Only some special people feel that great responsibility of being a devoted parent, which means guardians of new souls that they brought into life. And only these special guardians would make great sacrifices for their children to the point that it may even ruin their career, good name, their love life, and anything that can define them, to keep their children safe, if that’s what it takes. Only these type of parents know that nothing matters more in life than being a guardian of those innocent souls. I have been in that position five years ago, when I blew of everything “good” that was connected to my name and my social life, my career, and my marriage. I did it for my children. And it didn’t matter that some people called me crazy and demanded that I see a doctor, when I decided to quit my job as a teacher with Toronto Catholic School Board, and quit being a Catholic too, because I could no longer face the hypocrisy day after day after day and pretend that it did not affect me or that it was nothing to worry about. I did it for my children, because I did not want them to live a lie and be OK with it. I had to be the example for them.

So, going down that path myself, I know when people decide to make sublime sacrifices for their children and their safety. I’ve done that five years ago, around this time, and I KNOW IT. But Universe is not sleeping….The energy is rising, and it started right at that moment when what was once hidden and unknown became known and clear to the collective consciousness. And I wish that things may shake a bit, but it’s all for the good cause, to bring justice for those who kept their mouths shut for so many years, who accepted humiliation and ruined all their dreams, because they had greater responsibilities on their shoulders. What I am saying tonight is not something that every one will understand, and that’s OK. You may get whatever you want from this message because it is not directed to anyone in particular. Maybe it is not directed to any one on earth or any one alive either. Maybe I am just venting or talking to this thing that we call collective consciousness. But, I needed to get it out of my system, as tonight my soul is crying for the love I lost 10 years ago. Separating us from one another was brutal, because it was not our choice. Our souls could not reconcile with other people’s choices in the name of duties and responsibilities because that love and passion we felt for one another was a rare gift that is not easy to find. Nevertheless, I went on with my life for 10 years, keeping him and his love, in a special corner of my heart and my mind. In the last five months I learned that him too never stopped fighting to get back to me, but there were so many threats on the way, so many obstacles for both of us that did not allow us to get back together again, no matter how much we tried and how hard we fought. And as his soul rests in peace, mine is not, and will not, until we get back together again.

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