I have a little confession to make to my readers. When I write a post I let my thoughts drive me. I am aware of what I am writing and saying but not always what I wanted to say comes out in a proper grammar and sometimes thoughts may be repeated. It seems as if I write my post in a rush, because I am. I am always in a rush. Believe it or not, I start writing when I should be heading out of the door to get to work or to my next appointments. Yes, this is the reason why I am late for all my appointments as well. I love the rush I guess…or it could be that I feel so damn free to do what ever it pleases me…or it could be that I feel the rush to get that topic out of my chest before I crush and die in the next hour. However, I do not want the reader to think that my posts are not well thought. Quite contrary in fact; I have been thinking these posts for years and years now. I keep them bottled up until I can no longer hold these thoughts. When I feel the rush to write the post, it is just because it has been repressed for too long. For this reason my dear followers and readers, I want to apologize for my rushed posts when sometimes you have to read it twice to make sense of it. But look at it from the bright side; when you read the post twice you will understand it better. Maybe the Universe is working both ways for you and me. Nevertheless, in a day or so, when I realize that I am still alive, hahahaha, I go back to my posts and fix the sentences that were a bit confusing at first.
I wish you all happy reading and a day filled with joy 🙂

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