The myths talk about Greek gods and how selfish they were and how much they disliked us humans to the point that Zeus punished Prometheus for showing humans one of the gods’ secret, the fire. As if this was not enough gods got together up in the Olympus and discussed what else they could do to punish humans even more. That humans were mortals and they fear death, and are so vulnerable because they feel emotional and physical pain, gods already knew that, but they wanted to know what else can make human life even more unbearable? I am pretty sure that these are just parts of the whole story, but that did not stop people to wrongly assume that Zeus hated humans, and that is why he sent a gift to men in order to punish them; gift’s name was Pandora. I really find this logic quite stupid actually. If mankind existed before Pandora then woman was not a gift from Zeus, women were among humans. Therefore, Pandora was not the gift; woman was not the gift.

The story says that Pandora opened the wedding gift and right there in a small box was our gift-punishment from gods called hope. But why? There are so many questions that can be raised at this point: 1) what’s wrong with humans using fire that Zeus had to punish Prometheus for leaking the secret? Were gods really that selfish or was there something to be concerned of if humans used the fire? 2) Were humans supposed to go extinct, while the use of fire prevented that from happening? Could this be the reason why Zeus was upset about? Could it be that well cooked food was easier to digest, therefore most of the human energy would be used for thinking or being creative with their free time? Or could be quite the opposite actually that cooked food leads to the use of natural resources to the point that one day mankind will fight over them and bring earth’s existence to danger? Or could it be that raw food like vegetables was the only acceptable food for humans otherwise human liver would be forced to work overload for too long. Maybe gods were concerned that this overworking liver may lead to some sort of diseases and malfunctioning of organs. And maybe, just maybe Prometheus’s punishment was symbolically representing the fact that our livers will be eaten little by little by an eagle every morning but it will heal during the night. Kind of make sense now, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s go a bit further, and let’s question why did Zeus send Pandora with that box of gifts? Apparently Pandora was not even human. The story says that Pandora was created and then was fashioned by Aphrodite’s liking to resemble a woman. Some say that Hephaestus fashioned her to resemble Athena and all other gods gifted/programmed her with specific traits especially to be curious, so she would open the box. If you read these stories more carefully you come to realize that everything is out in the open. Pieces of stories and facts may be missing here and there, but surely Greek gods were too bold to hide their true nature or their intentions. No one was trying to hide anything, at least not Greek gods. So, here we go, gods were able to create this robotic humanoids and the gift they sent down to earth to us, to mankind were some horrible diseases, plagues, and wars and one last thing left on the box was hope. To me all makes sense. As I am reading the story it is clear to me that eating cooked food caused something to humans, which gods could no longer prevent. As so they sent some kind of punishment to really sort out among humans those that could survive such plagues and diseases. Then once they had survivors they ordered Pandora to let out the last gift left in the box, the hope. This way, by having hope again humans would not kill one another anymore for the fear of diseases and plagues, or other terrible things that went wrong earlier. This kind of reminds me the story of Troy. When the heroes realized that the end was near they did not hesitate to kill one another in a flash, even children were killing a hero, as it was no resistance left at that point. Heroes, women, children had decided to all die at that point. It was like a silent agreement among them, to better get killed than be used to play whatever drama gods wanted them to play. Making the parallelism with Troy story, I came to the conclusion that inside Pandora’s box there was not any type of plague or diseases, or wars for that matter. What was inside that box then?

I can speculate that the box was just a radio which once turned on could have effected humans brains and nervous system by making them hallucinate of wars, plagues, diseases and so on. Could this have been Zeus’ project to prove to Prometheus the damage he brought to humans by leading them to eat the wrong type of food, and so making them vulnerable to any causal threats. If that project was to just prove a point then it makes sense that once many humans killed one another in their delusional states, then Pandora turned off the radio and humans got to hope again. The reason why I doubted that plague and diseases and hope were inside the box is the simple fact that humans are born to hope. In fact any living thing continues to exist because hope is part of living. If humans had not hoped before Pandora opened that box then humans would have gone extinct long before Pandora came along.

As I learned in my studies for the Master of Science in Psychology, our human body is quite vulnerable to everything. We could be subject and victims of subliminal messages and we may not notice anything due to our absolute minimum threshold of our hearing sense. The same thing applies to our vision. And let’s not forget that we function as a machine that is made of wires (neurons) and that electrical impulses travel through our neurons (via induction) to reach our brain. Once brain makes a decision about the information received through these impulses then it signals a command, which again in the form of electrical impulses will travel back to the different parts of our body, by making us act in certain ways. As if the neurons/wires and the minimum thresholds of hearing and vision senses were not enough to make us humans subjects to malfunctioning at any point in our life, let me also remind you that our endocrine system can pretty much end our normal functioning if it goes out of order by producing more or less of certain hormones. At the end of this post you will find more information about the importance of endocrine system in making us behave in certain ways, basically making us who we are, neurotic, or anxious, or depressed, or hyperactive, or lethargic and so on. All it is due to the functioning of our endocrine system. And if you know some anatomy then you know that endocrine system and nervous system are related, connected to one another. That is why when we think negative thoughts our body responds with negative emotions, which are just reactions in response to the change of the hormone levels. As such, subliminal messages can induce in us those negative thoughts, fear, panic, anxiety, while our endocrine system does the rest of the job to destroy us, by shocking our body due to the increase of the wrong hormones.

We had been long assuming that food plays a big role in our well-being, but have you thought of it this way? Maybe Prometheus did not do us any good in the end, or maybe quite in contrary he tried to save us and that’s why Zeus was upset about? Well, this will be the topic for another post in the future. I can’t say much about it right now, but what we already know is that it is never a good news when gods fight among each other because the poor people pay…Nevertheless, we are still here, and where is still life there is still hope. We can manage to control our fears and our emotions, especially now that we know that not all the emotions that we feel are real, and not all the negative thoughts that cross our mind are due to our own thinking.

Here is some info about endocrine system:

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  1. I know that my adrenal system has been pushed past its’ limits for the past four years or so after having a daughter. feels like i can breathe a little easier after having passed certain life milestones, and appreciate time spent resting in a healthy environment like the outdoors 🌴🌲🌳🍀🌵🐉

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