Two extremes, good or bad, black or white, here or there? It is always one side trying to dominate the other. If you put these two ends together and form a circle then the problem will no longer exist because there will be no more sides to choose, but that is also the end of extremes, and the end of the story. There is nothing to anticipate, wait or feel exited for. That is why the mystery of extremes continues, however, at some point, the existence of opposite sides is no longer a mystery. These opposites became a problem in our daily lives. Opposite point of views do not accept one another; they want to eliminate one another. Opposite political parties, opposite ideas in science, opposite opinions on important matters of life can only go that far when they decide to agree to disagree. Sooner or later the conflict restarts. So, now that extremes became opposites the mystery became a problem and the problem needs a solution.

One day I had a random conversation with someone, and as he was telling me what he was doing to resolve his problems, I bluntly told him that none of what he was doing would resolve his problem. He smiled and asked that what else was there to do. I answered, go back to the source and find out how the problem started. And that’s what I did in this case too. I followed my own advice, went to the source of the problem. I could not help it but ask myself, when extremes came to their existence that was a moment, but where were these extremes before that moment? Have they existed forever? Were they always two distinguished ends? I had to search for the answers in the Greek mythology, because as I said it before that is one of my favorite eras but also because it does hold some information about what goes beyond the known. Greek mythology is kind of obviously and yet not so obviously leading to the answers of almost all the matters of life. I can’t say I have studied all other ancient beliefs and then I chose the Greek mythology, because I cannot say I am an expert on Greek mythology either, but I follow what feels more familiar, more recent, more understanding to me, personally. I guess, being born in Albania, living there for first 30 years of my life, being exposed to those myths and legends, somehow it affected my choices in life. So then, what did I discover that made me feel so compelled to write about extremes and how all came to be?

Zeus won the war with Kronos and now it was his duty to swallow the whole universe in his sacred belly. Zeus was looking at what was before his existence and his father’s existence…He saw the two snakes intertwined, the royal couple of Time-Without-Age and Ananke, which I suppose must represent the space. And there was nothing beyond them. That is how far Zeus was able and allowed to see. But we already knew that we live in this time and space reality, and that we do not know what existed before this reality. And sometimes, what existed before this reality is not even important to us because there is so much going on in our reality that we do not have time or space to resolve the problems beyond our reality, right? This is fair, I would say, but my point on bringing the existence of the Royal couple to our awareness is that, right there at the beginning of everything is the answer to our mystery of extremes and how everything came to be. Extremes were a mystery for as long as they exited and they will continue to be for certain levels of consciousness. However, at lower levels of consciousness these extremes are no longer a mystery; at those levels, extremes became a problem, a problem that needed a solution. Was this the reason why Zeus went that far as to see what was at the beginning? Was he dealing with a problem he could no longer handle? It could be. Did he find the answer? Of course he did; if I found the answer, and I am just a human than Zeus did it too, but, how fast did Zeus come to the right conclusion on resolving the problems with extremes, and how willing was he to resolve the problem at that point, that’s entirely a different story, and it is a story that I would like to tell at another time. But for now, I will continue with the mystery/problem of extremes.

To recap, extremes were first intertwined, not in a circle, not separated either, they were together and yet they were distinguished from one another. That was at the deeper levels of consciousness, before anything came to existence. But, as things would come to their existence these extremes had to separate to express their uniqueness, to exhibit what distinguishes them from one another. And at the moment of separation, which was I guess a necessity to bring universe and life to existence, the problem of extremes started to exist. The first thought that crosses anyone’s mind when thinking of opposites (extremes) is positives and negatives. Therefore, this moment of separation between the two intertwined snakes must have started with a distinguished event: The existence of positive and negative electrical charges. Do you wonder about Big Bang, and what that loud noise was? Imagine having positive and negative charges all accumulated in one room, motionless sitting in the dark. In one split of a second the switch turns on and positives and negatives are seeing one another for the first time, becoming aware of the existence of the opposites, right there in the same room, sharing the same space and reality. Therefore it is to be expected that opposites will first be attracted to one another as to explore and understand one another, to answer that question that will always bug one, why does this thing looks so much like me, but yet it is not me? And as opposites were attracted to one another, driven by this curiosity to touch and explore one another they also came to sad realization that when they touch one another they also eliminate one another… And that’s how the opposites continued to exist separated from one another, afraid of each other’s existence, chasing one another and even fighting to gain domain over one another, not realizing that once their opposite is gone they will be gone too, just in a flash of light.

This fear of the opposites’ existence is transferred from one level of consciousness to another, from positive and negative charges to positive and negative thoughts, attitudes, up to the point of life and death, existence and non-existence. Yet, not everything went whoosh and disappeared when opposites came in contact with one another. We exist today, don’t we? So how is that possible? To answer this question I looked at the atom’s construction. Amazingly I found that positive and negative charges coexist inside every atom and these opposites, for some reasons which I explain deeper in my book The Truth, do not eliminate one another. Instead, they together create the strongest structure of matter that is indestructible. How is that possible? It may be a necessity for now that for some people this atom’s structure, which is built entirely on opposites, will continue to be a mystery, while for others this atom’s structure will be a guide to a better reality. Think carefully, in that small piece of matter, electron (negative charge) does not touch the proton (positive charge), it circulates it; it faces it but not touching it, it enjoys its company but yet not dominating it, and they are not even the exact match, because electron is very small compared to the size of proton. But there is another piece in the puzzle, the neutron particle inside the nucleus of the atom, and I can tell you that it is there where the real matches, the real halves of proton and electron reside…But if you want life to continue to exist, then that part should continue to remain hidden, a reality beyond reality, physical and metaphysical realities will continue to coexist. Again we deal with two opposites which should not ignore each other’s existence, but should not exploit it either.

So, where did I lead you with this conversation? I only lead you to something you already knew in your heart, that everything exists for a reason, the first Law that I cover in one of my books. Once things come to their existence, they will follow their destiny, which is the second Law of our existence. When things come to their existence they will not help it but act as they are supposed to, like a negative charge will be attracted to a positive charge for example. However, knowing the end result of this attraction one must stop before it’s too late. What does this means in terms of humans and human’s consciousness? Do soul mates exist? And if they exist, does that mean they are destined to never be together because opposites can eliminate one another? The funny or the sad thing is, depends on the point of view, that this ancient knowledge of opposites has been known but misinterpreted for generations after generations on earth. It is like telling a child that if you touch that electrical socket on the wall it will shock you, and the child grows up with the knowledge that touching or using electricity is bad. Child grows up with the fear about electricity, not knowing that he would have done so much if he only knew how to use it. So, in this journey of finding the truth about opposites I realized that not always touching the opposite will dissolve you as a person. That’s because we are much more than just mere opposite electrical charges. There are layers upon layers that will protect us from eliminating one another once we find our soul mates, just like the scales on the skins of the royal couple of snakes from which all begin to exist. These royal couple of snakes must be our lead; they were intertwined in order to coexist. They were together but not eliminated by each other’s existence, they honored the differences as they honored the joined points. The same truth is reflected in the existence of an atom. And so, two soul mates can live happily ever after for as long as they give each other time and leave space between each other for their personal growth, maybe have different hobbies, have other duties and different obligations to fulfill, for as long as one does not want to control and dominate the other, or does not become too curious as to know everything about the other, then two soul mates can live in the same castle and be forever happy. Yet again, remembering the atom’s structure, the electron cannot wonder too far from the nucleus (family) and proton (the opposite), because when this happens, the atom is no longer the same, no longer that strong, and any other electron that may come to substitute the one that left will just bring more baggage and so that atom that was before ceased to exist… Keep your soulmates close but not too close; give them some freedom, but not too much freedom…Does this make sense to you? Hope it does… This is just one of the simplest secrets of life. There is so much more to explore which I cannot spill it all at once, but a good beginning is the foundation of a better reality and a balanced life.

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