Today in my psychology class, I had such a good laugh, tears coming out of my eyes. I had to give this student 100% on his assignment, if not for the context, at least for the entertainment. This assignment was simple. Each student had to share a good or bad experience in life that they did not mind disclosing it to the class and then explain what kind of lesson they learned through this experience by utilizing the concepts learned in the Psychology class during this semester. Student Cico let’s call him, got up and told us the following story:
Cico: Two years ago I was in love. I had a girlfriend back home, but when I moved to Canada, distance started to create problems. After awhile we broke up. I was very upset and sad….
Me (I had to intervene at that point so he would not give us too many details of why they broke up, so I rushed him to the conclusion): Aha Cico,and can you tell us what lesson did you learn through this experience?
Cico: Well, I started drinking whisky…
Me: Aha, and what happened next?
Cico: I drank some more each night
(the class started bursting in laughs)
Me: OK, next? Any lesson?
Cico: I loved her so much so I drank even more
Me: OK Cico, did drinking help you?
Cico: Actually Miss it did…
Me: Oh? (I did not expect that answer LOL, he caught me off guard) OK, then what happened next? any lesson that you learned?
Cico: I learned that drinking helps. I forgot about her…
The whole class laughing like crazy…
Me: OK, so now what?
Cico: Now, I am ready to find a new girlfriend…
The whole class laughing even louder, but Cico did not mind, he seemed happy to share his story.
Me; So Cico let me get this straight, you were in love, she broke your heart, you drank whisky, and that’s how you forgot about her, and now you are ready for a new girlfriend.
Cico: Yup, pretty much that’s what happened.
Me: Ok, can you explain to the class the lesson, if there is any, that you learned through this experience, in terms of the concepts or the theories we learned in this psychology class? (I thought I caught him Check Mate, but not so)
Cico: Well, I learned that Freud was right. We are driven by sexual desires in our actions, and by aggression too. I did not become aggressive to the point to break any thing but I was angry and that is why I drank whisky until I collapsed on the floor, so I would not do anything bad. I also learned that Maslow was right about the hierarchy of needs. A man will be motivated to fulfill his basic needs that are at the bottom of the pyramid first, as Maslow showed in his theory of motivation. That means that I needed to fulfill my physiological needs first before feeling motivated to fulfill my psychological needs and pursue education or get a job to increase security or self esteem. That’s why I stopped crying and stopped drinking. I told myself, I need a new girlfriend. And now that I have hope, with so many beautiful girls every where, I feel motivated to study for my finals. (I forgot to mention Cico is very handsome, very charming and always happy going. Girls are probably begging him)
Well, I did not expect this ending. So, I gave Cico a 100% no matter whether I agree with Freud 100% or not.

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