*Note: This post has three parts. I have posted them in a way that the first part will be placed on top of the page and other two parts in sequence*

I know the title may seem strange to many of you but bear with me please. In my life, through my experiences I have learned a lot, like we all do at some point. However, each time I grasp a new insight on what life is all about, I felt pretty stupid for thinking something differently before. At those moments I feel broken to pieces, I feel little, I even blamed myself for accusing others of hurting me, or that I raised my voice that something was wrong, and things in this life are not supposed to go this way. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I always move on. I forgive myself, forgive others or rather say I understand others. I understand that sometimes other people may have no choice on what they say or do to me (or others) because they are unaware of lots of things including the fact that most of us are being directed to play specific roles in this reality. Sometimes it feels like we are just Muppets of a freaking show, but that does not disqualify of what I believe about Destiny. Muppets or not, the good news is that at the end of the day, we all have, indeed, followed and continue to follow our destinies, the very first script written. How is that possible? Oh, that is very simple and following is how.

When you accept what you are learning through your experiences in this life, if you accept this reality with the new knowledge you receive all the time, the new information from all parts of life, and even embrace new knowledge and use it to make sense of what earlier you could not, then you are following your destiny. I want you to know and have faith that things are proceeding as they were supposed to, in the right direction, even when delays in your progress are obvious. Have trust that everything happens for a reason! Even through delays we discover new things, new knowledge, something that we were not aware earlier. In case you didn’t know, I am the most confused person on earth when it comes to following directions, orientation on space and time. I start driving north thinking that I am going south and vice versa. I follow all the instructions from google map to reach a destination, yet I end up going either a bit further or turning a bit too soon. I go in loops sometimes until I realize what I am doing wrong, but guess what, I always make it to my destination. I even make it on time, and that happens quite often. Other times, even if I am late for some reasons my tardiness goes unnoticed. Some other times I am easily excused, and other times it seems as if others were hoping, wishing I were late, which gives me a sense of relief. I can tell you that I am loving this experience, and all it takes is a little wish I make each time, “I wish they do not notice I am late,” or “I wish, they don’t make a big deal about that…” and so on. This is no secret knowledge or magical at all. I have already explained how it is possible that wishes come true and it’s all possible because the exchange of energy. I wrote about this in my book Secret Beyond the Secret, but, in contrary to the popular book “The Secret” I explain what wishes can come true and what will not come true. In this book I also explain what to do when your wish does not come true.

Yes, I am loving this experience of living my life this way, even when I am stalled sometimes, because even then I gain more knowledge on what’s behind each wrong turn I make. All these experiences, good and bad, become part of my consciousness and they indeed enhance my knowledge about the world I live in, and we all live in: It is a beautiful world for sure, if you decide to see it that way.

Then why there is so much suffering in the world? More on this later…..

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