Is our unconsciousness part of our personality as Freud suggested and therefore has a lower level of knowledge than our conscious mind, or is this unconsciousness outside of our consciousness, as Jung suggested, and therefore not part of our personality, but that holds a higher level of knowledge and authority over us? I am about to finish reading Psychology and Religion by C.G. Jung, and I found myself asking this question over and over. At this point I am convinced that Jung’s ideas are very accurate. In this book Jung explains how through dreaming we can understand that we are all hooked up into some sort of unconsciousness that can indeed affect our thoughts and our beliefs. Jung questioned what this unconsciousness is and what its attributes are. As he pointed out, if we say that unconsciousness in our dreams is just the same kind of psyche as our consciousness, then how can that be? These two must be different things since when we are unconscious while asleep and dreaming is not the same activity as when we are awake, aware and alert when we think and are conscious. Therefore, we cannot say that our dreams are our own thoughts; especially we cannot say this for those people who had experienced prophetic dreams and have heard some sort of authoritarian voice talking to them, giving them suggestions and ideas. These two are not the same type of psyche. They are not. At this point Jung is very close to suggesting that what gives us dreams is a collective consciousness which in itself is divided into bigger groups. And since our consciousness is part of this collective consciousness then collective consciousness has a higher state of knowledge then our own consciousness.

I must say that I agree and disagree with Jung at this point. Following are my objectives: Not always when we dream, we are hooked up into this collective unconsciousness. Sometimes we just dream silly things that are not connected at all with one another or that make no sense. Sometimes we dream things that are indeed connected with what we did during the day or what we anticipate to do in the near future. Sometimes we dream things that may be reflection of what is happening around us. For example if we feel like we are in a desert and feel too hot and thirsty then maybe room temperature is increased, or if you feel like you need to use the bathroom that’s because you really need to use the bathroom at that time. As you can see, not all dreams are related to religion or prophetic revelations, or that are influenced by the collective consciousness or archetypes as Jung suggested. At this point I want to add that maybe Freud was correct too when he said that dreams reveal hidden messages that our unconsciousness wants us to become aware of. Jung opposed Freud’s idea by saying that why would our unconsciousness play these messages in such conspiracy, by not giving us direct messages as if it wants to lead us astray. Anyone can say that Jung has a point in this argument with Freud but I would oppose his idea by saying what Jung himself insinuated about this collective consciousness that affects us in our dreams. This collective consciousness is not our own consciousness and therefore, being an outside source you cannot put that much faith that this outside source is only trying to lead you on the right direction. Being an outside source then one of more reason to think that its messages need to be confined and hidden from the obvious. It needs to make us believe that these are our own thoughts and these prophetic dreams are our own consciousness or higher consciousness speaking to us.

In all these facts collected from Freud and Jung I came to the conclusion that unfortunately not only our dreams may not be our own dreams all the time, and our beliefs may not be our own beliefs, but also during the day we must become aware that our thoughts and our emotions may not be ours. These may be induced from outside sources. What makes matters even worse is the fact that these outside sources of collective consciousness, that are divided into different archetypes as Jung called them, may indeed be fighting among one another for territories and more followers, who would believe in them and without knowing or questioning them would follow these suggestions. How do I know this and why am I making such a bold assumption? It is simple, these collective consciousness, these archetypes are not part of our consciousness, of our personality, because during sleep we are not consciousness; we are unconscious and when we wake up we barely remember the dreams and their messages, which sometimes are indeed very encrypted. Therefore it is not just our unconsciousness, this part of our personality as Freud suggested, that affects our behavior, belief systems or our thinking and even emotions, in hidden ways. It is indeed this collective consciousness as Jung suggested, this source outside of our personality that affects us in every possible way, during sleep and during our day.

How does this collective consciousness affect us? It affects us through subliminal messages, through every message you hear on advertisement, music, media, and on the net. All it is possible due to our absolute minimum threshold of our hearing sense. When we receive messages that are lower in frequency than our absolute minimum threshold for humans, we do not recognize these messages as received from outside sources. Instead we would think of them as our own thoughts, since we did not sense these messages through the hearing sense. We only perceived them once the message had already arrived in our brain. Yes, indeed we are vulnerable like this, and this is not the first time I am mentioning in my blog of how vulnerable we are to hypnosis, subliminal messages, and suggestions. However, once you become aware of this potential danger, you become suspicious of ideas that pop in your head all of the sudden. And as you become suspicious you start gathering more facts before you dismiss or approve them.

As what are these archetypes of collective consciousness and what is their purpose? I do explain something similar in my book “The Truth” when I mention that antimatter, a special monopole magnetic field that surrounds all types of matter, is organized into different levels. Without going into too many details, I would say that level one of this antimatter is part of each atom that makes all matter. Atom is very small as you know, but there is such a vast amount of atoms all over the universe because wherever is matter, there must be atoms. So spheres of level one antimatter must be all over the universe in a vast supply. Spheres that carry the level two energy of antimatter (higher than level one) must have a bigger radius than spheres that carry level one antimatter. These level two spheres are concentrated around each organic cell. And inside each sphere that carries level two there are thousands of spheres that carry level one antimatter. We can move to level three antimatter and in the same way the sphere of level three antimatter must have a bigger radius than the sphere of level two. I made the assumption in my book and there I explain why I think this level three of antimatter energy is surrounding neurons, therefore this level of energy is found on species that have a nervous system. In the same way, if we move on to level four, this level four antimatter belongs to all those living beings that can reason, and can use cognition like us, humans. Therefore, we can say that level four antimatter that comes in the form of spheres and that has wider radius than level three but there are less spheres of level four than there are spheres of level three. In our human body for example, we may have seven spheres of level four antimatter that are connected to seven chakras in our body, (although in some beliefs it is said to be more than seven chakras in our body, but let’s accept that there are seven for now) and inside each of these sphere that represent level four antimatter there may be many neurons therefore many spheres that carry level three antimatter. Also, inside each sphere that carries level three antimatter there may be many cells and so many spheres that carry level two antimatter are inside each sphere of level three. Inside each sphere of level two that are found around each cell of our body there may be thousands or more little tiny spheres that carry level one antimatter which surround every atom that is inside that organic cell.

If we use the same logic as above for higher levels of antimatter, we can conclude that there must be some sort of consciousness inside of which we reside and that is wider than our normal human body. Could this sphere of higher consciousness occupy a certain region, territory or could it be covering certain personality type or culture or religion and traditions even? It is too early to speak about that, but at this point we must accept that there spheres of carrier of higher consciousness (consciousness is knowledge, knowledge is information, information is antimatter, I have those explained in my previous posts or in my books “12 Laws that define a human” or “The Truth”). These spheres that carry higher levels of consciousness must follow the same pattern as above, and so they must have a bigger radius than the spheres attached on each of our chakras, but there must be less in numbers than spheres of level four antimatter attached to chakras of all humans falling inside that sphere that carries level five antimatter energy. And as we continue with this logic, we must not be surprised to conclude that Earth must have one specific magnetic field surrounding itself and inside of which all its living beings reside and are all affected by it. And by the same token, we can also say that our galaxy must have this special type of magnetic field of antimatter inside of which all different solar systems including our solar system reside.

As the radius of each sphere carrying antimatter and its magnetic field grows bigger as we move to higher levels of energy, the numbers of such spheres becomes smaller compared to previous lower levels of energy. So, by this logic it is not surprising that collective consciousness could be divided into archetypes as Jung said. It must not be surprising at all that myths talk about Earth as if it has a personality and we could assume now that Kronos sliced his father’s sphere of consciousness into smaller levels or smaller spheres of antimatter (consciousness), and so on. By using this logic, not only all myths and also classifications that Jung made of this collective consciousness but also what is assumed as cultural psyche or region psyches by some well-known theologists like Blavatsky and Dion Fortune will all start to make perfect sense now. On the other hand we can see that higher levels of antimatter become more and more static than lower levels of antimatter. Therefore they are less and less mobile and obviously related to certain region or areas on earth, or other planets, stars, galaxies and so on. Something that has become like an obsession for me lately and is driving me so curious is to find out the conflict between gods and Giants that is described in Greek Mythology. I already believe that each group represents different levels of antimatter and the bigger the body the higher is the authority and the level of consciousness (antimatter) that they carry on them, but my question at this point is how did gods win the war against giants? How was that possible? Was it because giants were more static and so related to certain regions on earth, while gods and their consciousness, were organized in spheres that were a bit more flexible and could move around? How? Legend has it that gods used human as an ally to win the war with giants. I love to cover this topic on another post and I want to say that Greek mythology but also other myths from other cultures are helping me to crack this code, because just like Jung and Freud I find myths very fascinating. I can say the same thing that Nietzsche, Freud, and Jung also agreed upon, that it is not by coincidence that myths and legends are created.

So long my friends.
Hope you enjoyed reading.

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