and both emotions and reason and that makes these two affect one another. We can now imagine that the higher we go with these levels of energy and the way they connect to further living creations, the more sophisticated these beings become. Some of these personalities with higher levels of antimatter energy are what we call collective consciousness. This consciousness affects our individual human consciousness, and all that is known by this collective consciousness will remain as part of our unconsciousness until we become aware of these facts. This is why bringing the death of this orphan to king’s awareness and the awareness of other people was important. It was not only important for the king and the of people masses not to be starved, but also for the collective consciousness.

It was the fact that the king and the masses became aware of something from the past; they felt that emotional death again as if it happened in the present moment. Feeling those emotions of the tragedy of that little girl’s life was important because what once was in the collective unconsciousness is now in the collective consciousness of the people of that kingdom, because now they were all aware of the bad things they had done by being selfish and careless for the lives of others. This farce-tragedy was supposed to become a lesson, but instead humans’ little minds turned them into festivals, where the main purpose of replaying the tragedy is lost.

This story reminds me of the story of Jesus and the fact that if gave his life to remind people of the fact that we often misjudge and condemn the wrong person, unfortunately this meaning is now lost. Also, the most important lesson of all Jesus’ teachings is lost too, which was to treat your fellow humans the same way you would like yourself to be treated by others. All is lost because humans’ little minds turned this tragedy into a farce-festival-religion type thing. We act mindlessly and carelessly like those people in the story of that kingdom. We all say, “Oh let’s celebrate the death of Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins. Yeay! We are now saved.” How stupid indeed. The purpose is to become aware of the lesson his death brings not to make it as fancy as possible, and even wear Jesus’ cross as jewelry around our necks. Keep the cross in your wallet if you want, to remind you of Jesus’ lesson to treat others the same way you would like to be treated, but don’t use it to show off. When you show off, the purpose of his death and of his lessons that we should become aware off by bringing them from our unconsciousness to the consciousness, all is lost.

I could explain that in fact what these Greek gods tried to teach that king and his kingdom was not hocus pocus at all, and it was true not only from the psychological point of view by combining Freud and Jung’s ideas, but also from scientific perspective.  I indeed used some formulas trying to explain this phenomenon using the formulas for kinetic and potential energy in one of the earlier versions of one of my books, “The Truth.” Only a few copies of this book were sold, before I realized that subject was too scientific and too boring for the average audience to comprehend. Hence I withdrew this book from publishing sites  and created two different versions of it, “Twelve Laws that Define a Human Being” and, “The Truth; In Search of Antimatter.” Here in this post however, I would like to quickly explain this fact, for those curious minds, that it is nothing magical when we say that human awareness can in fact change the climate too, because all is about the balance of energies. Here is one simple example: If a ball is left to fall free from height H, then the moment before the ball was left free, its kinetic energy was equal to zero because ball was at rest at that point, at that moment. Then as the ball made its way down the height H becomes smaller as the speed of the ball becomes bigger, until at some point all its potential energy mgh at the beginning of the free fall, turns into kinetic energy (mv2)/2  at the end when the ball hits the ground.

The same thing as with matter happens with the antimatter levels too; energy transforms from consciousness to unconsciousness and somewhere in between. Nothing is lost, all emotions and lessons are still present in our collective unconsciousness and if we do not want these emotions to play out and the tragedies to repeat we must then keep those lessons alive in our awareness instead of repeating mindless routines, and celebrate religion holidays without real awareness for Jesus’ real sacrifice and lessons. This transformation from unconsciousness to collective consciousness also applies to other religions too. All those Muslim girls that wear those attires to remind themselves how good they are for following their religion with devotion, and those Muslim men that stop everything to pray in the streets or whenever they may find themselves at that specific time of the day, they should also ask themselves, what are they praying for by being fully aware of what they say during their prayers so they would bring their good intention and lessons to their consciousness instead of letting it become a mindless routine. I believe that it is important to  remind ourselves, and constantly so, that we are just some actors playing the roles that we are assigned for, in order to produce the emotions that will bring certain lessons to our consciousness. The king has the role of the king, the poor girl has the role of the poor girl begging for food, but we must be aware of other people’s pain and conditions so we do not cause any further pain, as these roles often may switch to make us aware of our own mistakes and lessons. Our real duty in living this life is to keep the most important lesson in mind, which is that at our consciousness and unconsciousness levels we are all judged in the same way. Most importantly, we must not forget that careless actions like the death of a young orphan girl can indeed destroy the whole kingdom. And this my friends is just one of the secrets that Greek gods knew and wanted us to know too.

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