The Truth, the truth about everything you are looking for is inside you. Look inside yourself, because is not on the outside world where you will find the problem. The problems reside inside each one of us, inside of every one that is still experiencing life in this actual human form.

The other day, in my psychology class, I asked my students, “If someone comes up to you today and says that you are ugly, how would this make you feel?” As I expected students had different reactions to this comment. Then I changed the question, and again I asked what if someone comes to you and tells you, ”you are not smart enough, to take this psychology class.” Again lots of different reactions, just as expected. Then I went on with even more insulting questions, “If you can’t even speak proper English, how do you expect to find a job?” or “You don’t have manners, how do you expect girls to like you?” Yes, these were shocking comments, but the purpose was to bring awareness to my students that the same comment can trigger different emotions in different people, while some people may not feel affected by these comments at all. If certain comments, directly or indirectly, make you feel sensitive and trigger specific emotions based on your self-defense mechanism, then you become aware that deep down you must have an issue with that specific matter. My hope is to bring awareness to the readers of this blog and to my students that only when there is an issue buried deep in your unconsciousness, only then other people’s comments, gestures, and actions will provoke pain in psychological level. This issue that is often ignored or dismissed needs some of your attention, and in order to fix it, the issue must come out to the surface, you must become conscious of this problem that exists in you. The way you become conscious of a problem is to feel emotions when it is brought up by others directly or indirectly.

Once the wound or issue is dealt with and is healed then nothing will hurt you anymore. It’s like someone poking on your hand with their finger. Obviously a little poke never hurts, but if there is a cut on your skin then even a slightly touch will cause hurt. Knowing that you have a cut on your skin you may even become super protective of that hand of yours, supper worried, paranoid even. Everyone can easily jump into conclusion that the one who touched the wound must be the reason for pain, not knowing that what caused the pain is the cut on your skin not the outside agent that was pointing at it.

The secret of resolving the emotional and psychological pain therefore, is not by slashing back at the person who blurted out the insults that hurt you, but by looking inside yourself and finding out why that comment, gesture or action affected you this much. So, find out what is hurting you, heal it and the game is over.

One of the greatest contributors in the field of psychology and philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche has already covered this matter of emotional pain that often leads to unnecessary arguments. Nietzsche stated that all the emotional pain comes from some sort of guilty feelings. In order to heal guilt one needs to face their problem in order to feel remorse.

Emotional pain obviously is the result of psychological pain, and it is this emotional pain that leads to conflicts, physical pain, violence, and harming others when we are unaware that others may not be the problem. However, this is not always the case. Emotional pain is not always our fault. Sometimes, someone could take advantage of our vulnerable state of mind, and vulnerable human body that does not handle strong emotions very well. However, for as long as we keep on living and reminding ourselves that we need to heal our wounds inside our consciousness first, before jumping into blaming others, for as long as we remember that others are just stimulants, agents which role is to poke that wound, then we will know that there is no need to argue, or fight with one another to the point where these arguments bring unrepairable damage.

The easiest way to deal with life is to think of our reality as a stimulation game, not that I agree or support the theory of Matrix. In fact I am against that theory, but it is in fact the best way to take life easy and not stress too much about it. So let me explain here, just a little bit, as why I do not agree with Matrix-reality. I have in fact covered this matter in my book The Truth and on my earlier posts here, and I have discovered that our physical reality made of matter is also made of antimatter, which is magnetic field at the core of everything that exists in the Universe. Therefore, if there is an explanation as why atom is formed and how particles stay together, by following the laws of physics then there is not point for me to believe that nothing that I am touching and tasting and feeling with my physical body is real. Yes, I can doubt my sense of vision, since that is the easiest sense to be fooled, and I can doubt my auditory sense too, but I cannot ignore or doubt all my senses together. I must admit that our technology has advanced so much lately that we are able to stimulate feelings of touch and not just touching, but we can now stimulate feelings of touching different textures. Nevertheless, these stimulations are only temporary, and they are not consequent; plus they involve only one sense, the sense of touch, while the other senses can easily disprove the existence of something that exists in reality and that is causing that feeling of touch.

So, I don’t agree with the matrix-reality theory but that doesn’t mean that I dismiss it all together either. At this point, I have enough arguments to dismiss it, but in the future things may change, just like knowledge and information change and our perspectives change too. Nevertheless, understanding how our reality works based on the theory of antimatter which I put together myself to explain our reality,  then it makes sense for me to say that this life and this reality is only a temporary place where our individual consciousness came to heal themselves from previous wounds of previous conflicts in the previous lives. Therefore, there is nothing to fear about, because physical pain does not matter more than psychological pain. In fact our individual consciousness, which some may call soul, cannot be harmed, unless you allow psychological pain to affect that consciousness. Consider life as a stimulation game where you play to win and gain experience but even if you lose there is no big deal because the game can start all over again, and each time you restart you have gained more skills than in the previous game. The concept of restarting the game of life in fact aligns with the concept of reincarnation, which has been already known for ages. Thus, nothing is new in all these theories. They are just different versions of previous theories and none of them has indeed the full facts. The best way to live life is to take one day at a time with willingness to be part of solution not the problem. Live in peace, live in the Now.

On my next post: what can make or break the balance of energies without us being aware of harming ourselves?…hint, hint…. It starts with miscommunication…anger…wars…natural disasters and ends with death.

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