The question that was asked in part one, as which of the two runs our lives, destiny NAM or fate NAM.TAR,can now be answered. Based on the conclusion from part two we can say that even though destiny and fate may seem like two opposites, and because of this fact, they both are important to our existence. Both extremes rule our lives. If we would have to eliminate one, we would eliminate the other too; One cannot do without the Other. It is not hard to imagine that destiny is like those conjunction points where two Royal snakes come into contact with one another, while fate is like the distance between every two points of conjunctions. How we experience the distance between two conjunction points is up to us, we can make it a journey to remember or we can make it hell. However, we will, and always will reach the next point in destiny. This is the truth that Zeus or maybe someone else, managed to keep it a secret for so long, the truth that the script for the journey between two points in our destiny is in our hands. But, why was it kept secret? What was the benefit of hiding the truth about destiny and fate? Again I had to refer to Greek mythology for answers.

It was the book of Roberto Calasso “The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony” that opened my eyes to the fact that every story in Greek mythology, and all the stories that followed afterwards, even in our modern days, they all trace the same pattern of the two rivals (one good, one bad) and one prize. I saw at that moment that nothing is original anymore. I became aware of the fact that every story repeats with little bit of change in the way that the characters decide to relive, re-experience and re-tell the same story. I realized at this point that we are stuck going back and forth between two conjunction points, that’s why nothing is new; all is old same old, but polished in different ways. Obviously then, this is not our destiny that we are living. Something is keeping our collective consciousness in a loop that keeps repeating on and on, without allowing us to move forward to the next level of consciousness. I became even more aware of such absurdity when I started my studies for the Master of Science in Psychology Program. I could not believe that so many theories were said and re-said and keep repeating themselves in different forms but with the same core substance. If something was already said, how come humans keep making the same mistakes? How come people do not know these theories, and opposite theories keep flourishing by moving the trophy from one side to the other? Nothing is new, all has been said and done before, but why aren’t people aware of this? Why are they kept in darkness? To answer these questions I decided to do more research and referred to the materials I studied while I was taking online philosophy courses with Oxford University.

As I was looking back to all that material I had to study back then, my main focus became the argument between Plato and Aristotle regarding what is true (universal) and what is form (fake, copy of the universal) in life. For Plato the universal is the thought of God and is just the same everywhere, but once it comes into contact with each individual character, it becomes a form. Let me use an example to illustrate this concept of universals and forms: Let’s suppose that there are ten individuals in the same room, and all are looking at the color red reflected on the wall. Color red is the same for everyone, however, each of the individuals may perceive different shades of color red. Nevertheless, they cannot tell the difference between their shade of red and the other person’s shade of red. Color red is universal while the way each individual perceives it inside their individual brains, with different shades of red, are the forms. Who is to tell that someone isn’t indeed seeing green but he interprets it as red because this is what the person is told and learned all his life? Aristotle never supported such ideas as divine thoughts or God’s thought. For Aristotle form is a form and universal is universal. Therefore for Aristotle red is universal and no matter how the individual perceives it, red cannot be a form, red is universal. We can see that Aristotle was indeed talking about destiny, the conjunction points, while Plato was focused on fate, the distance between the conjunction points, the way people interpret and perceive the events from their individual points of views. Problem solved; they were both right. However, the problem was not resolved back then. Instead, it continues to this day, in different forms of arguments.

It is due to this main argument, that fate and destiny are two opposite concepts, or that destiny is changeable, while other opposite theory says that destiny is unchangeable, and then the form of argument changed by making it seem as a conflict between Determinism and Free Will, and so on. All these arguments are none the less the same argument that originated from Plato and Aristotle, but in different forms, which made it possible for the continuity of new theories to derive and create the illusion that we were dealing with new situations, new stories, new arguments. Thus, every time we move forward in our understanding, our discoveries, our inventions, and even our technology, we also go one step backwards because each time a new point of view emerges that is considered the opposite of the previous one. At this point we wrongly conclude that one must be right and the other one wrong, one must be real and the other one fake, one true and one untrue, one good and one evil. But all is an illusion.

In this battle between good and evil, humans were kept busy by being preoccupied to distinguish the truth from fake, and so we reached the point where we forgot the main law of our existence: If something or someone exists, then this existence must be taken in consideration even if that is the opposite of the other, especially if this new existence brings something new to the table, new knowledge, new technology, new information, new perspective. But why are we distracted and made to believe that we must distinguish right from wrong, real from unreal? All these millennials in our existence we had been looking to find justice and peace but we never found that because from each person’s point of view that person only (himself/herself) is just and others are wrong. We can now conclude that there must be a reason for our distraction. It seems to me that one or something is using a very refined technique to bring confusion and make people believe that one side is right, the other is wrong, therefore, only one side must win. Being preoccupied and distracted, humans keep repeating the stories in the never ending loop. The result? Always two opposite sides and only one side must win; one theory must be right, the other opposite theory must be wrong; one religion against all the others; nations against nations. The truth was kept hidden. But why?

The truth is that every time we fight to eliminate what we think and consider fake or the opposite to us, we in fact fight and eliminate ourselves. Therefore, no one wins, yet this reassures the show to go on and on with new characters, leaving us in awe for the ending of the stories, end of battles, end of days, and end of the world even… All is a manufactured manuscript, and we are but on a stage performing the same show over and over. Can we end this lunacy, and how? We can, by becoming aware that we need all these different points of views to exist, just as much as we need our own existence to be noticed by others. It is by accepting as valid the existence of different perspectives that we become aware of the full picture about life. This is like that old story that I always tell my students on the very first class in the psychology course that I teach, the story of the elephant and six wise but blind men. For those who do not know the story here is a short summary what this story is about. Six men decided to become wise by looking at the sun, believing that they will become as bright as the sun and full of knowledge. In the process they became blind. One day these six wise but blind men meet a little boy with his elephant. Since these wise men had never seen an elephant, before going blind, they asked the boy to describe it to them. The little boy did not know how to do that, so the six wise men, wise indeed, decided to touch the elephant with their own hands and then derive their own conclusions based on what they perceived. Unfortunately, touching different parts of the elephant, the task, the leg, the trunk, the tail and so on, they all reached different conclusions. One thought elephant must look like a spear, the other one thought that elephant must be like a giant wall, the other one thought elephant was like a thick strong pole, the other one thought elephant was a big fat snake, while the last one touching the tail thought elephant must look like a rope. As we can see, they were all right for the part of the information that they perceived on their own, however, they were wrong to dismiss the others’ conclusions. Instead they should have put those pieces of information together and get the whole picture on what an elephant looks like rather than dismissing these pieces.

Creating confusion among different groups and turning one against the other, was indeed genius but also evil. I could not help it but question, who would have done such thing? Who would have thought of this plan? Obviously someone who wanted to exist forever at any cost, by preventing us to move forward to the next conjunction in our destiny. I looked at all the Greek gods one by one. I looked at their characters, their stories, their motivations. The first one under attack was Athena, since she was the smart one, so she was capable of creating such confusion. She was the first one to blame, but I remembered that what is obvious is also wrong because that is exactly what the master of deception, behind the curtains, wants us to think. I found further evidence that indeed it was not Athena. I would like to share more of those stories about Athena on another post, but for now I just want to quickly mention something and leave you with it. How did Athena come to receive that special name as Pallas Athena, do you know? In the story of Athena, one day Athena and her dear friend Pallas were practicing their fight moves. Zeus did not know whether they were practicing or was it a real fight, and so with a reflection from sunlight he distracted Pallas. At that moment Athena killed her best friend by mistake. Does anyone buy this, because I don’t. However, do not be too quick at blaming Zeus either. I am still searching for the one who fears the end, and I know so far that the one who fears the end is not the one that lived life to the fullest, or the one who never had a chance to exist, but the one who always doubted and feared whether others truly valued his or her authority and existence; it is the most narcissist among the gods who causes this confusion, keep this in mind.

So here we are at this point in human history, were someone wants to make us believe that one side is right, the other is wrong, one is fake and one is real, and we must fight to win or the end is near… Yet, the end never came, and we keep fighting and no one wins. As such, we are living in a loop that is manufactured with one purpose in mind, to keep us from moving forward to the new level of consciousness which is the new generation. In the new era humans would not value any of the gods or religions. In the new generation there is no need to worship one god or the other, because things will be very clear and based on scientific facts as to what moves us forward in the journey of destiny, from one level of consciousness to another. But we must get out of this loop first, and the only way we can move forward to the next level of consciousness is by joining forces. Instead of fighting one another, instead of considering each other as opposites, we start accepting others’ views by using any information that we get and putting pieces of information together to discover the master behind the scenes. We are now very close to resolving this puzzle indeed.

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