I found this on the media this morning. It is cool and makes you think. But I believe it gives the wrong impression and the wrong message. Here s why I think so: I cannot say that just my soul is my true identity. In fact that is just my unconsciousness. What makes me me right now is a combination of three things all in one: Soul, the deep unconsciousness, the platonic love is also part of it; the DNA which makes me love or hate certain things, attracts or repel, all the chemistry of love is in the DNA; and last, my memories of the moments in this life as we see in those wires right under our skin, I cannot be me without memories of each step I took to be who I am today. So, in another world I may be very valuable as a soul, but here on earth with my humanly experience I am worth nothing if I miss any of those components. So, I know myself in the form I am now as this is the only form that serves me now and will carry on memories and lessons for my next life. I must love this identity and make the best out of this life now. The past and the future are in me now.

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